Best Rebounder

The Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Mini Rebounder is our best rebounder, which has a vinyl woven basket that reduces slippage overall, giving you a great workout without the compromise on safety. In addition to that, it has a safety bungee cover so you feel safe when you accidentally bounce off the sweet spot or center zone.

Our step-up pick is the MaXimus Life Pro Gym Rebounder Package and the rebounder gives you low impact bounce like all rebounders out there but it can take up to 280 lbs per person so it is great for those with heavier weights. In addition to that, you can get the health benefits of rebounding right at the comfort of your home or even bounce barefooted with it.

The budget pick is the Ancheer Max Load 220lbs Rebounder Trampoline and the rebounder has a rubber cover for the leg tubes so you stay safe when you jump. What’s more, the rebounder has a foldable mechanism for storage purposes but there’s also a fixed model available. Currently available in 38 inches and 40 inches models, this rebounder can help you build bone mass.

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A Little Background

A rebounder is a kind of platform that allows you to bounce off like a trampoline, but is mainly used for fitness programs and purposes. A rebounder could help you stay fit because of its ability to burn more calories due to the jumping capabilities.
When we were kids, we probably love to jump on the bed when we have fun with family and friends. Jumping on anything that is bouncy can help burn fat in a vertical way because it is a physical activity that shakes your whole body and also shakes the stress away.
In addition to that, a rebounder can also be great for a lesser impact for your knees. If you do not want a high impact exercise then a rebounder can be a good option for you. This because of the fact that a rebounder can help you shake the fat away but does not impact your joints at all due to not causing your weight to pressure you, which is common in high intensity training like running.

How We Picked

If you want the best rebounder, here are some facts that you should know about first:
Max loaded weight: usually from 200 to 300 lbs, the rebounder should have a load weight rating because it will be more accident prone if you do not consider the max weight you can use it for. While most rebounders are made for kids and some regular sized adults, those who have heavier bodies should know the weight rating of the rebounder first.
Diameter or size: usually from 4 to 9 feet, the diameter or size of the rebounder should be considered as well. A large sized rebounder can be used outside as well as on larger rooms. On the other hand, if you have limited space at home or in a room, it is best to stick with a smaller sized rebounder somewhere between 3 to 5 feet.
Workout program: know what you will be using the rebounder for. Most people use it for fitness programs such as for losing weight and for building muscles as well. Most users of the rebounder are women but there are also men who can use the rebounder. Some can also use it for resistance training and the like. Kids who will use it might use it for playing and also for getting an active lifestyle.
Age group: it is important that you go for the right rebounder for a specific age group. Kids will use it like a trampoline while adults will use it mostly to lose weight and stay fit. The size of the rebounder can also make it safer to use for kids and for outdoor use.
Bungee cover: the durability of the bungee cover of the rebounder should be taken into consideration. The bungee cover protects your feet from getting hit by the coils of the rebounder, thus making it safe to use. You should consider the bungee cover to be protective for safety purposes.
Added handrail: some models have extras like handrails so that you can also maximize it for other workouts. Handrails can help you bounce better and safer and some upper handrails can be used as a pull up bar as well, so you get two workouts in one. Handrails also help children bounce without compromising safety at all.
Foldable: a good rebounder to have is one that is foldable, so that you can be able to store it easier when not in use. This is especially the case if you need a rebounder for a small home or apartment that lacks storage space.
Shape: while most are round, there are also oval ones. Round ones are the most common rebounders because they are generally safer, easier to set up and more popular in the market due to the demand. Special shaped rebounders are meant for doing stunts, flips and gymnastics, and can be more expensive and harder to find. To keep it safe, you can go for a round rebounder for starters.

Our Pick

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Our best rebounder is the Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Mini Rebounder, which measures either 40 or 48 inches depending on the model that you order. It is UV resistant so you can take it outside under the blazing sun. it is very safe to use so even teens can use it at the comfort of their home or garden.
Having zero stretch to keep you steady and to keep the rebounder durable, it is backed by 32 bungees made of latex rubber to help you maintain stability and safety while you are bouncing off the rebounder. You also get a total of 7 colors to choose from to express your personality.
You can even use the rebounder with bare feet to reduce the chances of slipping. Holding up to 250 lbs of weight, it can be used at home as an exercise equipment so you can get the health benefits of aerobic exercises but without the bad impact to your health and to your joints.
Additionally, the rebounder is great for its durability due to the fact that it is made with a carbon steel frame. You can also assemble it in about 20 minutes so it is an easy to use and setup rebounder to have at home as a mini trampoline.
There will be no need for a gym membership if you keep using this rebounder at home or wherever you are for getting in shape. It is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only possible con but not a deal breaker there is to say about the Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Mini Rebounder is that, since it is limited to 250 lbs only, it is not ideal for heavier users, but there are always more expensive rebounders for that purpose.

Step-up Pick

The MaXimus Life Pro Gym Rebounder Package is our step-up pick and this rebounder includes a workout DVD for you to follow. It is great for weight loss programs as well as for maintaining a good lymphatic drainage that is the best for your immune system.
The non slip mat of this rebounder ensures that you stay safe and stay put wherever you bounce off. In addition to that, the rebounder has a folding ability that helps you store it away when not in use. Overall, the rebounder can boost your immune system when you use it regularly.
Like all rebounder, you can potentially burn up to 600 calories when you use it. the rebounder is very easy to set up and has good portability for taking the rebounder with you to your friend’s house or to a local gym to maintain health and fitness and burn fat at the same time. The rebounder is also quite stable due to the spring loaded legs.

Budget Pick

Our budget pick is the Ancheer Max Load 220lbs Rebounder Trampoline and it can take up to 220 lbs as a rebounder that can give you cardiovascular benefits. It easily assembles within 30 minutes so you can get to your workout in no time. It also has noise reduction to prevent others from being disturbed.
It has a total of 34 springs (40-inch model) or 32 springs (38-inch model) in the rebounder. The rebounder also has thick PVC material for the frame to keep it sturdy for many uses. Its rust-resistant springs are tightly coiled so you don’t have to worry about safety as well.
This mini trampoline has a total of 6 leg tubes (40-inch model) or 8 leg tubes (38-inch model). The rebounder has a nonslip design so it is great for seniors as well as youngsters who want to bounce.

Best Rebounder that has Resistance Bands

The Stamina 38 Inch Intone Plus Rebounder can be used indoors or outdoors and its frame is made of sturdy steel to last for the years to come. Totally great for beginners to expert jumpers, this rebounder has a fitness monitor to track the number of jumps you make per minute.
It has a width of 38 inches so it is not too small but not too big. It also tracks your calories, total jumps and workout time so you can feel informed. Its rebounding surface is made of polypropolene so it is nonslip and is great for fitness enthusiasts who want to build upper body strength.
Great for its portability and foldable mechanism, this rebounder has foam padded handles to keep you comfortable while its optic border keeps you in the zone of safety. Holding up to 250 lbs of weight, this particular rebounder also has resistance tubes (handles) for chest, back, shoulder and arm workouts.
You can easily tone your muscles in your legs, glutes, back, abdominals and the like with this rebounder because it adds more exercise options for you to discover. It also adds to your metabolism and weight loss journey and it is easy to store away. Overall, it gives you a low-impact cardiovascular exercise.

Best Rebounder that is Foldable and Portable

The Bounce & Burn II Mini Trampoline doesn’t require setup and is great for strengthening joints as well as burning fat. Set up is easy with a total of 32 springs on this rebounder for aerobic fitness needs. It is a low impact equipment that you’ll find simple to fold down when not in use.
Supporting up to 260 lbs per person, it is a great form of cardiovascular exercise to burn lots of calories and fat in the long run, as well as unwanted cellulite. It is great for beginner to intermediate levels and can make you feel energized after each session.
Made of quality materials, you will feel very secure due to the spring system and construction of this rebounder. Added to that, it includes a workout DVD for you to follow.

Best Rebounder that has a Handrail

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The Merax Exercise Fitness Trampoline Home Workout supports up to 220 lbs of weight and is great for cardiovascular fitness while being easy on your joints and less of an impact. With no tools needed to assemble it, the rebounder measures 4.5 feet across and the handrail is adjustable as well.
It is easy to balance on it for your cardio workout needs and a low impact exercise routine at home. You can be jogging in place on this hexagon shaped rebounder or jumping and jogging depending on your needs.
Its galvanized steel frame keeps it rust-free and the polypropylene jumping mat has nonslip capabilities for you to feel safe. The rubber feet keeps it steady and it sits 12 inches off the ground so it is safe for kids and teens as well.

Best Rebounder that has a Pull Up Bar

The Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder Trampoline has a handrail or pull up bar that makes it easier to add difficulty to your exercise. Its knob adjustable handrail makes workouts interesting and the 6 legs on the base keeps it sturdy while the foam padded rail helps to ensure comfort.
With aa weight rating of about 200 pounds, the rebounder is easier to assemble within 5 minutes or so. It is a low impact form of exercise you can do indoors or outdoors and can work even for children. It comes in 40 inches and 48 inches models so you can choose which one is the best for your aerobic workout. It is a foldable and durable rebounder to get a great work out while with the kids.

Best Rebounder that is Made for Kids

The GYMENIST Portable & Foldable Trampoline 36″is ideal for ages 3 and above and is very safe for kids to use to help enhance their motor skills. As an ASTM certified rebounder with a padded frame cover, it supports up to 150 pounds and has a durable coated finish.
It sits 9 inches off the floor or ground for kids to feel safe while they strengthen their bone density. The bungee cords are well-protected to keep children safe. The rebounder helps with coordination in children and is great for reducing the likelihood of obesity. This folding trampoline is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Rebounder that has an Oval Shape

The Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline is an oval shaped rebounder that is durable and ideal for adding variety to your workout program. You can be jumping in the best spot with the design of this lightweight rebounder that can support up to 250 pounds.
Measuring 45 x 33 inches overall, this rebounder has a blue border to keep you in the center. As a great calorie burning exercise equipment, it is suitable for fitness programs and is safety pad keeps you inside without much injury threat.
It improves your endurance overall and is quite compact when you store it. You can get a workout without the impact on your knees and also exercise at home with this rebounder that can be folded. It also offers more stability than normal trampolines.

Best Rebounder that is Made for Outdoor Use

The bellicon Classic 44” Mini Fold-up Trampoline easily burns fat and is quite sturdy due to the steel frame. This famous rebounder brand tones your muscles easily as a mini trampoline and also allows you to select your bungee strength, from medium to ultra strong for a customize feel.
What’s more, you can also select pink bungees for girls so you can give it as a gift for someone. Its legs are foldable so you can take it with you to your next camping trip as a fitness routine when you are in the great outdoors with your family or friends.
Also great for muscle toning, the powder coated finished steel with a high gloss keeps it sturdy for years. It can be a home fitness equipment that gives great health benefits for all.

The Competition

Other rebounders were not great because there were potential defects on the installation and design. Additionally, the material is not very sturdy compared to the ones we picked here, which can be a threat to overall safety while using the rebounder.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is rebounding?
A: Rebounding is more than just jumping off a trampoline – it is considered to be a healthy form of exercise that can also be done at home or in the gym. Much like jumping on a trampoline, rebounding makes the use of a rebounder that has a specific strength that is not like a regular trampoline. The rebounder usually has a round shape but there are others that don’t have a round shape.
The main purpose of a rebounder is to help with our lymph system and can also help us lose fat without being a high impact exercise. The rebounder can also help with core strength, athlete training, sports readiness and the like. Because of the shock absorbing qualities, rebounders are great for all ages.
Q: What are the three kinds of rebounding exercises that most people can do?
A: There are three kinds of basic rebounding exercises and all of them have a big benefit for your body. Here are the three rebounding exercises that you can commonly do at home or at the gym with a rebounder:
The aerobic bouncing exercise is mostly on aerobic purpose and can be a low to medium intensity workout to help get your blood pumped up as a warm-up to another exercise. You can do jumping jacks while you are aerobic bouncing and you can also do it with various moves such as one leg jumping and the like. Some people also do aerobic bouncing with music for added rhythmic exercise benefits.
The strength bouncing exercise is mostly ideal for your lymphatic system and it focuses more on jumping at your highest point. This is great for athletes who just want to improve their strength, balance and stability overall. The strength bounce is ideal for those who want to improve their muscles as well as for building strength and endurance.
The health bounce exercise is great for all people of all ages because it is the lowest impact type of exercise on a rebounder. It is simply great for those who do not want to get tired too easily or just watching TV or a routine workout. Health bouncing is great for just keeping yourself fit and healthy and can be done regardless of age and fitness level because you just bounce up and down and not jumping too high.
Q: How does a rebounder compare to using a treadmill?
A: There are many benefits to owning and using a rebounder as compared to a treadmill, which is listed and compiled below in a chart:

Criteria Rebounder Treadmill
Price Cheaper and won’t cost you a fortune Can cost a lot and usually more expensive than a rebounder plus your electric bill can go up
Portability Very portable and not a space hogging fitness device, unless you go for a larger sized one for outdoors Pretty much space hogging so it is not ideal for small homes or apartments
Power Powers up with your jumping and manual actions Requires a power outlet to run and for you to use
Lymphatic system benefits Greatly benefits the lymphatic system of your body Less benefits to your lymphatic system
Impact Has lesser impact on your knees because of the jumping action Has more impact to your knees because of the running action
Difficulty Great for all fitness levels Only ideal for intermediate and expert fitness levels
Attachments Can have more attachments such as handlebars and grip bands Stays fixed all the time, you can only change the speed
Storage Very easy to store, some models are even foldable for smaller homes and spaces Stays where it is, hard and cumbersome to store anywhere

Q: What are the major health benefits of using a rebounder or trampoline exercise?
A: The rebounder is a critically acclaimed form of exercise because it has many benefits to your body and well-being, such as the following:
It is a low impact exercise that does not get in the way of your joints versus running and cycling. The rebounder is so low on impact that it can be done by seniors, kids and almost any age because of its easy impact to the joints as compared to standard weight bearing exercises like running, cycling and treadmill exercises. If you have just gotten surgery or have weak knees then rebounder exercises are the best for you.
You can add accessories such as handle bars and grip bands to enhance your body workout. The handle bar of the rebounder helps to keep you stable and some are even shaped to be like a pull up bar so you can practice on pull ups while rebounding at the same time. The rebounder may also have some strength bands or grip bands to add to your resistance training as well.
It is great for your lymphatic system to enhance your immune system as well due to the improved blood flow. One of the key benefits of the rebounder is its lymphatic benefits to get you pumped up during exercise and to enhance your physical wellness. The act of rebounding is not just for fun but also for a longer lifespan due to the improvement of your lymphatic system with the rebounder.
Rebounding is a big plus point for your cardiovascular health, much like an aerobic exercise, without tiring you out a lot. The fact that a rebounder gets you jumping up and down without causing a lot of sweat is a big thing. If you are into rebounder usage, it is not necessarily an aerobic exercise but you get a similar effect which is great for those who want to slim down or just want to stay fit.
It is also great for muscle and body toning, such as for your glutes, quads and calf muscles. For those who want to tone their muscles other than to lose fat, the rebounder can be a great fitness companion for you. It is a less boring way of exercising if you don’t have time to go to the gym or if you are stuck indoors in a snowy weather or rainy weather because a rebounder can be setup at home.
You can enhance your sense of balance when you often bounce on a trampoline or rebounder. Most people, especially athletes, can help with their sense of balance if they often go to an exercise like a rebounder to help them strengthen and enhance their skills of bouncing as well as balancing on anything. It is important for those who often lose their balance or have a physical day/night job.
It is a great source of training for athletes and bodybuilders. If you are an athlete and want to compete on any sport, the rebounder can be a great part of your cross training needs as well as for bodybuilders and weight lifters. The rebounder is a good source of workout as it can still kick some fat away and build some muscles as we mentioned above.
The rebounder can also help you reduce stress and anxiety. Because of the fact that you are jumping, you are also letting go of a lot of stress in your daily life. For those with a desk job or a stressful mental job, getting physical exercise such as rebounding is a good choice not just to keep you fit but also to keep you stress-free, full of positive vibes and focused on your next task.
Most of all, it’s fun to jump! As little kids do jump on the bed, we, too, when we were kids, we loved to jump on the bed and on the sofa. The action of jumping on a rebounder enhances our sense of fun, enjoyment, humor and freedom from a stressful world, so it’s generally fun to jump! If you’re looking for a workout that won’t bore you at all, the rebounder is a good choice for you, especially if you add music to make it more interesting!
Q: How is a trampoline and a rebounder different from each other?
A: The rebounder and trampoline are both types of bouncing platforms that you can set up at home and can be used by anyone. However, they have key differences, such as the following:

Criteria Rebounder Trampoline
Purpose Made for aerobics and non-aerobic exercises, fitness programs, weight loss, muscle building and body toning Made for practicing stunts, gymnastics and complicated moves such as flips
Size Usually very small in diameter Can be large, especially for the square and rectangle ones for gymnastics
Portability Its small size makes it ideal for taking to the gym and back home, some are foldable as well Usually large and bulky so it stays in one spot after you set it up
Customizability You can add more items such as handle bars and strength grip handles Most trampolines are just trampolines with no accessories at all
Safety Rebounders are considered safer not just due to their round shape but also because they are lower to the ground Riskier than a rebounder because it sits higher from the ground, square and rectangle models are more dangerous to use for regular people and for professional use only
Shape Mostly round but some can be oval Can vary in shape: available in round, square, rectangle, oval, hexagon and other shapes
Location Rebounders can be situated at home in your small room or apartment or you can take it outside Trampolines are mostly situated outdoors or an indoor gym
Who can use them Anyone with the proper physical and mental stability, nearly all people of all ages and fitness levels Best for trained gymnasts, athletes and professional stuntmen

Q: What bungee strength of a rebounder is the best for me?
A: Depending on your weight , here is a chart to show you what’s the best rebounder bungee strength that you should go for before you choose and buy a rebounder:

Bungee Strength Weight Class
80 to 110 lbs 110 to 160 lbs 160 to 250 lbs 250 to 360 lbs 360 to 440 lbs
Softer Bounce Soft Medium Strong Extra Strong Ultra
Just Right Soft to Medium Medium to Strong Strong to Extra Strong Extra Strong to Ultra Ultra
Firmer Bounce Medium Strong Extra Strong Ultra Not Recommended

In the table above, the Soft, Medium, Strong, Extra Strong and Ultra are ratings of bungee strength that you can choose. It shows which of these ratings are the best for you to choose depending on your weight class, plus the kind of bounce feeling that you want.
Q: How does rebounding benefit your mind, body and health in a specific way?
A: There are many specific benefits that you can gain from rebounding. Here is a comparative chart that shows the benefits of rebounding for your mind, body and health:

Benefits of Rebounding to your Mind
Improves your focus Eliminates your anxiety Adds responsiveness Enhances your balance
Better self-esteem Joint coordination Improved learning Nerve impulses
Alleviates depression Brain reception Released endorphins Sense of control


Benefits of Rebounding to your Body
Muscle-to-fat ratio Better digestion Less blood pressure Lymphatic system
No blood pooling Tissue repair Easy on joints Less chronic fatigue
Good for the heart Good respiration Body composition Improves muscles
Lowers cholesterol Lowers triglycerides Oxygen flow Good for the bones
Better body growth Cardiovascular system Burns fat and calories Better metabolism


Benefits of Rebounding to your Health
Immune system Muscle performance Anti-aging Deeper sleep
Helps you relax better Alkaline reserve Improved endurance Relieves headaches

Q: What can a rebounder do that other types of exercises can’t do?
A: The rebounder is a compound exercise routine that works all of your muscles. It prevents any of the following:
Missed upper body muscles, that you probably miss while walking or simply running, using the treadmill and the like, won’t happen in rebounders. You have up to 300 upper body muscles, which don’t receive the proper workout compared to jumping on a rebounder.
Muscle imbalance is also a problem with most machines and exercises that don’t utilize all of your body parts, causing pain to certain parts of your body due to the long and short muscles. This is most likely the case if you go for isolation exercises, whereas rebounders are compound exercises that allow you to move all parts of your body.
Some workouts also don’t use enough muscles compared to the benefits of a rebounder. Certain exercises, such as sit-ups, only use 100 muscles in your body, whereas a rebounder exercise can do so much more than that.
Q: What happens when you jump on a rebounder? How does it work as a cycle?
A: To help you understand the concept of rebounding, here is a chart that describes the process of rebounding:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Your body accelerates upward as you begin to jump in the air Your jump in mid-air gives you a weightless feeling, causing you to feel free and enlightened You feel a downward force, also known as the G-force or our Earth’s gravity, pulling you downwards again You fall on the rebounder but it doesn’t hurt your knees at all because the rebounder has a bouncy surface You jump again in mid air and the whole process repeats itself

Q: What parts of the body can I potentially injure if I don’t do the proper form?
A: The rebounder , like with most exercise equipment, can potentially hurt you if you don’t do it properly. Here are some common parts of the body that you can possibly get injuries on, and how to avoid them:

Body Part Potential Injury Causes Prevention
Upper Body Stiff neck or misalignment Cheaply made rebounders Keep a stable and balanced body, avoid cheap rebounders
Headaches Wrong alignment
Hips Misaligned hips Jumping too high Don’t jump too high, go for quality rebounders
Ankles Turned ankles Repetitive jumping, cheaply made rebounders Don’t jump too much, avoid cheap rebounders
Strained ankles Too much stretching Don’t stretch too much, go for quality rebounders

Q: Who can use a rebounder and where can you use it?
A: The rebounder can be used by the following people:
Anyone at home can use a rebounder, especially parents, children, teens and the like. It is a good form of exercise and you can even follow a workout video to help you get motivated. The rebounder is so small that it can fit on most homes and rooms, especially with the living room at home or even in an apartment.
You can also use a rebounder in your school gym or any place in your university, college or gym to help you train or get physical. Most are part of your physical education subject or as a training course if you are an athlete or varsity player.
There are also special gyms and workout studios that have health practitioners who can demonstrate the right way to do rebounding exercises and you can get enrolled in such classes. They are ideal for those who have a lot of time at hand, such as seniors, retirees and the like who want to stay fit even in their later years.
Q: Is it possible to lose weight with a rebounder?
A: There are several factors that can contribute to the effectiveness of using a rebounder when it comes down to weight loss, such as the following:
The length or period of time that you go for a rebounder exercise determines how much fat you will lose. This is ideal for those with a lot of time in their hands to exercise.
Higher intensity rebounding can also mean that you will lose more weight even at the shortest time. This is ideal for those with a desk job or day/night shift and don’t have a lot of time to work out.
The number of rebounds or jumps can also impact how much fat you will lose. Start with a more reasonable number to target and don’t forget to take quick breaks. Focus on that target number and then increase it per session so that you don’t get too bored with the workout quickly by challenging yourself constantly.
Q: How can I vary the jumping style in a rebounder?
A: The rebounder is a free for all exercise that has almost no limits at all, so you can set whatever kind of jumping style that you want to do and that you can do, such as the following:
You can jump with really high knees if you want a highly intense rebounding exercise.
You can jump with low knees so that you won’t feel too much impact if you’re tired.
You can run or sprint in place with a rebounder, which makes rebounding interesting and fun.
You can perform jumping jacks in place on the rebounder, which is a good form of exercise.
Q: Should women wear bras or not when rebounding?
A: When using a rebounder, it is better to just leave the bras off and wear a sports top or alternatively, use a larger sized bra for your needs. This is because suffocating your chest and breasts can lead to breast cancer, so it is important that you give them unrestricted movement. In fact, not wearing bras or lessening the time of wearing bras actually keep your breasts from sagging versus wearing a bra all the time.
Q: Is rebounding also good for cellulite?
A: Yes, since rebounding has its many benefits for weight loss and fat burning, therefore, it is great for reducing cellulite on your body. It is usually supported with the benefits of rebounding for your lymphatic system not just to enhance your immune system but also to get rid of fat and detoxify your thyroid gland.
Q: How do I keep myself balanced in the rebounder?
A: There are many ways to help you balance on the rebounder if you are new to it:
First, you should consider getting a support bar, hand rail or anything that you can hold to support you while balancing on the rebounder.
Alternatively, using your abdominal muscles also works so you can keep a straight body position that won’t get you anywhere off the balance.
Make sure you stay in the middle of the rebounder and focus on what you are doing to avoid falling ff the rebounder and causing injuries to your body.
Using the rebounder barefooted is the best way to go. Special shoes can be used, but if you’re really worried about balance, going barefoot is always a good option.
Q: Can runners also use a rebounder?
A: Yes, a rebounder can be a helpful exercise equipment for a runner or someone who competes in sports. Rebounders help maintain a good posture, which is important not just for runners but also for all athletes. Running requires you to be in proper form which can be remedied with the frequent use of a rebounder.
Q: What is the best length of time when using the rebounder?
A: It depends on your fitness level as well as your stamina, age, endurance and other factors. The best length of time for beginners can be from 10 to 15 minutes a day while those with intermediate skills can go for up to 25 minutes a day. You can increase this number depending on your capability and when you want to challenge yourself.
Q: Can older people also benefit from a rebounder?
A: Yes, balance improvements can be attained if seniors use a rebounder to keep them active. They may not be able to jump as high as the younger ones, but a rebounder keeps them active in their own level of health and fitness so that they stay fit and young-looking for a long time.
Q: What would be a good warm-up when using the rebounder?
A: To get a good warm-up before you actually get into the rebounder, you can start off with running in place or by doing jumping jacks within 2 minutes or so. This helps you to reduce muscle fatigue and neck sprains when you get into the actual rebounder jumping spree.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Mini Rebounder is our best rebounder that is UV-resistant, 40-48 inches in diameter, holds up to 250 lbs and has a nonslip surface.