Sample Soccer Weight Training Program

Take just a little time to plan your soccer weight training program correctly and it will certainly re-pay ten-fold on the field…

In a previous article we covered the different types of strength in soccer. To quickly recap, good muscular power and strength endurance is far more benefical than maximal strength and huge, rippling muscles.

We also covered why a soccer weight training program consists of several phases over the course of a season. It doesn’t matter what you play to – if you train with weights there’s no reason why should adjust your routine as the year progresses. And if you dont…

You’re giving up some many of benefits of soccer-specific fitness.

For more details on that soccer weight training article, click here.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a sample late pre-season/in-season soccer weight training program.

As the start of the competitive season draws closer, the goal is to convert maximal strength gains made during the off-season and early pre-season into performance-boosting strength endurance.

Explosive power is important too…

But ideally you’ll want to keep this type of training – plyometrics for soccer – seperate from your weight sessions.

During the late pre-season you will probably only have time for one or two weights sessions. Two is the most. Any more and you could be using that time to develop, speed,agilityt and lactic acid tolerance.

Same goes for the in-season – one weights session or two at most.

Sample Soccer Weight Training Routine

One of the most efficient and effective set ups for strength endurance is circuit training…

By its very nature it builds both strength and endurance. Most of us are familiar with some form of circuit training but for the uninitiated here’s a recap of the general guidelines…

  • Lower weights and higher repetitions – the resistance should be about 50% of one repetition maxiumu (1-RM) or light enough to perform 15-25 repetitions. Very often body weight is enough resistance.
  • Time is often used instead of repetitions – rather than prescribing a set number of reps, each exercise can be performed for a set period of time (i.e. 30 seconds).
  • Short rest periods between exercises – to develop endurance, minimal rest is allowed between each stations and circuits.
  • Alternate bodyparts – each station should work a different part of the body from the station before – ideally upperbody, lowerbody, upperbody and so on.

Here’s the routine…

Reps: 30sec per station
Circuits: 2-3
Rest between stations: 20-30sec
Rest between circuits: 2min

Increase the intensity gradually over a period of weeks by increasing the time per exercise/station (45-60sec) or decreasing the rest periods. For exercises that use freeweights gradually increase the weight as it becomes easier. However…

Just change one parameter at a time – either the exercise/station time, rest time or weight – NOT all three!

To see the images and descriptions for the following exercises click here

  • Push ups
  • Side crunches
  • Lunges
  • Alternating supermans
  • Dips
  • Fast feet
  • Obliques
  • Shoulder press with dip