Best Adjustable Dumbbell

The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells 5-50 lbs Weight is our best adjustable dumbbell, which has many weight settings from 2.5 up to 50 lbs and it is quite compact and balanced in its form. In fact, can replace your gym membership expenses for home workouts with this adjustable dumbbell due to its good center of mass.

Best Rear Bike Rack

The Ibera Bicycle Seatpost-mounted Commuter Carrier IB-RA1 is our best rear bike rack, which is great for strap-attached bags and it is a seat post mounted rear bike rack that makes it easy to install. You can relieve weight from a backpack with this rear bike rack and use its adjustable length to fit various

Best Bike Pump

The Schwinn 5-in-1 Floor Pump with Gauge is our best bike pump, which has a sturdy handle so it is easy to handle. What’s more, the cylinder is metal so it is quite durable. With a locking pump head, the bike pump is also very simple to hold in stability when inflating. Moreover, the gauge

Best Bike Multi Tool

The Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool 19-Function is our best bike multi tool, which is made out of high tensile steel and has a bunch of spoke wrenches from 0 to 3 as well. It is made for trail side use and has an open wrench at 8 mm and 10 mm. These tools are

Best Bike Light

The Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set is our best bike light, which has head lights that run from 3 to 10 hours (steady) or up to 10 1/2 hours (flashing). It is also a USB rechargeable light set that provides you with a wide angle for dark areas of the trail. It also comes

Best Bike Chain Tool

The Pro Bike Universal Chain Tool Breaker is our best bike chain too, whichl has been made with a solid metal construction that can last for a long time. It is also compatible with 8-speed, 9-speed and 10-speed chains so it fits most modern bikes today. It gives you adequate leverage when you want to


There are more than one billion bicycles around the world – it is arguably one of the most popular sport activities in the world. One of the most efficient means of short-term transportation, the bicycle has been around since the 19th century. Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels


Modern day baseball players are superb athletes. Professional players tend to be lean (body fat percent of 8-9%) (2) and quick (under 7 seconds in the 60 yard run) (2). As for strength training, studies have shown that baseball-specific program can significantly increase batting speed and striking power (3) as well as throwing velocity (6).


Strength training is an essential element of fitness for virtually every sports man and woman. Long gone are the days when coaches believed resistance exercises only added unnecessary bulk to the athlete, hindering their ability to execute skill. The benefits of strength training to athletic performance are enormous and many. Not only is it an


This section of the website focuses on the key principles of speed training. What is speed? It is the ability to reach a high velocity of movement in whatever mode of locomotion running, cycling, skating swimming etc (1). Very often, agility is more relevant to successful sports performance than all-out speed. Agility is the ability to explosively


Flexibility training is perhaps the most undervalued component of conditioning. While recent and ongoing debate questions its role in injury prevention, athletes can still gain much from a stretching regime. From a volleyball spike to a rugby drop kick, flexibility of the bodys muscles and joints play an integral part in many athletic movements. In


Fitness tests allow athletes and coaches to identify physical strengths and weaknesses. They act as a benchmark upon which a suitable training program can be developed. In fact without an initial assessment any subsequent training may only address already strong areas while neglecting the athlete’s weak points. There are several reasons why fitness tests should


Exercise Physiology is at the heart of every champion athlete. Every training system, every performance enhancement, even the prevention and rehab of injuries comes first from a sound understanding of how the body responds to exercise and stress. But it’s not just the elite that can benefit from this understanding… Amateur and aspiring pros alike


Endurance training is quite a broad sweeping term. It’s often used interchangeably with terms like “aerobic”, “anaerobic”, “strength” and “speed”. This section of the website focuses primarily on aerobic endurance conditioning and the various training methods that have been developed to help athletes reach peak aerobic fitness. Endurance training is important for many sports –

Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises play an integral role in any strength and conditioning program. A strong core is essential for athletic performance and to prevent the occurrence of injuries and back pain. There are literally thousands of abdominal exercises and many more variations of each of them. There also innumerable fitness gimmicks promising washboard abs in just


A tennis training program has to meet the demands of an all-round physically challenging, individual sport. For a tennis player to perform at their best, they must have just the right mix of aerobic and anaerobic endurance, explosive strength and power, speed off the mark and agility. In fact, the amount of strength, speed, agility


There’s nothing like the subject of nutrition to stir debate. It seems like the experts change their minds almost daily about what we should and shouldn’t eat. In truth, scientific nutrition hasn’t changed much at all in the last fifteen years. It’s the constant and never-ending emergence of fad diets and weight loss programs that


Athletes from a wide range of sports use plyometric training to help them reach peak physical condition. Used correctly, it can be a highly effective form of power training, especially when combined with a suitable strength training program. Unfortunately, there is little research to define the optimal guidelines for plyometric training. While many coaches use their experience


Regardless of your age and ability, successful marathon training takes careful planning and preparation. How much preparation? Whether your goal is to run sub 3 hours or ‘just’ to finish, ideally you need to give yourself at least 18 weeks prior to the event… And that assumes you have a solid running base to start with –


Surely the average club golfer doesn’t require a golf fitness program – even those with ambitions of winning their club Championship? After all… Golfers aren’t athletes… right? Make no mistake – golfers (at any level) ARE athletes and the golf swing DOES require a great deal of athleticism. Strength, power, flexibility, balance, core stability, body awareness,

Step-By-Step Guide To Designing a Circuit Training Program

Circuit training has been traditionally been used as an effective way to develop both strength and cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. Circuit classes are popular in gyms and with non-athletes because of the variety they offer over continuous exercise such as running and cycling. However, circuit training is not a form of exercise per se, but relates


This section of the site is dedicated to athletics training for the track events. As any track athlete will know, conditioning for one event will be significantly different compared to another. While the ATP-PCr energy system predominates in the 100 and 200 metre sprints, the oxidative system is relied on in events lasting over 2 minutes. Athletic training is

Fit For Soccer (Junior Version)

Give Young Soccer Players The Very Best Chance To Reach Their Full Athletic Potential Fit For Soccer (Junior Version) shows soccer coaches and parents how to safely condition junior players aged 8 to 18 Complete conditioning guide to develop injury-free, well-rounded youth soccer stars Dozens of fitness programs, sessions and drills split into 3 key

Fit For Soccer (Senior Version)

Play the Best Soccer of Your Life. This Season. Fit For Soccer shows you how to become fitter, faster and more powerful than every other player on the pitch Complete step-by-step fitness guide to transform your soccer-specific strength, speed and endurance Based on proven sports science and the same training methods used by professional players Perfect

Soccer Weight Training Exercises

Here are the exercise images and descriptions for this soccer weight training program. Remember to warm up thoroughly before any fitness session. Push ups Lie face down on the floor with hands palm down, fingers pointing straight ahead, and aligned mid chest. Place hands slightly wider than shoulder width, and feet should be at hip


This section of the site is dedicated to basketball training. Basketball players are incredible athletes. They are fast, agile and lean, and they also have excellent endurance and powers of recovery. A typical NCAA Division I player can complete the 40 yard speed test in 5 seconds and can jump over 70cm in the vertical

Best Fitness Tracker

The Garmin Forerunner 25 (Large) Black Red is our best fitness tracker that lets you acquire satellites in no time and has a thinner watch profile. Its training mode gives you 10 hours of battery life and tracking or watch move gives you 10 weeks of battery life. You can track your distance with its

FREE 7-Part Soccer Fitness Training Course

You can now receive the 7-part Soccer Fitness Course by simply entering your e-mail address below. The course is entirely free and a new installment will be sent hot-off-the-press to your e-mail box every day for the next week. It covers all the major componnents of fitness important in soccer. Here’s a few more details: Part 1 –

Marathon Training Schedule Beginners Plan

This marathon training schedule is designed with beginners in mind. The other two programs are designed for Intermediate and Advanced distance runner. So who is classed as a beginner? Anyone who is NOT currently running at least 20-25 miles per week, over 3-5 sessions. Even if you consider yourself fit – perhaps you play another sport or use the gym every day –

Marathon Training Program  Intermediate Plan

This marathon training program is designed for the intermediate endurance athlete. The other two training schedules are for Beginners and Advanced distance runners. If you decide to follow a program like this, how do you know if you fall into the “intermediate” class? Firstly, uou should also have either marathon or half-marathon experience. Secondly you should be running 3-5 days per week

Marathon Training Plan Advanced Program

The marathon training plan below has been designed with advanced endurance athletes in mind. You’ll also find two other programs in this section of the site… one for Beginners and one for Intermediate runners. This is a very demanding program… Few have the time or inclination to train to this extreme. If you consider yourself an advancedmarathon runner, it’s important you meet the

Golf Weight Training Program Exercises

Here are the exercise images and descriptions for the golf weight training program Phase 1 – Circuit Training Exercises Push-Ups (or Front Press) Lie face down on the floor with hands palm down, fingers pointing straight ahead, and aligned at the nipple line. Place hands slightly wider than shoulder width, and feet should be at hip

Five Easy Tips To Make The Basketball Team

(Rali Todd) Dear Baller, As I am sure you are getting prepared for this up coming basketball season, there are a lot of little easy things you can and should be doing to guarantee you will make the final cut. I have been receiving tons of emails lately asking if I have any tips or

100% FREE Supplement Review E-Book

Discover The Unbiased Truth About Which Supplements You Should Be Taking & Which You Should Avoid Ever taken, or considered taking supplements? Wouldn’t it be useful to know which ones actually lived up to their hype and which didn’t? This e-book will save you money on wasted produts that simply pass right through your body (or potentially do

Backed By Scientific Studies: What That Means & Why It’s Important

The list of scientific studies at the end of this page won’t mean much to you (and you certainly don’t have to read that list for my program to work). But they are important – they are what separates “The Essential Guide to Building Muscle” from the vast majority of other muscle building and weight

Build An Incredible, Muscular Physique (Safely And Healthfully) Without Becoming A Slave To Food & Supplements

If you want to bulk up, build significant muscle mass and sculpt your ideal physique, it ABSOLUTELY IS achievable… no matter how many times you might have failed before. Building an athletic body that fills your clothes in all the right places, that is masculine, muscular and defined, is well within your grasp. It’s NOT down to genetics and you DON’T have to become a slave


Widely recognized as the world’s oldest competitive sport, wrestling has featured in every Olympic games since its ancient conception. The are two styles of wrestling at the modern Olympics – freestyle and Greco-Roman. While the rules are almost identical, Greco-Roman wrestlers must not use the legs to trip or lift an opponent or attack an

The Wingate Test for Anaerobic Power

The Wingate test, also known as the Wingate Anaerobic Test (WANT), was developed at the Wingate Institute, in Israel, during the 1970s. It is perhaps the most popular assessment for peak anaerobic power, anaerobic fatigue and total anaerobic capacity. Before we look at the Wingate test in a little more detail, what exactly is anaerobic power? Anaerobic

Weight Training Routines For Size & Strength

These two weight training routines are designed to build muscle mass, particularly in harder gainers. Whether you want to gain size and strength for a sport such as football, or whether you simply want to gain weight, they are tried and trusted Most weight training programs incorporate far too many exercises to develop significant size.

Weight Training Programs For Building Maximum Strength

These sample weight training programs are designed to develop maximal strength. Training for maximal strength is not the same as training for increased muscle size known as hypertrophy training. Only relatively few athletes require significant muscle mass and bulk whereas maximal strength is an important fitness component even for classic endurance-type sports. The sport specific approach to

Weight Training Programs For Increasing Muscle Mass

These sample weight training programs are designed to develop increased muscle mass and lean weight. The enlargement of muscle size is known as hypertrophy and is the predominant aim of bodybuilding. While bodybuilding may still dominate many sport-specific strength training programs, in reality it is only suitable for a small number of athletes and should only make

Weight Training Programs For Basic Strength

These sample weight training programs are designed to develop basic, functional strength. For more sample weight training programs designed to meet other objectives (such as increased muscles mass, maximal strength, explosive power or strength endurance) see the main strength training section. A phase of basic strength training is important for adapting the body for more strenuous,

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

Your hip to waist ratio helps to identify your fat distribution.  It’s believed that people who store more fat towards their abdomen and chest area (known as ‘apple’ shaped) are at greater risk from lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.  People who store more weight around thier hips (‘pear’ shaped) are at less


A well-structured volleyball training program can increase explosive power, vertical jump height, stamina and speed and agility around the court. Skill training alone, such as practising spikes, won’t develop the physical traits necessary to play to the athlete’s full potential (1). Volleyball players have exceptional lower body power and perform well in the vertical jump

Volleyball Plyometrics Program

Volleyball plyometrics can help to increase your vertical jump and explosive power around the court. However, they should be performed alongside or following a sport-specific resistance training program. While plyometrics is a very effective form of power training (and volleyball-specific), there are some important considerations to consider before adopting this form of conditioning into your

VO2 Max, Aerobic Power& Maximal Oxygen Uptake

VO2 max has been defined as: “the highest rate of oxygen consumption attainable during maximal or exhaustive exercise” (3). As exercise intensity increases so does oxygen consumption. However, a point is reached where exercise intensity can continue to increase without the associated rise in oxygen consumption. To understand this in more practical terms, take a look at

Complete, Annual Tennis Weight Training Program

A tennis weight training program changes significantly over the course of the year. If your only goal is to lift more and more weight, using largely the same exercises and the same format, not only are you training inefficiently, you also run the risk of injury. The 3 phases of a tennis strength training are

The Elite Approach to Tennis Strength Training

A well-designed tennis strength training program can work wonders for your game… Long gone are the days when coaches believed all forms of strength training were detrimental to sports demanding finely-tuned skills. While the wrong type of weight training CAN be a hindrance to your game, follow simple guidelines and the benefits can be immense… Increased power

Static Stretching Exercises & Flexibility Program

Stretching exercises should form an integral part of any conditioning program. Performed consistently, the stretching exercises below can help to do the following… Increase the range of motion about a joint reducing the risk of muscle and tendon tears during competitive activity. Relieve muscle tightness and stiffness. Improve postural imbalances and help to reduce chronic back pain.

The Sport Specific Approach to Strength Training Programs

Sport-specific strength training programs are fundamental to an athlete’s development and success. Long gone are the days when coaches shunned weight lifting for fear that it might hinder the performance of fine skill and correct technique. It’s now accepted that high levels of strength are a prerequisite to superior speed, power, strength endurance and overall