FREE 7-Part Soccer Fitness Training Course

Soccer training course

You can now receive the 7-part Soccer Fitness Course by simply entering your e-mail address below. The course is entirely free and a new installment will be sent hot-off-the-press to your e-mail box every day for the next week.

It covers all the major componnents of fitness important in soccer. Here’s a few more details:

  • Part 1 – Aerobic endurance training for soccer
  • Part 2 – Anaerobic endurance training for soccer
  • Part 3 – Strength training for soccer
  • Part 4 – Power and muscular endurance training for soccer
  • Part 5 – Speed and agility training for soccer
  • Part 6 – Flexibility training for soccer (inc. warm up/down)
  • Part 7 – Testing soccer fitness

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