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Circuit training is an efficient and challenging form of conditioning. It works well for developing strength, endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic), flexibility and coordination.

Its versatility has made it popular with the general public right through to elite athletes. For sports men and women, it can be used during the closed season and early pre-season to help develop a solid base of fitness and prepare the body for more stressful subsequent training.

A well-designed circuit can help to correct the imbalances that occur in any sport played to a high level. It can also be one of the best types of training for improving strength endurance be it for a sport such as soccer or a classic endurance event like the triathlon.

If you haven’t quite reached “elite athlete” status yet, circuit training is superb for general fitness and caters for a wide variety of fitness levels. A great time saver, it can be a refreshing and fun change from the more monotonous types of exercise.

The articles in this section of the website cover a wide variety of circuits for different performance outcomes. Circuit training in itself is not a form of exercise per se, but the way an exercise session is structured. Routines can be developed purely for strength development or for improving endurance or some combination of the two.

Circuit classes often seen in gyms and boot camps typically consist of about ten exercises stations completed for 60 seconds in sequence with 30-60 seconds rest between. While this is a great structure for some individuals its only one of many potential circuit programs and may not be the best approach for endurance athletes for example.

Circuit Training Articles

How to Design a Circuit Training Program
Circuit training can be used for different performance outcomes. Changing the time spent at each station and the rest intervals significantly alters the way the body will adapt to training. This articles covers all the basic guidelines to develop the most suitable circuit training routine for your particular needs

Circuits for General, All-Round Fitness
These sample circuits are an effective, time-efficient way to develop all-round fitness. Additionally, they require little or no expensive exercise equipment…

Circuits for Strength Endurance (Short-Term)
Many athletes require good strength endurance to perform well in their sport. These circuits are designed for short-term strength endurance i.e. prolonged games such as soccer and filed hockey that consist of repetitive bursts of high intensity activity

Circuits for Strength Endurance (Long-Term)
Athletes such as distance runners, cyclists and swimmers can also benefit from circuit training. Here are some sample programs…

Twenty Circuit Training Exercises
Why not use these exercises to develop your own circuit based on your own needs and the equipment you have available?