Best Skywalker Trampoline

The Skywalker 10 Ft. Round Enclosure Trampoline is our best Skywalker trampoline. Made with structural stability on all of its parts, the Skywalker trampoline is a great backyard buddy and it has 175 lbs on its weight limit so it is ideal for kids and some adults. The trampoline joints are all fastened together nicely so that it stays secure as a great home trampoline.

Our step-up pick is the Skywalker 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline and it is a great single-bodied trampoline that only requires at least two people set it up properly. It is made with a 16-gauge steel which is pretty tough and durable. Moreover, galvanized steel has been used for this Skywalker trampoline so it is okay to use it outdoors.

The budget pick is the Skywalker Round Bouncer Trampoline with Enclosure and it features a no-gap enclosure system so kids won’t be easily slipped away out of the trampoline when they end up falling on the edges. As for the shape, it is a round trampoline so it is more user-friendly and more convenient to setup.

A Little Background

Skywalker trampolines are some of the most high-end yet safest trampolines around. They have a variety of shapes to choose from – from round to rectangle and many more. Usually, the round ones have the most variations, ranging from 8 to 14 feet in diameter, whereas Skywalker also offers the best rectangle trampolines, ranging from 14 to 17 feet in length. Square ones are also available at 13 to 15 feet with oval ones from 16 to 17 feet. Mini trampolines are also available at 36 to 48 inches in size.
Their trampolines pack a lot of unique features to keep them durable. UV resistance is important for any trampoline because it will help preserve the netting and the jumping pad for more seasons to come without getting brittle and breaking apart. Gold coating over the springs can also help to resist rusting, especially if it is an outdoor trampoline.
Spring pads that are thick also help keep the springs away from the feet of your child. The heavy gauge materials of most Skywalker trampolines, usually at 9-gauge at the highest, means that it will last significantly longer than others.
Skywalker understands the benefits of trampoline activities and thus makes quality units for people and kids to enjoy. Since running and walking can put a strain to our knees, they can be of higher impact in comparison to just jumping and bouncing, since the jumping pad absorbs our weight with each bounce, making it a low impact exercise activity that kids, teens, adults and even seniors can enjoy with great fun and pleasure.

How We Picked

If you want the best Skywalker trampoline, you can count on the following factors in making your decision:
Frame construction: the Skywalker trampoline should have a sturdy frame so that it will stand the test of time and can be used for many years. If you want a trampoline that will have many jumpers then the Skywalker trampoline should have a high quality and high gauge construction for the frame.
Spring padding and pole padding: the Skywalker trampoline should have safety features such as padding for the spring and pole so that it will not hurt children and anyone who jumps in the trampoline. The springs can get people injured so they must be covered at all costs. The pole padding can also help solidify and stabilize the Skywalker trampoline’s frame.
Net enclosure: the Skywalker trampoline should have a net enclosure if you want to use it for kids. This ensures that your children will not fall over the trampoline when they jump and land in a wrong way. The net enclosure should be made of high quality material that will not easily deteriorate in the sun.
Diameter or jumping area: the Skywalker trampoline should also be just the right diameter if it is round or the right area if it is square or rectangle. Most small to medium trampolines can be from 4 to 8 feet while larger ones are 10 feet and above.
Shape of the trampoline: consider a Skywalker trampoline that has just the right shape that you want. For instance, round trampolines are great for solo bouncing while square ones are meant for gymnasts and acrobats. Oval ones are meant for double jumping with more room while mini trampolines are great for fitness rebounding or workouts.
Safety standards: consider a Skywalker trampoline that passed or exceeded ASTM standards and similar international governing bodies, which helps to determine that the trampoline that you have is safe and secure on all aspects.
Spring or bungee cord size and quality: the Skywalker trampoline can either be fastened with springs or with bungee cords. In most cases, trampolines that are bigger will have spring systems while smaller ones will have the bungee cord system.
Weather resistance: if you have a Skywalker trampoline that has a pad that is UV protected then it can be taken outdoors. Similarly, a rust resistant galvanized steel framing system on a Skywalker trampoline will be effective for outside bouncing.
Weight limit or rating: consider a Skywalker trampoline that will adhere to the weight of your kids or yourself. Smaller solo trampolines can take from 100 to 200 pounds while bigger ones can reach up to 400 pounds or so in terms of capacity.
Ease of setup and disassembly: the Skywalker trampoline should be easy to put together and then to take down later on. Moreover, the included instructions for the Skywalker trampoline should be clear and precise for you to follow.
Ease of entry: most Skywalker trampoline have a zippered entry on the front and some also have one on the back. This allows the kids to easily enter and exit from the Skywalker trampoline, especially if it has a mesh enclosure.
Recommended age bracket: consider a Skywalker trampoline that is right for your child’s age. Most trampolines are recommended for 6 years old and above while some bigger ones can be used by teens and adults, such as those for stunts or for fitness rebounding.
Additional features: some Skywalker trampolines do have amenities such as stretch bands, basketball hoops and the like to make things more exciting during play time with the kids.
No-gap installation: you can consider a Skywalker trampoline that has a no-gap installation so that the kids won’t easily get in or out of the trampoline with an enclosure without your consent. Moreover, it protects them from potential injuries of slipping out of the trampoline.

Our Pick

Skywalker 10 Ft. Round Enclosure Trampoline

The Skywalker 10 Ft. Round Enclosure Trampoline is our top pick as the best Skywalker trampoline. Giving you a lot of strength and durability, this trampoline is just right for its weight that you can move it around the yard with great ease.
However, like most large trampolines out there, it may take 2 to 3 people to assemble. It is covered by an optional polyethylene enclosure netting for the kids. Made with a t-bracket construction, this Skywalker trampoline is quite durable due to that formation.
With a thick foam at 1 inch to support whoever who jumps in the Skywalker trampoline, it is applicable for a smaller yard due to its size and weight support. It is also available in purple, green blue and red color choices for the padding around the edges for the springs.
Measuring a total of 10 feet in its diameter, it is a small to medium sized Skywalker trampoline with enough safety features for your child such as the v-ring attachments. Equipped with a no-gap enclosure system to keep your child away from harm, it comes with all necessary tools for you to install it.
Made with zipper seams that do not get ripped apart too easily, the Skywalker trampoline is equipped with enough UV protection for the jumping area. Moreover, the trampoline can be used for the play area of your child for quality family jump time.
There are a total of 64 springs in the Skywalker trampoline, which measure 5.5 inch, and are of heavy gauge and are rust resistant. The whole contraption sits 3 feet off the ground so it is not too high for jumping dangers yet can’t be easily reached by smaller kids.
What’s more, for more advanced jumping purposes, the enclosure net is also optional item that can be removed. The Skywalker trampoline can be used on your patio due to its outdoor compatibility. Giving off a superior bounce, the unit meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some flaws but not really serious ones to talk about the Skywalker 10 Ft. Round Enclosoure Trampoline include the fact that it can be a bit hard for you to assemble it, but it is doable with two people, since it is a 10-foot large trampoline to consider.

Step-up Pick

Skywalker 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Our step-up pick is the Skywalker 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline. As a fun activity for the entire family, the Skywalker trampoline is made with a polyethylene enclosure net which has been tightly woven. The t-bracket design of this trampoline keeps it together in place.
In addition to that, there are a total of 96 springs in total, measuring 6.5 inches each spring. With UV protection on its jumping pad, there is a Velcro rim for the hoop so it is very friendly towards kids when they play. Measuring at 143 square feet or 15 feet across, it stands at 36.5 inches on its frame height.
The included mat is made of UV protected polypropylene so it is set to be durable against the harsh sun rays. The dual zipper closure system also keeps the Skywalker trampoline easy to enter for kids when they play. It is also covered in gold coating for its parts such as the springs for rust resistance.
You will find it easy to get your kids or grandkids off technology for a while with this Skywalker trampoline. It can also prevent slipping due to the material of the matting. Also, the rust-resistant springs might ensure longer life for a Skywalker trampoline. Moreover, you can definitely put this Skywalker trampoline in the yard as an outdoor trampoline and workout for you and your kids.
It comes with the spring puller tool for easy assembly and it also meets ASTM safety standards. With a minimum of 2 hours on setup with 1 to 2 people, the Skywalker trampoline has a total of 200 lbs on its weight capacity. It is also made with PVC material for the spring pad for resilience.
You can also buy some tie-down stakes for a grassy area to keep it firmly in place. Not to worry because the basketball hoop offers safe play due to the material build and the easy attach hoop design. It will be safe for your children as the hoop and ball system are made of soft materials.

Budget Pick

Skywalker Round Bouncer Trampoline with Enclosure

The Skywalker Round Bouncer Trampoline with Enclosure is our budget pick and with enough enclosure joints to hold it together, assembly and disassembly is roughly easier compared to other trampolines out there. You can keep your family safe while having fun with this Skywalker trampoline.
With a woven polyethylene net for its enclosure style and material, it is a great and reliable Skywalker trampoline to keep your kids safe. You can also add a ladder for ease of entry (but make sure you remove it if you don’t want unauthorized access from your kids).
It is also coupled with foam protectors so that it will give you a soft and firm feel when you touch the edges and the poles. With a gap free enclosure design, the spring-less stretch band or bungee rope design. It is great for safe indoor play and is ideal for ages 3 through 7 years old.
With 14.5 inches on its frame height, the enclosure frame has a padded foam so it is protective for all and sets a safe environment for children. With a wide protective frame pad, the Skywalker trampoline also has a 360 degree handle to make it easy to handle.
The Skywalker trampoline has an enclosure net on the top as well as a lower enclosure net for other miscellaneous items. With extra support, it takes about 10 minutes to take apart. It stands up to 100 lbs on its weight capacity and it stands to wear and tear.
Great for children who want to practice balancing, the Skywalker trampoline is meant for very active kiddos and for them to learn and explore. Measuring 48 x 56 inches or 8.45 square feet, it is great for improving your bouncing skills as well as for the kids.
It can be situated in your bedroom and it has no springs attached due to the bungee rope so it’s safe foe little feet. With stretch bands, there will be no pinched fingers or toes at all. The Skywalker trampoline contains 30 elastic cords measuring 7.25 inches each and the whole unit is ASTM Approved.

Best Skywalker Trampoline with a Rectangle Shape

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure 15-Feet

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure 15-Feet is our ideal rectangle shaped Skywalker trampoline which is made out of a galvanized steel frame so it is very sturdy. It also provide you with an even bounce when you jump.
It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds so it is fairly good for most people and kids. It also has a no-gap enclosure system so your kids will stay safe on it. Moreover, the Skywalker trampoline is connected using T-sockets which prove to be durable and not easy to break.
Passing the ASTM safety standards, the Skywalker trampoline gives you a simple assembly experience and it has over 106 square feet or 9 x 15 feet of jumping area for anyone who wants to have some fun or a workout time. With an upper enclosure frame for safety, it also features a dual closure system.
Providing comfort for a Skywalker trampoline, it gives you no structural twisting due to the design of the trampoline and it can also be used for competitive jumpers. It keeps everything securely in place and is durable due to the 12-gauge steel.
Moreover, the Skywalker trampoline is great for the kids to play and it has an enclosure net to keep them at bay. It also has plenty of room to jump on and play on and it has a button hole for the enclosure netting for easily managing the Skywalker trampoline.
With 39 inches on its frame height, there are a total of 76 springs in the trampoline, which measure 7.64 inches each and are tightly coiled and rust resistant due to the gold coating. With a V-ring system, the Skywalker trampoline is also ideal for gymnasts when they want to practice.
With thick steel for the 16 springs, the Skywalker trampoline can be conveniently placed in a lawn and it will be durable for every family. With enough UV protection for the jumping pad, it is great for those who are aspiring gymnasts.
The Skywalker trampoline has no dangerous gaps to watch for and has a 1 inch thick foam padding for the wide spring pad. PVC material has been used for the pad’s construction. The 8 poles are upright and foam padded and it is made with polyethylene material for the netting.

Best Skywalker Trampoline with Interactive Games

Skywalker Animal Adventure Interactive Mini Trampoline

The Skywalker Animal Adventure Interactive Mini Trampoline is a unique interactive game filled Skywalker trampoline that is meant for toddlers. The jump mat is slip free for toddlers and it really entertains children due to the animal sounds.
This particular trampoline has a cool interactive animal sound game that kids and toddlers will surely love so they can enhance their thinking interaction skills. It has a total of 75 pounds on its weight limit so it is meant for little kids.
Due to the spring-less design with the use of stretch bands or bungee cords, the Skywalker trampoline is a lot safer than spring version trampolines out there, which are meant for the big kids and the adults. Moreover, the design of this Skywalker trampoline will keep them excited.
Measuring a total size of 36 inches for the area across, there will be no worrying about pinched fingers due to the total pad coverage of the Skywalker trampoline. It also has a handle bar so kids can hang on to it and bounce just right without the worry of falling off.
There is also an on and off switch for the Skywalker trampoline so it will save up on batteries and be less annoying to parents and the like or if they get tired of the animal sounds. Most active kids will find this Skywalker trampoline amusing as it is meant to develop and enhance the motor skills of your child.
This Skywalker trampoline also features stretch bands so that your child can have additional activities within the trampoline. There are parental controls present in the trampoline so it is well-set for any kid. With a printed jump mat, it is just right for small children for its size.
Its safety handle has an easy grip and is padded so it is just fine for young and tiny hands. As a square trampoline, the sounds can be turned off so it is not too annoying. It gives your child an exciting bounce activity and the installation is a breeze for your child to bounce right away.
What’s more, the jumping surface is 8 inches to 10 inches from the floor so it is very close to the ground without the worry or risk of falling off from a high place. The dog and cat sounds keep your child well entertained.

Best Skywalker Trampoline with a Round Shape

Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline Safety Enclosure

The Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline Safety Enclosure is our ideal round shaped trampoline for kids. It can also provide balance skills for your kid. In addition to that, the Skywalker trampoline has renowned durability for its metal pats yet it is safe from pinching due to the pad cover for the springs.
In addition to that, the Skywalker trampoline is not super bouncy so it is safe for younger kids and they won’t easily accidentally bounce off. It can be used for indoor or outdoor settings as well. The heavy gauge steel frame makes this Skywalker trampoline a worthwhile workout activity for your kid.
With 150 pounds on its weight capacity, this Skywalker trampoline offers a solid jumping experience at 8 x 6.5 feet in its dimensions. There is also a button hole feature for easy connection of the enclosure net and it gives you and your kids a good bounce.
If have a small backyard then this is a sufficient Skywalker trampoline for the safety for jumpers. It is relatively easy to set up and the reinforced t-sockets to keep it steady. Moreover, the jumping surface from the ground of only 21 inches so it is close to the ground.
Likewise, it is very solid in construction and is ideal for ages 6 and above. The Skywalker trampoline prevents falls and injuries and it is also applicable for most smaller jumpers out there. In fact, the net is sewn into the trampoline so it has no gaps at all.
Being an ISO certified Skywalker trampoline, it can become a fun activity even in the winter due to its capability to be stored and setup indoors. The galvanized rust resistant steel makes up the frame so it is durable and the whole trampoline’s design makes it easy to put the base frame together.
For lots of bouncing fun and safety, the frame and springs are covered with a safety pad that has been vinyl-coated and measures 1 inch thick. The Skywalker trampoline takes about a hour and a half for putting it together and can also be placed in the basement.
If you have wooden floors, you can add some padding around the feet, like for most trampolines out there. With this Skywalker trampoline, you have a total of 56 springs that are rust resistant and measure 5.5 inches each and with a heavy gauge.

Best Skywalker Trampoline with an Oval Shape

Skywalker 17×15 Oval Trampoline and Enclosure

If you want an oval shaped Skywalker trampoline then you might want to check out the Skywalker 17×15 Oval Trampoline and Enclosure. What’s more, the pad is also UV protected and you also get an all around view of the trampoline to watch your kids play well.
With over 200 lbs on its weight capacity, the Skywalker trampoline is sufficient for one to two kids as well as a kid and his or her parent to jump along. What’s more, the construction of the Skywalker trampoline makes it ideal to withstand the elements.
The Skywalker trampoline contains a total of 96 rust resistant springs which are gold colored so they are corrosion resistant for outdoor use. It has a lot of strength and stability due to the very fact that it has 6 w-shaped legs to hold it together compared to only 4 legs of other brands.
Kids and adults can stay active with this awesome Skywalker trampoline that features no twisting at all due to its stability and construction. Measuring 17 x 15 feet in total, the Skywalker trampoline has been backed by a 14-gauge galvanized steel frame.
You can use this Skywalker trampoline for backyard play time and it will hold its form due to the reinforced t-sockets. In fact, the springs are made of heavy gauge steel so it can support all of your jumping activities as well as your kids’ bouncing for its durability.
The Skywalker trampoline is made with a heavy gauge frame made of galvanized steel which makes it rust resistant. Likewise, you can also add a ladder to this Skywalker trampoline if you want kids to easily access to it instead of having to climb it in a hard way.

Best Skywalker Trampoline with a Spring System

Skywalker 7′ Jump N’ Count Trampoline

The Skywalker 7′ Jump N’ Count Trampoline is a great Skywalker trampoline to consider if you want a spring system instead of a bungee system, which tends to have a bigger weight limit than the bungee cord type ones. It is backed by a t-bracket construction which makes it sturdy and reliable.
The 40 springs are tightly coiled and measure 5 1/2 inches each on this Skywalker trampoline. What’s more, the mat has the net directly attached and sewed for gapless protection. In addition to that, the galvanized steel construction makes it ideal for outdoor weather and elements.
With a weight rating of 150 lbs, the Skywalker trampoline offers a lot of stability and its PVC material for the spring pad is just right in the thickness for protecting your child’s feet. With an 18-gauge steel material for the trampoline for durability, it meets or exceeds all ASTM standards.
With a long lasting frame due to the galvanized material, the Skywalker trampoline features a no-gap enclosure system due to the attachment of the pad and the mesh cover. There is also the gold-color coating for the springs to combat corrosion for an outdoor setting.
The Skywalker trampoline features no exposed metal at all so it is very safe for kids. In fact, each spring is connected to the jump mat in a fine way. Moreover, the Skywalker trampoline comes equipped with a screen printed jump mat for kids to enjoy.
With 20 inches on its frame height, the Skywalker trampoline has an easy construction method and it measures 7 feet in its diameter. The included closure system makes use of dual zipper and latch clip mechanism to make it easy to keep kids secure yet easy to enter and exit.
It takes about 1 to 2 people depending on your strength for pulling off the springs. The Skywalker trampoline is rust and weather resistant and the trampoline can prevent slipping because it is a woven jump mat that causes less accidents for your child.

Best Skywalker Trampoline with Camouflage Padding

Skywalker 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure

If you want a unique camouflage style padding for a Skywalker trampoline then you can try the Skywalker 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure. The frame is made out of galvanized steel and it is made with UV resistant materials. The maximum weight is at 200 lbs for this trampoline.
The camouflage spring pad is of heavy duty for outdoor use. It has 6 w-shaped legs for stability and welded t-sockets for keeping it steady. It can take 3 to 4 hours if you are a beginner at trampolines. The trampoline stands 3 feet from the ground.
There is a button hole feature for a gap free enclosure design. Made especially for kids for a safe and fun jumping experience, you can just put it under a big tree so it won’t get a lot of sun damage. With no ropes to thread due to the spring system, it measures 12 feet in its diameter.
The net enclosure is padded with soft foam and it measures 77 inches for the net height. You can place it on your own backyard and easily put away if you want to mow the lawn. Made for nearly all jumpers, it passed ASTM safety Standards and has a total of 72 steel springs that are quite thick.
Also meant for adult workouts, you can add a ladder to it for kids. Equipped with an enclosure to keep kids safe, the trampoline comes with user instructions. You can also add heavy duty anchors to it for strong winds outside.

Best Skywalker Trampoline that is Small

Skywalker 40-In. Lily Pad Adventure Bouncer

With the Skywalker 40-In. Lily Pad Adventure Bouncer, you get a 100-lb weight capacity, the use of stretch bands instead of springs for safety and a 360 degree handle for the frame for ease of setup. The frame base is decently wide and the padded cover is soft enough for children.
All of the trampoline joints are easily connected with a lot of hold. With a decent weight capacity, the Skywalker trampoline zips up for safety so it can protect your kids from falling off. The polypropylene for the mat which is UV protected so it is okay to use under the sun.
The elastic bungee cords are a great choice for those who don’t want spring type trampolines and its handle is softly padded so they can hang on to the trampoline and keep their balance.

The Competition

Other Skywalker trampolines aren’t fit for our pick because we think that they did not have a lot of safety features and also, they lacked in some parts in terms of quality and assembly instructions. For a Skywalker trampoline to be a fitting bounce buddy in any place you want, it should have the right specs and the right sizing.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different kinds of trampolines that Skywalker offers as a trampoline company?
A: The different trampolines that Skywalker offers can range from round to square, to oval, to rectangular to mini styled ones. Different sizes for each one can define what it is intended for, such as for kids or for adult weight loss.
Q: Why is jumping on a trampoline beneficial for kids?
A: A trampoline for kids can be beneficial for their health because it helps strengthen their muscles, enhance their flexibility and boosts more fun and energy that they can let out. Kids who want to become gymnasts or acrobats someday may learn tricks from jumping on a trampoline while others will just find it a great way to enjoy the summer or even indoors during the rainy or winter season.
Q: What makes Skywalker trampolines innovative and unique?
A: The best feature that Skywalker trampolines have that other trampolines don’t have is the V-ring style and the T-joint on each leg. The V-rings help to remove gaps between the trampoline mat and the frame so that your kids will stay safe. The T-joints are also helpful so that the enclosure and the frame are tightly secured to remove gaps as well. Structural stability is what Skywalker boasts when it comes to comparing to its competitors.
Q: Is it okay to add music to trampoline exercises?
A: Yes, adding music to either a workout routine on a trampoline or for your kids to enjoy is a great way to spice things up. Workout music or simply fun music to dance to encourages your kids to play more and enjoy bouncing to the beat while it is also a great motivational method to keep you in tune with your workout. In fact, most trampolines do include a workout DVD so that you can master techniques and slim down in the comfort of your own home with the trampoline or rebounder.
Q: What makes Skywalker trampolines durable compared to competitors?
A: The durability of Skywalker trampolines is defined by their UV resistance on the jump mat, the gold coating on the springs, the heavy gauge, the tight weaving of the enclosure and the aforementioned v-ring system.
Q: Can trampolines be used indoors and outdoors?
A: Yes, most trampolines and rebounders can be set to indoor settings or for outdoor adventures. Indoor rebounders are usually small at around 30 to 50 inches in diameter so they can fit on most homes, apartments, dorms, condos and living rooms. While it’s true that rebounders are mostly outside contraptions, you can actually have one at the comfort of your home, and some are easy to setup and are even packable and foldable for traveling.
Q: Who are the authorized dealers of Skywalker trampoline?
A: Skywalker trampolines have authorized most popular retailers such as Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lowe’s, Target, Sears, Houzz, Toys R Us, Walmart, Overstock, Kohl’s and much more. They also authorize a number of specialty trampoline retailers such as Trampolines USA and Just Trampolines.
Q: Are children with special needs okay for trampolines?
A: Yes, most children with special needs tend to behave more if they had more fun with a trampoline. Children with autism and similar special needs may tend to jump on the furniture a lot so it’s best to spend their energy on something that has a lot of bounce – the trampoline. Most special education schools actually have trampolines so kids can enjoy and let their energy out in a proper way and also get enough exercise.
Q: What makes trampolines made by Skywalker considered safe?
A: The Skywalker trampolines are safe due to being tested and passing the standards of ASTM and TUV and may sometimes even exceed them. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an international standard that defines the safety of a product. They are at par with ISO, CE and ANSI for standard testing. This ensures that your trampoline is safe and secure and of high quality in many aspects.
Q: Why do people prefer trampolines over running?
A: Trampolines are a low impact exercise which makes them a great activity for kids. In fact, a few minutes of jumping can equate to running, walking or swimming in longer periods of time.
Q: What age bracket is much more recommended on a trampoline?
A: The trampoline should only accommodate kids around 5 to 6 years of age and above. This is because only kids in that age bracket are ideally independent enough to jump on their own with just the right balance and coordination skills necessary to jump and balance on a trampoline. Younger kids might be okay to jump with their parents, but it is not totally advisable, unless the trampoline is really big, such as those park-sized or gym-sized trampolines.
Q: Why is it advisable to only have one jumper at a time on a trampoline?
A: Jumping on a trampoline simultaneously with other people or kids can have room for injuries, especially if there are no net enclosures around. Children can get joint dislocations or fractures if they accidentally fall down off the trampoline. This is why it is advised that kids jump one at a time on a trampoline’s jumping mat, especially if it is a small mat.
Q: How can parents prevent their children from getting into the trampoline unsupervised?
A: If your trampoline has a ladder then make sure you remove it so that kids can’t get in when no one is watching them. Second, they need to ask permission first for both parents. Also, you need to explain to them as a parent on what dangers might happen and what accidents may occur if they jump into the trampoline without your consent.
Q: Why should you never jump off a trampoline when getting off it?
A: The proper mount and dismount procedure off a trampoline should be done and not just merely jumping on and off it, because it can be quite tricky and dangerous, especially if you are not that skilled. Getting on and off a trampoline in a tricky way requires a lot of skill, coordination and balance.
Q: Is it okay to wear socks or shoes in a trampoline?
A: It depends on the type of trampoline because some indoor trampoline parks require jumping socks for hygiene purposes. Otherwise, if you just have a regular indoor or outdoor trampoline at home, wearing regular socks can actually be dangerous and slippery, so it is best to be barefooted. Some gyms and Olympic practices also require students and athletes to wear special gymnast shoes for trampolines.
Q: What kind of behavior is not allowed in trampolines?
A: Make sure you don’t push each other in the trampoline, regardless of what size it is. Trampolines can be dangerous if people, especially kids, mess around. While bigger trampoline parks have wider spaces for indoor bouncing, take note that it is a public area so you might hurt other jumpers out there if you misbehave and disregard the rules and regulations of the trampoline park. This safety rule also applies to indoor and regular trampolines at home or at a local gym or park.
Q: If I’m in a large trampoline and I feel tired, what should I do?
A: You should get off the trampoline so that you won’t disturb others who are still in the trampoline and aren’t tired yet. Someone who is tired and lethargic can just lead to accidents and injuries, because you won’t be fully aware or focused on what is going on around you, hence you should just take it easy. This is something that kids should especially know about for safety purposes.
Q: Where is it best to put up a trampoline in the house?
A: The trampoline should be placed in an area with no hazards surrounding it at all, such as fences, trees, shrubs and the like. Make sure that the ground is level, in case you want to set it up outside. Putting it over thick grass is great so that if ever your child gets injured, it won’t be as hard as hitting concrete.
Q: What should kids wear when using the trampoline?
A: The clothes for trampoline play should be non-restrictive and appropriate for gym clothing. Kids who wear eyeglasses should have them secured. Girls with long hair should be tied up and jewelry should be removed to avoid possible injury or loss while jumping.
Q: Can trampolines be used in a sport?
A: Yes, most gymnastic trampolines are used for the Olympics while some can be used by acrobats, divers and similar sports that require midair balance.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Skywalker 10 Ft. Round Enclosure Trampoline is our best Skywalker trampoline due to its thick 1-inch foam, 10-foot diameter and UV protection for the jumping mat.