Modern day baseball players are superb athletes. Professional players tend to be lean (body fat percent of 8-9%) (2) and quick (under 7 seconds in the 60 yard run) (2). As for strength training, studies have shown that baseball-specific program can significantly increase batting speed and striking power (3) as well as throwing velocity (6).

Power training (through plyometrics or ballistics for example) can increase a baseball player’s speed and agility. It may also improve throwing and batting velocity over and above conventional weight training (7).

Shoulder injuries are a particular concern in baseball. Pitching (the overhand throw in particular) places an inordinate amount of stress on the shoulder complex (4). While strength conditioning can help to prevent such injuries, traditional weight lifting exercises may not be suitable in targeting the correct muscles or the correct movement patterns (4,5). Fortunately special exercises can be easily adopted into a baseball training program which help to significantly reduce the risk of overuse damage.

Take a look through the articles below as we uncover some of the key principles involved in the complete baseball training approach. If you are interested in cricket, check out our cricket training section.
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Baseball Training Programs & Articles

The Sport-Specific Approach to Strength Training ProgramsWhile modern day baseball players and coaches accept the beneficial role of strength training, the bodybuilding approach still predominates. Here’s how the various elements of strength fit together in the overall plan…

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Complete Guide to Baseball Strength TrainingHere’s a definitive guide to baseabll strength training and why it’s so much more than just lifting “3 sets of 10″…

A Comprehensive Season-Long Baseball Weight Training ProgramHere are sample sessions, with sets, reps and exercise descritions for each phase of the baseball season…

Power Training For SportToday’s baseabll players are hugely powerful. While classical weight lifting can increase explosive power, there are more effective methods to this end…

Designing a Speed Training ProgramHow to develop a speed training program for your sport. Covers technique, agility, speed and acceleration – all important physical triats in top baseball players…

Flexibility Exercises & Stretching ProgramFlexibility training features heavily in major league baseball(1). Increasing and maintaining range of movement supports all baseball-specific movements…

A Sample Off Season Baseball Training ProgramThe off or closed season is typically about rest and regeneration. Of course, that doesn’t mean doing nothing at all…

Forearm & Rotator Cuff ExercisesBaseball players are particularly susceptible to shoulder injuries. These exercises are used to target vulnerable muscle groups that may be neglected with traditional strength training exercises…

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