Five Easy Tips To Make The Basketball Team

(Rali Todd)

Dear Baller,

As I am sure you are getting prepared for this up coming basketball season, there are a lot of little easy things you can and should be doing to guarantee you will make the final cut.

I have been receiving tons of emails lately asking if I have any tips or secrets on how to make a basketball team.

Unfortunately, not every one is as talented as Lebron or Kobe, and it can be a pretty difficult challenge especially if you live in a big city or go to a big school.

Here is one of the questions I recently received from a hard working baller:


“I am a serious baller and am trying out for my high school basketball team. I am in the tenth grade. The school I go to is huge and so the tryouts are jam packed. It is very hard to
get noticed by the coach. I was wondering if you had any advice for me that would help me in making the team and pursuing my life long dream – the NBA.

I am really looking forward to your advice.
Thank You


Since I have been getting so many emails on this topic, I have put together 5 Tips To help you get on any basketball team.

Put these tips to use and you will be thanking me in a couple of weeks when you make your team!

Lets get started….

Okay first things first.

You have to realize why most coaches choose certain players.

They are only concerned with a player that will help the team.

And it necessary doesn’t always have to be talent or skill level.

One of the great assets Steve Nash brings is the confidence he instills in his teammates.

Every time one of them fall down, he runs to pick them up.

When one of them makes a mistake he pats them on their shoulder and tells them not to worry about it.

When they do something right, he is the first one to applaud them.

Do you do these things?

Do you make your teammates feel better when they play with you?

I guarantee you if you can develop this kind of maturity, your coach will love you.

Here are my 5 tips.

Tip # 1
Show up to the try-outs super early, already warmed up and stretched and ready to go.

Tip # 2
Look around to see what most of the other kids are good at, are there a lot of shooters, scores, ball handlers.

Whatever there is a lot of, try to focus on what there isn’t a lot of.

Like are there a lot of great defenders, hustlers?

If there is not, make it your main focus to try as hard as you can on defense and bust your butt.

Tip # 3
Show the coach that you would be a great addition to his team, either by skill, intelligence, or being a team leader.

Tip # 4
Get to know the coach as much as possible. Develop a off the court relationship. Find out why they are coaching, and why they love the sport.

Tip # 5
Don’t be afraid, show confidence, show them you are willing to put in the time to improve, and most importantl y, show them you love playing basketball.

These 5 tips are basic, but it could determine whether or not you make the team, or have to wait till next year to try out again.

Good luck,

Your # 1 Fan,
Rali Todd.

Instead of worrying about making the team, how would you like to do this:

**Two back-to-back 40 point games**

“I just finished my high school basketball game where I finished with 40 points, last game I also finished with 40 points. I made school history with back-to-back 40 point games. This is
really going to make it possible for me to pursue my career and play college basketball. I can not believe how perfect your system is, it is really remarkable.

Every aspect of it is so right and you start to notice the things you were doing wrong when you get taught how to do them right. You are truly
a genius. Thank you!”

Ben Chez,
Dedicated Baller.