Best Toddler Trampoline

The SkyBound 40 Inch Children’s Trampoline Red/Blue is our best toddler trampoline. The frame of this toddler trampoline is made only with high quality steel so it will stand up to the challenge of giving your child a good jumping experience. The cool thing about this toddler trampoline is that it is ASTM certified so you can have a peace of mind with its parts and assembly being safe.

Our step-up pick is the Sportspower My First Trampoline 84 Inches and because the toddler trampoline is an indoor and outdoor trampoline, that means your kids can play with it even during the winter or when it is raining outside. The visibility of this toddler trampoline is just right due to the mesh enclosure giving parents just the right view of their kids.

The budget pick is the Little Tikes 3 Feet Toddler Trampoline and the jumping area is just right at 3 feet so it fits on smaller areas such as apartments, condos and other tight spaces where other bigger trampolines won’t fit in. If you have toddlers that have a lot of bouncing energy then you can get them off the sofa or spring bed and get them into this toddler trampoline.

A Little Background

Any kid who’s in a trampoline can have fun and at the same time stay fit. Since hand-eye coordination is one of the benefits of trampolines, children and even older people who have special needs will find trampolines a great breather activity.
Toddlers can greatly benefit from jumping on trampolines as they will also have better motor skills which in turn will help them become better in school activities. Most of these toddler trampolines should also have a lot of safety features such as netting enclosures and the like. It is important for kids to have good socialization so that when they go to school, they will find it easier to make friends.
Parents can play educational games with their young ones to prompt them to bounce off the trampoline safely. In fact modern trampolines nowadays contain interactive games like advanced walkers and cribs with lights and sounds to get the toddler jumping for joy. However, trampolines that are small should also only accommodate 1 person at a time.

How We Picked

Choosing the best toddler trampoline can be hard, but here are some guidelines for you:
Distance to the ground from the mat: a toddler trampoline should have a good distance from the ground to the mat. This will ensure that the child will not easily fall over and will not get hurt. Having a toddler trampoline with an ample ground distance makes injuries less likely to hurt.
Protective padding: the toddler trampoline should have protective padding around the edges of the trampoline so that it will not hurt the child when they accidentally step on the spring, especially if it is a spring based toddler trampoline. Moreover, even if it is a bungee cord toddler trampoline, it should still have protective padding so that it will not cause the toddler to fall over and cause accidents.
Indoor or outdoor: while most toddler trampolines are ideal for indoor use and for classroom play for most preschools, there are some bigger toddler trampolines that can be used outdoors. This is why they should have UV protection for the mat and galvanized steel for the frame so that it will not rust at all.
Diameter: consider a toddler trampoline that has a fair diameter for toddlers and younger kids to enjoy. Most toddler trampolines will have small sizes from 3 to 6 feet and can be collapsible or foldable for the ease of setup and disassembly as well. If you have a toddler trampoline that is square or rectangle instead of round then it should also have a decent length or area.
Ease of assembly and packing: consider a toddler trampoline that is easily packable and can be stored in a small place so that you can simply get rid of it when it is not being used. A toddler trampoline that is situated outdoors should be easy to move, especially if you want to mow the grass afterwards. All of the parts needed for assembly should be included and the instructions should be easy to understand.
Safety net: while it is not a requirement for smaller indoor trampolines, if you want to go outside then the toddler trampoline you should buy is something that has a safety net so that kids will have protection in case they accidentally fall over, especially for toddler trampolines that are situated higher from the ground.
Frame material and durability: the frame of the toddler trampoline should be highly durable such as being made of galvanized steel yet coated in foam padding so as not to hurt the toddler while playing. Galvanized steel is ideal for its rust resistance and durability against the elements.
Weight limit: most toddler trampolines have a low weight limit of 50 to 150 pounds because they are only intended for little kids and are particularly smaller than other trampolines out there. You should take into consideration the weight limit depending on the age and weight of your kids.
Age bracket: consider the age limit of the toddler trampoline. While it is true that real trampolines should only be jumped on by kids 5 to 6 years old and above, there exists some toddler trampolines that are small but safe for kids at last 2 years old and above.
Number of children allowed: most toddler trampolines only allow one person per trampoline because of their size and shape, especially if you look at round shaped trampolines that are for home and indoor use only.
Spring or bungee quality: while it is true that most toddler trampolines are spring based, there are also some safer toddler trampolines out there that use bungee cords or similar material to keep kids away from sharp spring accidents. Nonetheless, you should always check the spring quality or the bungee quality so that the kids will not get injured.
Safety standards: consider a toddler trampoline that passed or exceeds ASTM standards, which is a good advantage because it will ensure somehow that the trampoline you have is checked and approved by an international governing body to be safe for kids.
Additional accessories: most toddler trampolines nowadays have interactive games such as hoops for basketball (soft to protect against bumping accidents) and printed mats that produce sounds when kids jump on them. This adds more fun to the bouncing routine and playtime for your kids.
Warranty period: most toddler trampolines have a 1 year warranty and the policy can be different for each. Some will include all in the warranty while others will have the mat separate from the frame for the warranty period.

Our Pick

SkyBound 40 Inch Children’s Trampoline Red/Blue

The SkyBound 40 Inch Children’s Trampoline Red/Blue is our best toddler trampoline due to its fun design and safety features. With a choice of red and blue designs, the handle bar included in this toddler trampoline is padded so it is a secure way to keep your toddlers bouncing within the trampoline itself and for balancing better.
PVC foam has been used for the pad that is around the edges of this toddler trampoline. This will help ensure that the trampoline will not cause a lot of injury to kids and their young feet. Moreover, the toddler trampoline is also ideal even for non-carpeted floors due to the rubber feet that will not make marks at all and will not easily slip off.
The handle bar of this toddler trampoline measures 21 inches from the jumping surface so it is just at the right level for your kid t hang on to. In addition, water resistant quality is given for the feet so it’s a lot safer than other toddler trampoline setups out there.
With a weight limit of 100 pounds, the toddler trampoline has a total of 24 springs in its setup so it is pretty simple to put together. There are a total o f four legs that keep it sturdy and it has a round shape, which makes it a generally safe toddler trampoline.
The ground clearance for this toddler trampoline is a 10 inches so it is just fine and not too high for toddlers to jump on. When it comes to setting it up, it is pretty easy and can take about 20 minutes by yourself. It will be a great exercise opportunity for your young kid.
You can even use this toddler trampoline outdoors other than being indoors due to the durability of the frame. It is ideal for kids from 3 to 6 years of age and spans at 40 inches in its diameter. A limited warranty of 2 years is given for this toddler trampoline.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The SkyBound 40 Inch Children’s Trampoline Red/Blue may have some cons but they aren’t really that much of a deal, such as the fact that the padding could be a bit thicker, but it is bearable compared to cheap ones out there.

Step-up Pick

Sportspower My First Trampoline 84 Inches

The Sportspower My First Trampoline 84 Inches is our step-up pick and is a great toddler trampoline to consider for its enclosure design. The mat and all of its materials have been coated with UV resistant material so you can rest assured that this toddler trampoline can survive outside other than indoors.
There is also a spring pad for this toddler trampoline that makes it a protective measure for kids and toddlers around the edges. With a weight rating of up to 100 pounds, this toddler trampoline can fit most small kids.
There is also a zippered opening for ease of entry for kids and security when they are inside. The toddler trampoline is also certified by ASTM for safety standards. Rusting won’t be a problem for this trampoline because of the tubes being made out of galvanized steel material.
Measuring 7 feet in its size, it is fairly large so it may even fit two kids at once and will be okay because of the safety net enclosure. Moving this toddler trampoline is fairly easy as well as disassembling it. It only stands about 1 feet off the ground so your kid won’t fall as hard as on higher trampolines.
Compared to most toddler trampolines out there, it takes about 1 to 2 hours to setup with 2 people, as some can even take 3 hours or more. Because everything is covered in foam, your kids won’t get injured by the metal parts at all. Moreover, the big parts of the toddler trampoline is what makes the setup easier than other trampolines out there.
You can place this toddler trampoline in a play room or outdoors near your garden or yard or at the backyard or patio. Living rooms and basements as well as bedrooms can be a great space for this toddler trampoline.
The toddler trampoline can hold on to sun and rain because of its outdoor capability. The spring mechanism of this toddler trampoline can be easily setup because of the spring pulling tool that comes along. Each wall has a width of about 2 feet.

Budget Pick

Little Tikes 3 Feet Toddler Trampoline

The Little Tikes 3 Feet Toddler Trampoline is our chosen budget pick for its simple assembly and straightforward features. This toddler trampoline may only be used indoors but it is compact due to the sturdy plastic and metal combination that has just the right balance of durability and portability.
A handle bar is equipped with this toddler trampoline so that your child can bounce while holding on for balance and security. The maximum weight capacity for this small but reliable toddler trampoline is at 55 pounds so it is meant for little kids.
Its handle bar has a height of 26 1/4 inches, combining to form 33 1/2 inches of total height for the toddler trampoline. In addition to that, because the toddler trampoline is easy to move, it can be transported from the play room to the living room or to any room you or your kid desires.
The toddler trampoline is ideal for kids 2 years old and above for as long as they know how to balance properly, and should be under responsible adult supervision. The usual assembly time for this toddler trampoline is about 15 to 20 minutes more or less.
There are also rubber feet that keep the toddler trampoline stable and non-slippery at all times. This is also helpful if you want to place your trampoline on a surface that can get scratches, such as wood or tiles. The toddler trampoline is also foldable because of its easy assembly.
In addition to that, the toddler trampoline uses elastic webbing for attaching the jumping mat, which contrary to springs, is safer, and contrary to bungee cords, is more durable. Having no springs for a toddler trampoline makes it kid-friendly with less accidents.

Best Toddler Trampoline with a Triangle Shape

Diggin JumpSmart Triangle Shaped Electronic Trampoline

The Diggin JumpSmart Triangle Shaped Electronic Trampoline is our ideal toddler trampoline for those who want a unique triangle shaped one. Great for ages 3 and above, this is an electronic trampoline that is perfect for rainy days due to its indoor capability and learning features and sounds.
This toddler trampoline is fairly okay to assemble and attaching the frame is not much of a task. The unit only requires 3 AA batteries to run its sounds on. Being triangle shaped makes it attractive so it will be a great toddler trampoline to get your child jumping along easily.
For your kid to have physical activities whether indoors or outdoors, this toddler trampoline is a great consideration. Just make sure your child is using this toddler trampoline with supervision. The weight limit is 80 lbs for this toddler trampoline and it has a sturdy outer fabric cover for protection.
Measuring 37 x 42 inches, the toddler trampoline comes with two handles like a bike to keep your child from bouncing off and keep him or her in balance. As a great indoor exercise platform, it is a great opportunity for your child to learn motor skills and improve them.
With brightly colored pads that will surely attract any child, it is a great indoor trampoline for those energetic kids who can’t wait to go to the park on a rainy day and simply jump in the living room. The toddler trampoline has a 5-in-1 game and sound system that will surely entertain your toddler.
You can allow your child to perform subtle gymnastic moves with supervision with this toddler trampoline. It also makes learning fun due to the interactive games for children. There is a bounce counting feature that kids will surely love.
In addition to that, you can also add zip ties for better security to this toddler trampoline. The animal sounds and the memory match games are just some of the great amenities that your kid will enjoy from this toddler trampoline. It is simply and ideally put together by 2 people when it comes to setup.
It is not extremely bouncy as a regular trampoline which makes it a good toddler trampoline that your child will not easily bounce off, especially if he or she is quite small in weight to make it a safe toddler trampoline to consider using.

Best Toddler Trampoline that is Foldable

JumpSport iBounce 2 Fold-N-Go Kids Trampoline

The JumpSport iBounce 2 Fold-N-Go Kids Trampoline is an easy to fold toddler trampoline that can be used indoors or while traveling. With a total of 6 legs for extra stability, it is safe for toddlers to exercise on. It also has a simple storage solution as a winter toy or for the rainy days.
What’s more, the bungee cords are durable and smooth so it is a very safe toddler trampoline for your kid that does not use springs at all. The toddler trampoline measures 22 inches for the handle bar height and 34 inches from the floor so it is very safe for your child when it comes to its height.
The weight limit is at 100 lbs so it fits most kids and toddlers. For most people, it is easy to put together and it will give your kids hours of fun and an interactive experience. Even children with special needs will find the toddler trampoline a great way to relax and exercise as well.
The toddler trampoline measures a total of 3 feet or 36 inches in its diameter so it is an ideal learning environment when you are indoors with your child. As a good exercise routine for your little kid, the fact that not using springs makes it totally safe for toddlers and young kids alike.
There is also an included learning DVD for this toddler trampoline so that your child can have a lot of fun while they bounce on the trampoline. It is also a great pastime when you and your kids can’t go outside and they can be active even when indoors.
This toddler trampoline caters to most smaller children and the handle bar is padded as well for an easy and safe grip. It can also be used without the handlebar and is okay for ages 3 to 6 years old. The toddler trampoline is backed by a 90 day limited warranty.

Best Toddler Trampoline with a Net Enclosure

AirZone 55 Inch Trampoline & Enclosure

If you want a safe toddler trampoline that has a net enclosure all around it then you can try the AirZone 55 Inch Trampoline & Enclosure. It is made of steel material on its poles and framing and it measures 55 inches across. This toddler trampoline is ideal for use inside the house.
The weight limit is 60 lbs for this toddler trampoline and it has a sturdy enclosure that does not get easily ripped off. With enough safety features for your kid, especially on the netting, the entrance zips open easily so it is quite accommodating for most children.
The toddler trampoline also meets ASTM safety protocols so it is quite guaranteed to give quality playtime to your kid without compromising safety. The toddler trampoline can help your children get their energy out with 15 to 20 minutes of jumping for your kids.
Your child will burn off excess energy in the right way with this toddler trampoline. It is beneficial if you are a person who lives in a cold area and its foam covered support poles also make it kid-friendly and safe to touch and bump into.
Measuring 58 inches on its total height from the floor, the toddler trampoline is a great way get your kid’s wiggles out and yet give ample protection for them during playtime. It can also be used outside provided that it stays away from dangerous objects.
Kids from 1 to 6 years old will be applicable for this toddler trampoline. What’s more, the bungee cord suspension system is very soft but durable. With the ease of putting it together, the toddler trampoline can help your child get into the jumping experience right away.
Accompanying one child at a time like most toddler trampolines, it offers safe bouncing for your child even during the cold winters. It takes roughly about 45 minutes to 1 hour of assembly time and is quite easy to pull together. It has a decent construction that can also withstand climbing pets.
There are no other tools are needed and does not require drilling at all. With the good construction of trampoline, you can easily have entertainment for your kid on a snowy day or rainy day. The toddler trampoline is backed by a limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Toddler Trampoline with a Round Shape

Giantex Exercise 55″ Round Kids Trampoline

With a collapsible design, the Giantex Exercise 55″ Round Kids Trampoline is our ideal round shaped trampoline for toddlers. With a durable zipper entry to make it easy for toddlers to get in and out safely, the toddler trampolines offers a lot of convenience and fun on a play room for kids.
The toddler trampoline measures 48 inches on the height of the safety net and it is great for storage due to the portable design. The toddler trampoline has a weight capacity of 66 lbs so it is indeed only for small kids. It is connected using elastic straps so it is safe in its design.
As a safe and durable toddler trampoline that is easy to move, the trampoline stands 12.6 inches off the ground to the mat. In fact, it is a great winter or rainy day pastime due to the weather you’re your child can’t get out of the house to play.
With a padded protective frame for better safety for your child, the toddler trampoline can be used for an apartment, condo unit or smaller space because it doesn’t take up too much space. The secure net enclosure for this toddler trampoline makes it a safer place for your child to play.
The trampoline can also be brought outside and its netting and poles are optional and can be removed. Moreover, you can save your child from injury when they are jumping with the safety features of this jumping pad. Kids will have lots of energy to burn so it is a great exercise alternative.
With an entrance flap that is easy to use for very active kids, you can also add rubber pads to the bottom for stability to this toddler trampoline. This helps the toddler trampoline to be stable in case you don’t have a rough floor or if you have a wooden floor in your house.
Measuring 55 inches in its diameter and 64 inches on its overall height, setting it up and taking it apart is a breeze due to the included step by step photos for the instructions. The toddler trampoline is ideal for kids 3 years old and above.

Best Toddler Trampoline with a Square Shape

Shrunks Kids Trampoline with Handle Bar

The Shrunks Kids Trampoline with Handle Bar is our ideal square shaped toddler trampoline that has a lot of safety features for kids with a lot of energy. With a weight capacity of 80 lbs, it prompts kids to be active during cold weather.
With its sleek and stable design, keeping your kids safe is easy with this toddler trampoline. It also has an ergonomic crossbar so your kids can hang on without compromising their security. Measuring 35 x 35 inches on its jumping area, it is just right as a mini trampoline that will keep your young one active.
You can use this toddler trampoline in front of a TV for your child to be entertained. As an exercise trampoline for kids, there is a safety crossbar so that kids can securely hang on to the trampoline. The unit also has a stain resistant mat so it is easy to clean unlike other mats out there.
Offering a maximum grip for the handle, the toddler trampoline stands at 24 inches in its height with the handle bar so it is just at the right height. Moreover, it can also be used for children with special needs. With a cushioned handlebar that is BPA free, lead free and phthalate free, the toddler trampoline has been properly angled on its design.
Moreover, the toddler trampoline is backed by a strong metal frame so it will stand the test of time. Ideal for kids who are 2 to 4 years old, the toddler trampoline has a soft padded handle so it will be just right to hold on to for younger fingers.
Being okay to use for a wooden floor as it will not leave marks, the toddler trampoline is great for your child’s cognitive development and motor skills. The trampoline weighs only 12 pounds so it is easy to move around. Moreover, it is made with safe nylon material for children who are curious.
With a textured jumping mat so your kid does not easily slip away, the toddler trampoline provides a compact storage because it its easily foldable and offers simple disassembly. The toddler trampoline has a padding around the edges so it is safe for little feet. It can be easily washed with mild soap and water and it also has easy screw on parts for a simple assembly.

Best Toddler Trampoline with a Hexagon Shape

Jump Power 88″ Hexagon Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

The Jump Power 88″ Hexagon Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline is a unique hexagon shaped toddler trampoline made with polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene. Its springs are zinc coated and measure 5 1/2 inches so they are durable.
With ease of assembly, the galvanized steel tubing frame makes it worthwhile and durable. It can be placed in the playroom and can accept kids up to 8 years old. With a safety net enclosure to keep your kids inside, the toddler trampoline has been approved by the ASTM, GS, EN71 and TUV for safety.
There are a total of 36 springs made of galvanized steel so it can resist rusting. Okay for both indoor and outdoor usage, the trampoline stands on blow-molded plastic legs and will deliver fun and enjoyment for your child. What’s more, the jump mat is UV resistant and is also water resistant so it is okay to take outdoors.
The dinosaur print design will be a cool thing to attract your child. The toddler trampoline is useful during hurricanes and storms and is also perfect for toddlers for the size. With a safety spring pad to keep the springs covered for safety, the weight limit is at 110 pounds. With 88 1/2 inches in its jumping diameter, the toddler trampoline is ideal for kids and toddlers.

Best Toddler Trampoline with Interactive Sounds

Diggin Boing Boing Electronic Toddler Trampoline

The Diggin Boing Boing Electronic Toddler Trampoline is a unique zebra-designed trampoine with sounds for interactive play for your child or toddler. The low height makes it safe for kids to bounce on. It is also appropriate for small homes and spaces.
The padded cover keeps the bouncing trampoline pad corners safe. Only 3 batteries are needed (included in the package). It is also easy to assemble and has a weight limit of 44 pounds. The sounds of this trampoline mat prompt your child to play along and be motivated.
The handle of this trampoline is easy to grip for your child and the design of the jumping mat is quite stable to keep your kid away from injuries as much as possible.

The Competition

Other toddler trampolines are not safe because they do not have sufficient safety features such as the lack of spring pad security and pole foam pads for handling. Moreover, they are made with not-so-quality materials which can compromise the safety of your toddler.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can trampolines benefit kids in terms of socialization?
A: Children who jump on trampolines may learn how to socialize better and have fun because jumping gets their mood up and they can make new friends or playmates if they end up in a bigger trampoline such as in a trampoline park or a larger gym sized trampoline.
Q: How can trampolines develop the motor skills of a child?
A: The motor skills of a child is a very important aspect to learn for any kid, especially in their young toddler stage. Even kids who aren’t very good at sports can learn to have fun with trampolines because of the bounce factor. This, in turn, helps develop their motor skills because they develop a sense of balance, try not to crash and may even perform various safe stunts such as rolling. On bigger trampolines, kids may even try hand stands and cartwheels, with the supervision of adults, of course.
Q: How can trampolines improve our bone health?
A: The trampoline’s health benefits include improved bone health due to the very fact that we jump a lot on the trampoline. Having strong bones is important to fight osteoporosis and any kind of bone disease. Kids who jump on a trampoline at a young age can develop their bones earlier, which in turn can protect them from injuries that pertain to bone breaking or fractures.
Q: How can trampolines help kids become good in school?
A: Trampolines develop motor skills in each and every child because they develop a sense of balance when they jump from the trampoline. This is highly important when it comes down to being independent so that when they go to school, they will learn how to be responsible by themselves.
Q: Why is a trampoline exercise a low impact activity?
A: Jumping on a trampoline can actually be a great exercise without a lot of impact. This is because 80 percent of the shock of your weight can be absorbed by the jumping mat, which makes it less strenuous to your knees and to your body as a workout activity. This also makes it appropriate for seniors as well.
Q: Why do people believe trampolines can be dangerous?
A: The
trampoline can be a bit dangerous if kids are not left supervised. Jumping on a trampoline and landing on the ground in the wrong way can cause potential injuries such as bone fractures, head injuries, neck injuries and the like. This is why people need to watch over their kids at all times when playing in the trampoline.
Q: Why are bigger rectangle trampolines not recommended for smaller kids?
A: This is because bigger rectangle trampolines can give off a higher bounce in comparison to that of a round trampoline, due to the very fact that they are ideal only for gymnasts and acrobatic people. This is unless of course, your child competes in a gymnastics competition or acrobatic sport such as diving. Nonetheless, make sure that if ever you get a rectangle trampoline, it is equipped with safety features such as enclosures and the like. In addition, some homeowner insurances might not cover rectangle trampolines so be sure to know of this.
Q: What faulty components of a trampoline can cause injury?
A: If you see the trampoline mat deteriorating due to the harsh UV rays of the sun or due to constant jumping and usage then it is time to replace it for the safety of your kids. Also, check the springs and the pads to make sure they are completely covered to protect your child’s feet.
Q: Why are safety nets and pads important for trampolines for kids?
A: The inclusion of safety pads and nets is fairly important because kids will definitely need all of the protection they can get. Safety nets are important for catching kids when they accidentally fall off the trampoline and safety pads around the edges protect your children from the springs (if the trampoline is spring connected) and the framing surface, especially if it is made of steel.
Q: What moves on a trampoline can be dangerous to do and can cause injury?
A: If your child does tricks over a trampoline, especially a very small one, it can be room for injury or worse. Trampolines that are small to medium sized, from about 3 to 8 feet in diameter, can still be a potential health hazard for kids if they land the wrong way, fall off from the trampoline and perform tumbling, somersaults and flipping.
Q: Can trampolines be used for kids who have special needs?
A: Yes, kids with autism and those with Asperger’s Syndrome actually see trampolines as a great therapy and fun activity like most kids. It will help get their imbalanced motor skills out and provide relaxation as well.
Q: Can trampoline accidents be insured?
A: Yes, most homeowner associations can backup and cover your trampoline accident or your kid’s, so you should take time to ask your homeowner association to see if they cover trampoline related injuries. However, take note that some insurances only cover round shaped trampolines, as rectangle ones are perceived to be potentially dangerous and are only intended for professional acrobatic use and not really for recreational use.
Q: Can jumping on a trampoline help kids have a better posture?
A: Yes, jumping on a trampoline can actually help children to have a better posture because they jump up and down in the straightest possible position so that they land right. Posture is important for kids so that they won’t develop osteoporosis when they get older and it will also positively affect their height as they grow up.
Q: Why are indoor trampolines so popular among families with kids?
A: Indoor trampolines provide a great opportunity for kids to actively exercise even during the course of the winter, which makes it a great way to shake off the stress and energy of your children during the days that they can’t go to the park or go outside with the trampoline. Indoor trampolines may be small but they can be easily setup and this makes them a perfect choice for most families with kids.
Q: How old should my child be to be safely bouncing off a trampoline?
A: Experts often say that the age of 5 to 6 years old is a great age bracket to start letting your child into the trampoline. This is because younger kids can bounce off wrong. However, there are special smaller trampolines that are meant for kids in the toddler age bracket, such as those 2 to 5 years old, but they should be completely supervised by parents.
Q: What activities can toddlers do in a small trampoline?
A: The trampoline for toddlers may sound like something that can be a threat to your child’s safety but if it is placed on a safe indoor place with a soft floor then your toddler won’t get hurt that much. Toddlers who jump on a trampoline can listen to music as if following an exercise workout video on the TV.
Q: How much should children and toddlers spend on a trampoline to stay healthy?
A: Children and toddlers can bounce off a trampoline for at least 2 1/2 hours on a weekly basis at the very least. This ensures that their stored energy is shaken off in the trampoline and not on your spring bed or couch. Kids love to bounce a lot and what better way would there be than to bounce on a trampoline? This is why most families purchase a trampoline for their kids to enjoy and exercise at the same time.
Q: Are in-ground trampolines safe?
A: Yes, the reason why in-ground trampolines are preferred by families with young kids is that they have little to no ground space so it will be safe when kids accidentally fall off the trampoline, especially if there is no safety netting around. In-ground trampolines are also much better in terms of stability.
Q: Can trampolines be used by 2-year-old toddlers?
A: Only with responsible adult supervision should toddlers be able to use a trampoline. It is a great physical activity nonetheless, to keep toddlers who are active at play as healthy as possible because not only is it a form of exercise but it is also jumping and bouncing, which is considered “fun” for them.
Q: Do preschools have trampolines and is it required?
A: Most preschools can have a trampoline but it depends upon the school management. Trampolines are a great way to give physical education to preschoolers and toddlers because it puts the fun in exercise and it also enhances their motor and thinking skills.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the SkyBound 40 Inch Children’s Trampoline Red/Blue is our best toddler trampoline with a safe handle bar, ASTM certification and a total of 24 springs to put it together.