Best Bike Multi Tool

The Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool 19-Function is our best bike multi tool, which is made out of high tensile steel and has a bunch of spoke wrenches from 0 to 3 as well. It is made for trail side use and has an open wrench at 8 mm and 10 mm. These tools are great for wheel repairs, tightening bolts and many other uses.

Our step-up pick is the TOPEAK Alien II Multi-Tool and being made for novice and professional bike riders, there is also a bottle opener (for beverages on the go). It has good durability and also features a utility knife. It can be kept into any pocket or backpack and has a bunch of tire levers for tire repairs as well.

The budget pick is the Vibrelli Bike Multi Tool V19 Repair and it includes a puncture kit that does not require glue for easy tire fixing. It is a universal chain tool that comes with Torx wrenches as well as a spoke wrenches. It also includes hex wrenches for easy bike repair. It also comes with some open wrenches at 8 mm and 10 mm.

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A Little Background

A bike multi tool is a kind of tool that is like a Swiss Army Knife, except that it is mainly used for bike repair and maintenance. The purpose of a bike multi tool is to simply be a handy tool in times of emergency where big and bulky tools may otherwise be not around or cannot be carried with you to the mountains, city travelling or off-road adventures.
Bike multi tools work well for those emergency situations where your bike needs to be fixed for you to be able to ride safely. You can’t just call for help and expect a bike mechanic to fix your bike so as a responsible biker, you should bring a handy multi tool with you.

How We Picked

If you want the best bike multi tool, you should consider the following first:
Number of functions: some amounting to 19 functions in one tool, it is important to know the bike multi tool’s list of functions first before you buy. You should pick the multi tool that has more of the functions that you need and less of extras, so you can save more and only get the tools that you need in one bike multi tool.
Consider what function you need: chain splitting, spokes repair or general bike repair are some of the functions that are common to most bike multi tools out there. You need to pick one that is more suited for your needs and the ones that you use more often for your bike so that the other tools won’t be so useless after all.
Portability: do consider a bike multi tool that is handy and also portable. In this way, you can take it for mountain biking, off-road use and for emergency situations where a large tool cannot be carried or is not available. One of the primary purposes of having a bike multi tool is portability and the ability to be carried while you are on the go.
Durability: having a bike multi tool that is very durable means that you can use it for longer periods of time and maybe even many years to come. A durable bike multi tool ensures that anytime you need to repair your bike while on the road in the event of an emergency, you can have a bike multi tool to count on.
Ease of use: a good bike multi tool should be easy to use so that it will be simple when you are in an emergency and it is raining outside, causing minimal visibility. A very handy and dependable bike multi tool that is easy for both beginners and seasoned cyclists alike is a big thing for really bad situations out there.

Our Pick

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool 19-Function

The Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool 19-Function is our best bike multi tool with a bunch of 2 Phillips screwdrivers and 2 flat screwdrivers for your basic repair needs. It has a stainless steel carrying case so it won’t easily get broken in time. It also comes with a set of hex wrenches from 2 to 8 mm.
It has a chain tool that is compatible with 8 to 10 speed chains as well for chain repairs, and is a 17-4 ph chain tool. The chain tool is important to keep your bike in tip top shape, especially if you ended up with a broken chain after long usage in the wilderness or on the road.
It can be held with gloves because of its design and it has a lightweight frame but durable build for easy carrying. Made for those drastic climates, it is a dependable bike multi tool that can be included in your riding luggage. It also comes with a set of mountain bike components for those who are travelling very far. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool 19-Function has a case that is a little tricky to open, although this is mostly for safety purposes for the tools not to get loose when not in use.

Step-up Pick

Topeak 1
TOPEAK Alien II Multi-Tool

The TOPEAK Alien II Multi-Tool is our step-up pick, which has over 26 tools for you to choose from. It is covered with a nylon case with a clip for easy attachment to bags. It has a torx wrench included an all of its tools are made of hardened steel for durability.
There is a chain hook for chain repairs and a pedal wrench as well. Its plastic body does not warp while keeping the tool light. It has a bunch of screw drivers for repairs and a couple of spoke wrenches for spoke repair as well. As a universal tool set, it has a decent chain tool for chain fixing.
With included Allen wrenches, the multi tool works well for most bikes and also comes with a set of box wrenches. It also includes 2 chain pins for you to fix just about anything other than bike chains. The chain pins can help you fix your bike chain and replace as needed.

Budget Pick

Vibrelli Bike Multi Tool V19 Repair

The Vibrelli Bike Multi Tool V19 Repair is our budget pick and is made out of hardened steel (high tensile Cr-V or Chrome Vanadium). Because of its durability, it can take a beating. It has Phillips and flat screwdrivers and comes in a sturdy carry case. Its tools are of military grade (MIL-STD 810G).
There are also side bar grips that are non-slippery (matte aluminum) for easy handling of the multi tool. This nonslip grip is important in case you are repairing your bike in the middle of a heavy rain or storm, to help you feel at ease while working on your bike during emergency situations.
Because the profile is slim at 1/2 inch, it is so easy to fit into small spaces as well. This small profile lets you slip it in under your seat bag and many other compact places on your bike. It is covered by a lifetime warranty for your satisfaction needs.

Best Bike Multi Tool Made of Carbon Steel

DAWAY Bike Repair Tool 16-in-1 Multifunction

The DAWAY Bike Repair Tool 16-in-1 Multifunction includes a convenient tire patch kit (cold patch) along with a total of 16 tools. The multi tool weighs only 10 ounces for convenience in repairing a children’s bike. With a total of 3 socket spanners, it is made with ABS material and carbon steel.
You can fit it into any bag or pocket for basic maintenance work while on the go. It can work well on a mountain bike for you to fix problems easily. As a set of maintenance tools including 6 hex wrenches, it is lightweight and is kept in a black tool bag.
It comes with a spoke wrench for you to have a fixed bicycle in no time. It comes with tire patch levers as well and a flat wrench at 8 to 15 mm. When you are riding outside, this is a good multi tool to have with 2 screwdrivers, even for an ordinary bike or a road bike.
It has a sleeve extension rod as well and a total of 8 tire tube patches with no glue required. Some of its tools are also great for household repair and also for foldable bikes.

Best Bike Multi Tool for Minor Repairs

Schwinn 9 in 1 Bike Tool

The Schwinn 9 in 1 Bike Tool has a lightweight design that includes a full set of Allen keys. It weighs only 3 ounces and includes a Phillips screwdriver. With some hex wrenches from 2 to 8 mm, it is very useful for bottom brackets and is a compact tool overall.
You can make bike adjustments on the go with its Torx wrench (T 25). You can also use it for minor repairs as well while you are riding the neighborhood or while outdoors in the wilderness. It is easy to use with over 9 tools in total so it is very versatile as a travel tool. It can be used for BMX and mountain bikes alike.

Best Bike Multi Tool for Mountain Bikes

Pro Bike Tool Bike Multitool 8-in-1

The Pro Bike Tool Bike Multitool 8-in-1is made for mountain bikes and comes with a Phillips screwdriver that can fit easily into your bike tool bag. Including Allen keys at 2.5 to 6 mm, all tools are precision CNC machined tools and the whole thing is slim at 0.3 inches thick.
There is auto indexing for better locking and stability (90 degrees and 270 degrees) and all of them are made of stainless steel (SUS420 grade and cold forged) materials. Made for bicycle handlebars and other fixes, it comes with hex tools at T 25 and T 30.
It is also great for chain ring bolts and has a lot of corrosion resistance for the rainy days. Its rivet system for tool locking into side bars is also useful when you are repairing a derailleur. The whole multi tool has an ergonomic design for easy usage and repair.

Best Bike Multi Tool with a Shimano Wrench

EyezOff Folding Bicycle Multi-tool 18 Functions

The EyezOff Folding Bicycle Multi-tool 18 Functions is coupled with a total of 4 spoke wrenches for spoke repair and 3 open wrenches at 8, 9 and 10 mm. This multi tool can help you get your bike back on the road along with its torque wrench (T 25).
It has a bunch of hex keys from 2 mm to 8 mm and even has special Shimano and Mavic wrenches for special bikes. It has everything you need for your bike and is well constructed for all of its tools and mechanisms. It has a total of 18 tools for you to choose from.
It includes both Phillips and flat screwdrivers for different kinds of fixes and of course has a chain tool for chain fixing. It is made with solid steel and aluminum materials to resist corrosion while being lightweight but durable. It is so compact that it easily fits into any backpack or saddle bag.

Best Bike Multi Tool with an Aluminum Body

Topeak Mini 9 Functions Bike Tool

The Topeak Mini 9 Functions Bike Tool is made with aluminum body and hardened steel tools so it is not only lightweight but also durable. It is made for both novice and professional bike riders alike and packs a total of 9 tools for you to choose from, packed in a sturdy neoprene bag for the rainy days.
It is quite a small tool but packs everything you need for bike fixing. It also conveniently folds for storage for less baggage so it is not very heavy but very sturdy. It also comes with a bunch of hex wrenches and a screwdriver for easy repairs on the go.
Because this multi tool takes up little room, you can fit it into any bag or pocket. In addition to that, it will not damage your seat bag at all with its clever design.

Best Bike Multi Tool for Road Bikes

Jsunze Mini 8 in 1 multitool

Made for cyclists and for road bikes, the Jsunze Mini 8 in 1 multitool is a sturdy tool made of Cr-V or Chrome Vanadium (CRV6150) for longer lasting durability. It comes with 8 tools in total for you to use on the road. With its sleek design, you can put it in any bag or pocket while on the go.
It comes with a T 25 wrench and also a bunch of hex wrenches from 2 to 6 mm for quick bike fixes. It also includes screwdrivers (Phillips and flat head) for your other needs such as light repairs. You can use these basic tools to make your most common bike fixes in no time.
In one compact package, you also get a kit centered pivot design for easy handling. It comes with just the right maintenance tools for your rides for you to ride safely while in the mountains or on the road.

Best Bike Multi Tool with a Stainless Steel Body

Hero Kit Cycling Multitool Slim 12-in-1

The Hero Kit Cycling Multitool Slim 12-in-1 is a stainless steel body bike multi tool that includes a chain tool for your chain repairs. It has a total of 2 spoke wrenches as well and it weighs only 5 ounces for better travelling and compact storage.
It is great for the commuter and being made out of stainless steel resists corrosion. In addition, it has Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, made for the recreational rider to make the most common repairs while on the go. It also has Allen wrenches from 2 to 6 mm and even includes a Torx wrench (T 25).
With of 12 tools in total, it is also made of professional cycling and you can be adjusting handlebars and bolts with this multi tool. These 12 tools can be sufficient for your regular bike needs while you are on the road. It also fits easily in a pocket due to its size and is covered by a limited warranty.

The Competition

Other bike multi tools were not very sturdy and also lacked some of the important tools needed by casual and everyday bikers. A good bike multi tool must be both durable and functional at the same time.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the common tools that you can use to make bike fixes?
A: Fixing your bike or simply performing maintenance for your bike is important to keep it up and running. Here are some common tools that you can use to fix or maintain your bike:
The Allen wrench is one of the most common things that you can have to adjust various parts of your bike. It is one of the handiest tools you can bring and can also be used for other mechanical purposes, such as for vehicles and machinery. The Allen wrench is an essential to every bike shop or regular biker or commuter so it should be on your tool box.
Tire pumps are also important because they can really help you out when you run on a flat tire. Since bike tires also go flat if you run them over spiky or rocky areas, you should make sure you have a tire pump in your garage or at hand whenever you go biking.
Additionally, a tire patch kit is also essential, especially if you are going up in the mountains. A tire patch kit can help you save time when you want to go places but have a flat tire and don’t have a nearby emergency bike repair shop around. Tire patch kits are great for emergency purposes.
Screw drivers should also be part of your bike tool box because they can help you adjust various parts of the bike, much like with the Allen wrench. You should bring both flat tip or flat head types and Philips type screwdrivers.
For brake cables and the like, you should have a set of pliers. In fact, brake cables aren’t the only thing you will need pliers for – some bikes can also be installed with wired lighting systems that may also require pliers.
Spoke wrenches are special types of wrenches that fit spoke nipples on a bike tire. These are important if you need to make adjustments to your bike tires, or at least one of them.
Work lights are also important because you will never know if you run into an emergency at night. Having a good work light can help you fix your bike even when it’s dawn or night time, so you can continue on the road or trail, especially if you are up in the mountains or in the woods.
Chain tools are also important in case your bike chain messes up when you are riding elsewhere, especially for off-road travelling. It is a good idea to have a chain tool with you in case of chain breakage. Don’t forget the spare chain links!
Lubricants are also important to keep your bike in tip top shape. Lubricants are mostly used for the chain part of your bike to keep it running well and smoothly. Lubrication is also a good protective barrier against rusting.
Q: What are the most common things you can find on a bike multi tool?
A: A bike multi tool will have at least one, two, or three of the following basic tools:

Tool Purpose
Allen wrench All-purpose repair, loosening and tightening parts.
(Philips and flathead)
For loosening and tightening parts, for basic repair and for parts of your bike that are screwed together.
Chain tool Chain tools are great for breaking chains or joining chains together. You can use a chain tool to fix your chain by disassembling it then reassembling it after.
Wrenches Wrenches are important for any bike multi tool. They can range from 8 mm to 15 mm depending on what your bike size is. Most wrenches are adjustable and some are hex wrenches as well.

Q: Is there a downside to owning or using a bike multi tool?
A: While it is usually beneficial to have a bike multi tool, some bikers find it a bit hard to use them. Bike multi tools have only the basic tools and smaller tools so you may not be able to use them to take apart the crank and the seat part of your bike. Hence, they are only made for minor repairs.
While bike multi tools are great for emergency purposes, you have to make sure that they can really respond to your basic needs, such as changing or repairing tires, chains, tire spokes and the like. Anything can happen to your bicycle while on the road, so you need something that is dependable such as a multi tool that will not be an excess baggage for you on your way to the mountains.
Q: What are some good reasons to own a bike multi tool?
A: A bike multi tool is a good thing to have in your pocket or bag when you ride a bike for a number of reasons:
It is easy to carry and portable. A bike multi tool is so handy that you can take it to your next trip to the mountains, to the forest or anywhere you desire. If you have a need to adjust your bike parts without having to go to a local bike shop then a bike multi tool is definitely for you.
Your bike seat might get loose or slip. There are times that your bike seat can malfunction and its attachment can get loose, which can also refer to a loose saddle. Having the necessary tools from a bike multi tool fix it and tighten the bolts can save your life or save someone else’s life, as bike seats that are loose are asking for accidents to happen.
Your bike pedals might get loose as well. The bike pedals will be the most overused part of the bicycle so it is important that you have a bike multi tool at hand to service your bike pedals in case they get a little bit loose. This is important if you are cycling for hours or even days without stopping and checking to see if the bike pedals are alright.
Something bad can happen to your bike tires and its spokes. The bike multi tool is also usually made to fix tire spokes and the spoke nipples so that your bike will stay aligned all the time. Tires can also run flat so it is important to have a bike multi tool that may help you put a first aid to a flat tire.
Your chain can get broken. The bike multi tool usually includes a bike chain tool to help you to cut a chain and then repair it. A bike multi tool’s chain tool can either join chains together or break them apart, which is important for making repairs. You can also add spare chain links for that matter.
Your headset can get loose. A malfunctioning headset for any bike is asking for disaster, so it is important to have a bike multi tool around you so that you can make repairs whenever possible and whenever needed to avoid falling off the bike.
You can prevent accidents. All in all, a bike multi tool is a great tool to help you prevent accidents in the near future. Whether it is a loose seat or a broken chain, it is greatly important to have a handy tool with you wherever you go so that it will not cost you an arm or leg when cycling to farther distances.
Bike multi tools are great for emergency situations in the wilderness. Like we said, if there is no one to help you while you are in a forest or up in the mountains, a bike multi tool is all that you need to fix your bike manually. It may not be the best fix that you can get, but it is usually a sufficient way of getting you to your destination without stopping.
You can also help other bikers in need. Having a bike multi tool is not only for yourself, but you can be able to use it for others. If you often ride a bike with a friend or a group of friends or colleagues, you can help them out when they are in trouble if you have a multi tool in your bag, backpack or bike tool kit.
Q: What are the different kinds of Allen keys or hex key wrenches available for cyclists?
A: If you need a hex key or Allen key wrench, you will most likely need the following if you are a regular or seasoned cyclist. Here is a list of common Allen keys and their uses:

Type of hex wrench Typical use
T-handle Racing, tournaments, some motorsport applications
L-shaped Casual biking, commuting, general bike repair needs
P-handle Bike shops, professional bike maintenance
Ratchet Racing, need for repetitive repairs or tasks
Folding or multi tool Emergencies, mountain biking, off-road biking
Three-way Bike shops and workshop benches

Q: What are the most important things I need to check on a bicycle before I head off somewhere?
A: Like vehicles, bikes need to be constantly checked before you head off to a far distance. Here are things that you needs to check first before you go:
Tires need to be checked if they are not flat and have sufficient air. However, too much air can lead to possible accidents and bumpy rides so it should be properly monitored when it comes down to the correct and recommended tire air pressure.
Proper lubrication is important. You should lubricate your bike chain, drive train, sprockets and all movable parts of the bike to make sure nothing is squeaking and also to help them resist corrosion in the long run, especially on bad weather.
Inspect the brakes at all times. Make sure you test them before you run off with your bike to make sure they actually work so they can save you when you ride on bumpy roads and get closer to accidents. Test if any part is too loose or too tight and make sure you feel comfortable with the bike’s brake handles.
Nuts and bolts should have the right tightness. Bolts that are too loose are asking for trouble, but bolts that go over the torque limit or are too tight can be hard to disassemble when the time comes.
Q: What is the importance of using a torque wrench on bicycles?
A: A torque wrench can be a great way to help tighten loose bolts on your bike. Most folding tools or bike multi tools may also have specific wrenches that are similar to torque wrench. Having the correct torque for your nuts and bolts is also important to avoid accidents and over-tightening.
Q: Where do I find the correct tire pressure for my bicycle tires?
A: If you want to maintain your tires then you should apply the correct pressure to them. Most bike tires have an indicated max pressure that is written on the side of the tire. With your tools at hand, you should be able to help your bicycle tires to maintain the right pressure.
Some certain bike multi tools can also be used to repair bike tires if you went flat on the road. This includes taking out the tire and replacing it with another, which requires special tools. The multi tool can be your emergency tool for replacing your bike tires if you accidentally ran flat and forgot to check the correct tire pressure for them.
Q: What are the cons of lubricating your bike too much?
A: If you often lubricate your bike after using your bike chain tool or bike multi tool to fix some parts, you might be tempted to oil the bike too much. However, too much lubrication can be bad.
The lubricating fluid may actually attract dirt, dust and debris and can be bad for your bike’s mechanical parts overall. In addition, some parts can be too loose so your overall bike performance can get out of hand. Therefore, it is important that you only put just the right amount of lubrication for your bike after you have used your multi tool for bike fixes and / or maintenance.
Q: How often should I perform safety checks on my bike?
A: It depends on the safety check or how often you use your bike. Here is a table comparing different safety checks and when to perform them to maintain your bike’s health.

Before/after you ride Once a month Twice a year Once a year
Tire pressure checking Tightness of bolts and screws Frame waxing Inspect headset, bracket and hubs
Chain lubrication Check pedals
Bike suspension (mountain bikes) Bike suspension (general)
Brake levers and brake pads
Check for wobbles on the tires Check pedals Check if there are cracks on tires
Quick release seats should be inspected Loose spokes on wheels Check cables Check bike accessories

Q: What is the usual tire pressure for my bike?
A: It depends on your bike type as all bikes have a different tire pressure requirement. Here is a guide to help you determine what is the typical tire pressure you should put for your kind of bike:

Type of Bike Pressure (in PSI)
Mountain bikes 40
Commuter’s bike, town bike, hybrid bikes 60
Road bikes, racing bikes 100

Q: Which bike parts are worth upgrading for safety and convenience?
A: Bike parts can be upgraded depending on your wants and needs and level of comfort. If you want to upgrade your bike to uphold safety and comfort while you are going through towns or even through the mountains, here are some parts that you should consider:
A saddle that is much more comfortable can lead you to less stressful biking hours during the day and during night time. The saddle should be comfortable and adjustable to your needs and will not cause you to get backaches in the long run.
An upgraded set of handlebars can also help you adjust according to the style of your bicycle and the way you like to ride. Comfort and grip are both important when you are riding a bicycle so it is just right to replace your handlebars if you feel that they are getting less comfortable for you when you ride on the bike for long hours.
A good seat post that has a good weight is important as well. The seat post should be sturdy but not too heavy so that you can be able to steer the bike better. It should support your weight but at the same time, be just right on its weight for better balancing on the bike.
Your tires can also be upgraded depending on your needs. In fact, cyclists change their tires depending on the season of the year, as both summer and winter can have different effects for your tires. It is a lot harder to ride a bike in the winter so your tires should be accustomed to the weather and the ground snow as well.
Pedals that have cleats should also help you perform better when you are riding your bicycle. This is because pedals with cleats give you more comfort and are especially helpful for all-day cycling purposes.
Tire rims, or the wheels, can also be upgraded for your bike to feel much lighter for better control, much like the seat post. Having lightweight rims can help for really steep places such as hills or mountains.
Q: What safety accessories or additional extras can I put or attach to my bike?
A: A bicycle can have different accessories that you can attach, such as the following:
Bike lights are great additions because you can feel safer at night when nobody seems to notice you as a biker. Bike light can be installed in the front and the rear and are much better than reflectors because they can warn the other pedestrians and vehicles and promote safety.
A bike bell can also be a great way to warn someone in case you want to save your bike light’s battery. It is much like the “honk” sound of a car, which can warn vehicles and pedestrians that you are crossing over and they should watch for you.
Bike baskets are also great accessories to have so that you can put your items such as your bag, groceries, food, bike gear and other things you might usually carry. Having a bike basket can be handy if you often use your bike going to work or going to the market or store/mall to shop for something.
Bike fenders are also good additions to keep your bike parts away from water and splashes of rain. It ensures that your bike parts stay away from corrosion and for them to last longer. Bike fenders can be installed over your tires to protect them.
Q: What bad things can happen to my bike tires and wheels?
A: Your bike tires and wheels can run into some problems when you are riding:
Cracks may appear over time, much like with regular vehicle tires. This is why you need to inspect them before you experience a blowout and roll on the highway with injuries because of the tire explosion.
Your tire may run flat when you accidentally went through sharp objects, so it is important to have a tire patch kit for emergencies and a tire pump to take with you, or a spare tire. You should also make sure to apply the proper pressure for your tires.
The wheels of the tire can potentially get released if they are too loose. However, don’t make them too tight and only follow the correct torque as indicated by the bike manufacturer to avoid having trouble when disassembling the nuts and bolts of your wheels.
Q: Which bike parts should be lubricated?
A: The bike parts that should be lubricated on a regular basis are the following:
The bike chain should be lubricated because it is the driving force that gets used a lot. Along with your drive train, the chain should have just the right amount of lubrication when you feel that it is kind of squeaky.
Bolts and nuts that are in the bike should also be lubricated to make sure that they are kept away from rusting. If you often ride in wet weather, bolts and nuts can get stuck due to potential corrosion so make sure they are lubricated regularly.
Bearings on your bike should also be lubricated on a regular basis so that they don’t get squeaky and malfunction during a bike race or even just regularly riding your bike to a town or to the mountains.
Q: What mistakes do people tend to make when cleaning their bike?
A: If you clean your bike more often and find that your bike gets more rust than ever, you might be committing any of these mistakes:
You’re probably spraying pressurized water to clean the bike, which can be harsh on the mechanical parts, which can cause corrosion.
Using solvent for any of your bike parts can also potentially cause corrosion to that part, so make sure you purchase the right cleaner for it.
Degreasers should not be directly applied to your bike part. Instead, use a brush or rag and then apply it only to the part so as not to damage the other bike parts that degreasers are not allowed to go into.
Q: What could be wrong if my pedals are creaking?
A: A creaking set of pedals can mean different things. For example, it might need some lubrication, which is the usual case. You can also try replacing the bottom bracket of the bike pedal if it still creaks when you put lubricants on it. If you are unsure, you can always ask a bike expert for your needs.
Q: How do I fix squeaking brake pads?
A: You can fix brake pads that are squeaking by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol or use sandpaper to keep the brake pads free from contamination from the tires. Squeaking brake pads don’t need to be lubricated at all.
Q: What part of the bike can you use a screwdriver with?
A: A screwdriver is good for the small part of the bike, such as the bike lights, a derailleur, bells, reflectors and brakes. A screwdriver can be a great way to fix your bike on the go and comes in either flat tip (flat head) or Phillips style head. They are also seen and are included on most bike multi tools out there, for you to use during emergency repairs.
Q: Does weather play an important role in tire pressure?
A: Yes, like in vehicle tires, bike tires also have the tendency to blow out more if the weather is extremely hot due to the pressure. This is why you should match the tire pressure with the temperature around you, especially when it is really hot outside, to avoid tire accidents.

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, we think that the Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool 19-Function is our best bike multi tool due to its decent number of functions or tools, its wide range of Allen wrenches, included chain tool, durability against bad weather and many other extras that can help you fix your bike in no time under bad weather situations.