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Trampolining is a recreational activity for kids to have fun and stay healthy at the same time. Jumping, twisting, and turning is a great way for kids to burn off excess energy in a safe way. It’s not only a great way to burn excess energy, but it’s also a good form of cardiovascular exercise that gets the heart rate up, improves balance, coordination, and motor skills, and increases strength and stamina.

The benefits of trampolining for toddlers and young children under the age of five years range from developing motor skills and improving flexibility to building self-esteem. Trampolining is a fantastic form of non-weight-bearing exercise that reduces up to 80% of stress on the joints and is an ideal exercise for children whose joints are still developing.

Research has found that trampolining has a positive effect on bone density and strengthens the bones, making them heavier and denser. This is so good for young developing bones in young children. Trampolining is one such activity that is great fun for all ages and can be done indoors during winter or in bad weather and outdoors during summer.

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Jumping, twisting, and turning is a great way for kids to burn off excess energy in a safe way. 

Benefits of Trampolining for Young Children

A trampoline offers fun physical fitness for kids, a chance to move their bodies, and exercise for a few minutes or more a day without them even realizing it. Some of the many benefits of trampolining for young kids and toddlers include:

  1. Develops Motor Skills

Trampolining forces the brain to function bilaterally and the body to maintain coordination and balance. This helps to develop and improve general motor skills.

  1. Improves Flexibility

Jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles and improves flexibility.

  1. Great Cardiovascular Workout

Jumping on a trampoline increases the heart rate and provides a great cardiovascular workout.

  1. Improves Posture

Trampolining engages balance and coordination, as well as creating awareness of the body’s center of gravity. This helps to strengthen the core and improve posture.

  1. Teaches Persistence

Honing skills on a trampoline takes time and persistence, teaching children how to work at achieving a goal.

  1. Improves Self-Esteem

As a child masters new skills on the trampoline, they begin to gain confidence, which in turn translates into a better self-image.

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Jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles and improves flexibility. 

What to Look for in a Trampoline for Toddlers

There are many trampolines designed for toddlers on the market, some of better quality than others, so it’s important to consider certain aspects of a trampoline for young children before purchasing. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider before buying a trampoline for toddlers.

Jumping Mat

The quality of the jumping mat is just as important as the springs and plays a major role in the safety of your child when using the trampoline. Important aspects to take note of include the quality of the material from which the mat is made – it should resist stretching too far and must be UV and weather-resistant for outdoor use.

Look for a mat that is strong enough to provide enough support for your toddler’s weight as a mat that is too stretchy can cause incorrect landing and potential ankle issues.

Weight Limit

Trampolining relies on the force of gravity to achieve the proper benefits and the weight limit on a trampoline is important as this can affect your performance when jumping. Most mini-trampolines have a weight limit of between 200 and 400 pounds, which will easily accommodate an average adult, so look out for the weight limit and find a mini-trampoline that will work best for you.


One of the most important parts of any trampoline, including rebounders, is the springs. Mini-trampolines come with several different kinds of springs – some of which provide better performance than others.

The best type of springs to look for are tapered steel springs. Ultra-strong and durable, steel springs can support different body weights and a range of movements and offer far more flexibility than other types of springs.

Most trampolines should have a spring cover to protect your feet and legs against hitting the springs or if a spring pops off during your routine. If the rebounder you want doesn’t have one, it’s a good idea to purchase a spring cover.

Avoid trampolines as they don’t provide a good range of movement and limit the performance of your routine. Also avoid rebounders with bungee cords for springs as these have a sluggish bounce response and do not provide as much support as steel springs, which can lead to incorrect landings on the jumping mat and potential ankle issues. Bungee cords also will wear out fairly quickly and will require replacement.

Base and Assembly

The base of the trampoline is also important as it provides framework support and holds the whole unit together. A base of poor quality will increase the risk of the rebounder breaking and causing accidents and injuries.

Avoid a base with screw-in legs as these have the potential to loosen or wear down after time and provide less stable support. Go for a trampoline with snap-in legs as they are much stronger and easier to assemble.

Replaceable Parts

Always check whether the trampoline has replaceable parts so if a part breaks or something is wrong with the unit, it can easily be replaced.

Size and Transportability

Mini-trampolines and rebounders are available in various sizes and both are relatively small pieces of exercise equipment that make them easy to transport and store. Some trampolines are foldable and have carry cases, making transporting them that much easier.

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The quality of the jumping mat is just as important as the springs and plays a major role in the safety of your child when using the trampoline. 

Best Toddler Trampoline

We took to the air and tested a variety of toddler trampolines and came up with a list of the best on the market.

Best Overall: JUMP POWER 72″ x 50″ Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

The JUMP POWER 72″ x 50″ Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline is designed for toddlers and promises hours of safe fun. It has a sturdy frame with 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing covered by blow-molded plastic along with the legs for extra safety and has 42 galvanized steel, zinc-coated springs that are covered with a safety skirt in a cute dinosaur design, giving the trampoline a fun look.

All the poles are also padded with thick foam for extra safety and to prevent injuries, and a UV-resistant PE material safety enclosure net encircles the entire trampoline. The jumping mat is made from the same high-quality material which is long-lasting and weather-resistant so the trampoline can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The enclosure net has a high-quality zipper that allows for a safe entrance and exit to the jumping mat, and to keep toddlers safely inside the net while playing. The trampoline has a removable swing for added fun and can accommodate a weight capacity of 110 pounds.


  •         Sturdy galvanized steel frame
  •         Enclosure net with zipper
  •         Cute dinosaur design
  •         UV-and weather resistant
  •         Removable swing
  •         Low weight capacity

Best Runner-Up: Skywalker Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The Skywalker Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net is an excellent product and top of the list for toddler trampolines. The mini-trampoline comes in three size options – 40 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches and has a mesh enclosure designed to prevent your child from falling off the jumping mat.

Built for children between three and six years old, the Skywalker Mini Trampoline can accommodate weights of up to 100 pounds and has a sturdy steel frame with a one-year warranty. All other parts, such as springs, jumping mat, and the grip bar are covered for 90 days post-purchase.

This mini trampoline has a good bounce which is created by a system of 25 durable, non-spring bungee-cords, which won’t pinch little toes or feet. A 360-degree padded handlebar helps children to stabilize themselves while they jump and the enclosure net is sewn directly to the jump mat to eliminate gaps and prevent kids from falling out. The jumping mat has a fun lily pad adventure theme, which offers an element of fun.


  •         Non-spring bungee-cord system
  •         360-degree padded handlebar
  •         Mesh enclosure net for safety
  •         Three-size options


  •         Assembly to be a bit tricky and time-consuming
  •         Enclosure net may tear after long periods of use

Best for Outdoors: Bounce Pro My First Trampoline

The Bounce Pro My First Trampoline is the best outdoor kids trampoline on the market. Boasting a weather-resistant, galvanized steel frame covered in blow-molded plastic, the trampoline is built to be low to the ground of easy entrance and exit for young children.

Measuring seven feet across, the trampoline offers a large area of jumping space and can hold a maximum weight of up to 220 pounds. The trampoline is enclosed by UV-resistant netting with a zipper system to ensure no gaps. Padded poles and strong jumping make this an excellent choice for an outdoor trampoline for kids.


  •         Weather-resistant, galvanized steel frame
  •         UV-resistant netting with a zipper
  •         Weight limit of 220 pounds
  •         One-year warranty on frame


  •         Assembly to be a bit tricky

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Best Value for Money: Pure Fun Super Jumper Kids Trampoline with Handrail

The Pure Fun Super Jumper Kids Trampoline with Handrail is a spring-style mini trampoline with a padded handle that offers hours of fun to young kids. Available with a blue or pink padded cover, the little rebounder measures 48 inches across and can hold weights of up to 100 pounds.

The mini-trampoline has an ergonomic safety bar with a slight bend for increased security and stability and it features a soft, cushioned handle for firmer, more comfortable gripping. Forty, 3.5″ galvanized steel springs provide sustained bouncing of good quality, and the springs are covered in cushioned spring covers for safety.


  •         Ergonomic safety bar
  •         Cushioned handle
  •         Strong galvanized steel frame
  •         Limited 90-day warranty


  •         Weight limit of 100 pounds

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Best for Easy Assembly: Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline is super easy to assemble and has a higher weight limit than many mini models, making it ideal for siblings of different ages to play together. Measuring 36 inches in diameter, the Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline can accommodate weights of up to 150 pounds and weighs 18 pounds.

It comes with a pre-assembled mat and features a sturdy frame with six legs for extra stability. A 24-inch-high handlebar is a welcome addition to the trampoline stability and safety while jumping and a limited one-year warranty takes care of any faults that may occur.


  •         Very easy to assemble
  •         Secure handlebar
  •         Weight limit of 150 pounds
  •         Limited 1-year warranty


  •         Priced a little higher than some other mini trampolines
  •         Difficult to fold for travel or storage

Best for Safety: Little Tikes 7 Feet Kids Trampoline

The Little Tikes 7 Feet Kids Trampoline is a highly durable and safe kids trampoline that is easy to assemble and close to the ground for added safety. Ideal for a small yard, this outdoor trampoline has a jumping area of almost eight feet in diameter enclosed by mesh netting with a zipper system stretched on heavy-duty steel poles.

The trampoline has a durable blow-molded plastic and high-quality stainless-steel frame and the package includes assembly tools for a quick assembly. A durable, high-quality pad protector covers the safety springs to prevent injury and the trampoline can accommodate weights of up to 105 pounds.


  •         Sturdy blow-molded plastic frame
  •         Durable, high-quality pad protector
  •         Secure mesh net for safety
  •         Limited 1-year warranty


  •         Weight limit of 100 pounds

Best for Preschoolers: Pure Fun Kids 36″ Preschool Jumper

The Pure Fun Kids 36″ Preschool Jumper is ideal for young children to have fun at home and school. This small trampoline has a weight restriction of just 75 pounds so is designed for children between the ages of three and seven.

Boasting a bright, fun design with various patterns that catch the eye, the trampoline has a mesh-covered spring system with thick cushioning to create a safe, worry-free bouncing environment. An ergonomic safety bar with a slight incline is attached to the trampoline for increased security and stability. The safety bar has a soft, cushioned handle for a firmer, more comfortable grip.

It is quick and easy to assemble and no additional tools are necessary for putting it together, it is approved by the ASTM, CE, and TUV/GS for safety.


  •         Bright, fun, and patterned design
  •         Inclined handlebar with padded grip
  •         Easy to assemble


  •         Low weight capacity

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Best for Beginners – Bazoongi 48″ Handlebar Bouncer Trampoline

The Bazoongi 48″ Handlebar Bouncer Trampoline is a fantastic trampoline for beginner trampoliners or first-timers that are nervous. The round trampoline has six sturdy legs for extra stability and support and a solid steel frame.

Ideal for kids that are three years and above, the trampoline measures 48 inches in its diameter and is enclosed in a safety net that is securely fastened to galvanized steel poles around the edge. It has a jump height of 12 to 24 inches off the trampoline and the padded and removable handles are easily adjustable.

Galvanized steel springs offer a good bounce quality and the trampoline is super easy to set up and move around. The weight capacity of the Bazoongi 48″ Handlebar Bouncer Trampoline is 100 pounds so up to three small kids can jump at the same time.


  •         Best for beginners
  •         Budget-friendly
  •         Safety enclosure net
  •         Stable six-leg construction
  •         Perfect for indoor or outdoor play


  •         Low weight capacity

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Best Rectangular-Shaped: Exacme 7×10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline

Another child-friendly trampoline is the Exacme 7 x 10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline which is perfect for small kids and people who have limited space. This outdoor trampoline has a 7 x 10-foot frame and a 5.5 x 8.5-foot jumping mat so it offers a small and safe area to jump.

The trampoline has a sturdy frame with eight non-corrosive steel wire rails that will ensure the jumping mat doesn’t sag. The frame is covered in padding to prevent injuries and large and durable springs provide a good bounce. It can accommodate up to 275 pounds.


  •         Perfect for small children and limited backyard space
  •         Non-corrosive steel rails
  •         Padded frame for safety


  •         Small in size
  •         Weight limit

Best for Small Spaces: Skywalker Trampolines 60” Round Seaside Adventure Trampoline with Enclosure

The Skywalker Trampoline 60” Round Seaside Adventure Trampoline with Enclosure is a 60-inch budget-friendly trampoline with a fun, ocean-themed jumping mat that encourages animal recognition for the kids while jumping and playing.

It has a high-quality enclosure net that helps seal all the dangerous gaps that may lead to injuries and the unit has a lower enclosure net at the bottom of the frame that prevents little ones and other items from slipping beneath the trampoline.

The Skywalker Trampoline 60” Round Seaside Adventure Trampoline has 36 stretch bands instead of springs that provide a better bounce, and a 360-degree padded handlebar provides good stabilization. The safety net surrounding the jumping mat is sewn directly to the mat to prevent kids from falling or slipping off the trampoline.


  •         360-degree padded handlebar
  •         Fun ocean-themed jumping mat to promote educational play
  •         Stretch bands instead of steel springs for safety
  •         Durable, powder-coated steel frame

Best for Design: SkyBound 40 Inch Children’s Trampoline Red/Blue

The SkyBound 40 Inch Children’s Trampoline Red/Blue is a great trampoline for toddlers that comes in two funky colors to inspire imagination and is padded with PVC foam around the edges for safety. Rubber feet on the legs of the trampoline are ideal for both carpet and tiled floors and a handlebar provides something for small toddlers and nervous kids to hold on to while jumping.

The SkyBound 40 Inch Children’s Trampoline has a weight limit of 100 pounds with four sturdy legs that provide super stability and a ground clearance of 10 inches. The frame is protected by a thick PVC coating that makes it tough and durable.


  •         Padded for additional safety
  •         PVC coated for durability
  •         Available in two funky colors
  •         Rubber feet for anti-slippage and floor protection


  •         Small in size

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Difference Between Toddler’s Trampolines and Regular Trampolines?

In short, the main difference between trampolines for toddlers and regular trampolines is their size. Kids trampolines are mini-trampolines or rebounders, which are small trampolines and ideal if you have limited space. These trampolines are also friendly on the budget and cost far less than the large models and can be stored easily.

Q: What are the Benefits of Trampolining?

Trampolining is a great form of exercise for building up cardiovascular endurance and improving coordination and strength. It’s also a great way to get and stay fit in a fun way and is a non-weight-bearing form of exercise that reduces up to 80% of stress on the joints.

Some of the benefits of trampolining include boosting cardiovascular health, improving endurance, and relieving stress and tension. This form of exercise can also help to develop better balance, coordination, and motor skills, and may help improve bone density and strength.

Reduces Stress on Joints

Trampolining is a fantastic form of non-weight-bearing exercise that reduces up to 80% of stress on the joints. It is far better for the body than running and research by NASA has shown that a 10-minute session of trampolining is 68% more effective than 30 minutes of running and softer on the knee joints.

Improves Balance and Coordination

Trampolining improves balance and coordination and tones muscles. It works the whole body and helps to strengthen the core.

Increases Cardiovascular Fitness

This form of exercise increases the heart rate and increases cardiovascular fitness and heart health. As the heart rate increases, more oxygen is pumped around the body, muscles strengthen, and brain function increases. An increased heart rate also increases the metabolism, so trampolining is a great form of exercise for losing weight.

Improves Circulation

Trampolining improves circulation and helps the heart to pump oxygenated blood to all parts of the body, move nutrients around for cell repair, and remove cell waste quickly and efficiently. A healthy circulatory system reduces the risk of embolisms, blockages caused by blood clots that typically form in the veins in the legs and travel to the heart and the lungs, which can be deadly. Improved circulation can also reduce the risk of strokes and other circulatory problems.

Reduces Stress and Fights Depression

Like a “runner’s high,” trampolining provides a natural endorphin kick and makes you feel fantastic afterward. It is calming and meditative and lowers stress and depression naturally. Trampolining stretches the body and is a great stress-reliever.

Reducing stress is vitally important for maintaining a healthy heart and lowering the risk of strokes and heart attacks. The release of endorphins or ‘feel-good’ hormones can also fight depression, promote the growth of new brain cells and develop a stronger sense of confidence, power, and security.

Improves Muscle Definition, Strength, and Tone

Trampolining not only builds lean muscle throughout the body but also tones and tightens, leaving the body looking lean and mean. Trampolining uses all the muscles in the body, so it builds and strengthens all the muscles in the body, including the core.

Trampolining builds and strengthens muscles without putting any strain on the musculoskeletal structure and helps to target muscle groups that wouldn’t normally be used in other exercises. It also helps flex and stretch the muscles, which is great for people of all ages to fend off the stiffening effects of aging.

Builds Bone Mass

Research has found that trampolining has a positive effect on bone density and strengthens the bones, making them heavier and denser. This is excellent for preventing osteoporosis and other degenerative bone diseases later in life.

Improves Flexibility

Trampolining is an excellent exercise for increasing and maintaining flexibility as all the muscles in the body are stretched, pulled, and twisted. The repetitive stretching actions required when trampolining help keep the body flexible.

Burns Calories

Trampolining is a brilliant calorie-burner, and it can burn the same amounts of calories as running.

Helps with Brain Functioning

Regular exercise, such as trampolining, improves cognitive functioning, memory, and thinking skills. Trampolining increases the heart rate, which increases the blood flow to the brain, and reduces inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain, which supports the growth of new brain cells.

Q: Can trampolines be used indoors and outdoors?

A: Yes, most trampolines and rebounders can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on their size. Indoor rebounders measure up to 50 inches in diameter so they can fit in smaller indoor spaces, and can be used outdoors in good weather, too.

Trampolines and Child Safety: Important Tips and Advice

Trampolining can be a ton of fun but it’s important to take note of some vital tips and advice for the safe and effective use of trampolines and to keep your kids safe and injury-free. While most trampolines come with special safety features, it is still essential that the trampoline is assembled and maintained correctly and that users follow safe jumping practices.

Trampolines and Injuries

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the risk of injury increases significantly when two or more children are allowed to jump simultaneously. Studies show that 75% of trampoline injuries occur when multiple people jump at the same time and that smaller children are more likely to be injured than their larger, heavier playmates.

Major trampoline injuries from falling, flipping, or somersaulting incorrectly can lead to major cervical spine injuries, and falling from a trampoline that is on a raised surface, such as a deck, increases the risk of serious injury.

How to Minimize the Risk of Injury on a Trampoline

  •         Never leave children alone on the trampoline – always have an adult watching them.
  •         Only allow only one child to be on the jumping surface at a time.
  •         Make sure children meet the weight restriction of the trampoline.
  •         Ban horseplay and tricks like flips, somersaults, and other tricks.
  •         Do not allow kids to hang from the safety net.
  •         Check the enclosure netting and all safety pads regularly for signs of wear and tear.
  •         Place the trampoline on an even surface in a safer area away from fences, trees, and other hazards.
  •         Make sure the trampoline is assembled correctly.
  •         Don’t take shortcuts. Make sure parts line up properly and are installed according to the instructions.

Happy trampolining!

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