Best Springfree Trampoline

The Springfree 11 ft Large Square Trampoline is our best Springfree trampoline. It is well known for being a smart trampoline due to its integration with mobile games and accessories and it has a hidden frame design that will not hurt children’s feet because there are no springs and the frame is situated below and not with the trampoline mat.

Our step-up pick is the Springfree 13 ft Jumbo Square Trampoline and with an outdoor digital game system, this trampoline has a bounce that will be amazing and lively for kids and adults alike. The ladder of this trampoline makes it easy to access for children and the fact that the mat stands 3.3 feet from the ground makes it on a safe level for kids to jump on.

The budget pick is the Springfree 8×13 ft Large Oval Trampoline and for a great family fun jumping experience, this trampoline is equipped with a lot of features such as the fact that the polypropylene net and mat are both UV resistant. This Springfree trampoline is a compact but reliable oval trampoline that is made for smaller families and those with smaller backyards.

A Little Background

Trampolines made by Springfree are unique compared to most spring-based trampolines. The frame design of the Springfree trampoline is also significantly different that it is hidden from the jumping area instead of along with the level of it. This is why kids won’t step on it.
The patented SoftEdge mat around the hard edges is also significantly better than regular pads and its enclosure uses FlexiNet rods so kids can hang on to it without breaking down. Moreover, some people also prefer bungee cords instead of spring trampolines for safety, which Springfree offers.
Bouncing on a trampoline also takes out the stress we have in our current life situation as an adult and this is also one of its benefits other than staying fit and fabulous. Trampolines will also get the stress out in kids who like to play around rather than behave.
Jumping on a trampoline helps our bones get used to the force and build up some more mass, like how we tone our muscles when we workout at the gym. Bones that are strong can also help you avoid really bad accidents and operations in the future, such as fractured, broken or dislocated bones.
Both kids and adults alike can jump on a trampoline because of the health benefits. While kids love to jump generally to get their “wiggles” out, adults may use a trampoline for fitness purposes, such as for slimming down or having an active lifestyle.
In general, Springfree trampolines can be expensive because of their unique components, but the result is great safety for your kids not only because of the size of the jumping area but also because of the design that keeps children away from spring stepping and falling injuries.

How We Picked

In choosing the best Springfree trampoline, you may want to consider these options and criteria when picking out the ideal choice:
Weight rating: the usual weight rating of most trampolines is about 150 to 300 pounds. The weight of the trampoline is important because it will determine whether it is ideal for kids or for adults or for both. Most trampolines that are larger can accommodate more than one person at a time while smaller ones can be taken indoors when it rains or snows.
Structural load capacity: this refers to how much stress the frame can handle, which is usually a big number of about 500 to 1500 pounds. Consider a trampoline that is good in its structural load capacity so that it will stand up to abuse, especially if it will be used by kids or the whole family.
Frame and mat attachments: all Springfree trampolines do not use a spring method and instead use composite fiberglass rods. If you want a trampoline that will be sturdy enough for long term use then Springfree trampolines are a great pick because fiberglass is the same material that is being used in boats, which speak a lot of durability.
Additional fun factor: nearly all trampolines have a basketball hoop that is soft enough for rough play so it does not pose a threat to your children. Moreover, kids who can enjoy games while they are jumping on a trampoline means that they can be more excited about jumping on it every single day.
Size in diameter or area: most Springfree trampolines are large, ranging from 10 to 15 feet. Having a large trampoline is very crucial for families who value safety above all and also want more than 1 kid to jump on a trampoline at the same time. Having large trampolines may require you a big backyard or space outside or inside but it means a lot more room to play for your child.
Accessibility: nearly all trampolines have a ladder for easy access. Zipper openings on the trampoline are also crucial so that it will be easy for your child to go in and out of the trampoline. Moreover, the ladder should be easy to take out when it is not in use so that your kid cannot access the trampoline when they are not supervised by adults or parents.
Outdoor stability: most of them will be ideal for outdoor use and this is why they need to be made of weather resistant components such as galvanized steel frames and UV protected nets and mats. Consider a trampoline that has those qualities in order to be a great outdoor trampoline to consider. This is most especially the case if you live in a country or area near the beach or when it rains a lot or if the weather is always humid, which makes steel more prone to rusting.
Shape of the trampoline: Springfree trampolines are available in various sizes such as square and oval, and are usually large. Consider a trampoline that is just right for your home. For instance, large trampolines are ideal for gyms and for outside use while trampolines that are round and small are ideal for home use.
Enclosure safety: FlexiNet technology is what the company mostly uses to build their trampoline’s enclosure poles so that kids can hang on to them easily. Consider a trampoline that is tough on its safety net enclosure so that it won’t be easily destroyed by the elements and the rough play of children.
Height of the whole trampoline: do consider a trampoline that has a good height so that it will have a good clearance if you want to put it indoors and it will also be just right for your kids to stay secure without getting over the trampoline’s safety net.

Our Pick

Springfree 11 ft Large Square Trampoline

Our best Springfree trampoline would be the Springfree 11 ft Large Square Trampoline. As for the construction, the stabilized enclosure frame of this trampoline makes it safe for kids to enjoy bouncing in. A gap free jumping experience due to the button hole feature can be achieved with the use of this trampoline.
It has a total weight rating of 220 pounds so it is fair for its capacity. Its included enclosure net stands at 6 feet, amounting to a total height of 9.3 feet for the whole trampoline.
The composite fiberglass rods are a breakthrough compared to spring or bungee cord systems of other trampolines out there. It makes the trampoline strong and tough against wear and tear and are completely sun proof. The trampoline has a structural load capacity of 1,100 pounds so it is able to withstand a lot of pressure.
Great for the entire family, the Springfree trampoline can help kids go outside and enjoy an outdoor experience while get some exercise. Measuring 11 feet in its overall jumping area, the trampoline is compatible with a tgoma accessory game system.
This trampoline only requires 19 x 19 feet of clearance so it is ideal for medium sized yards out there. It has a 1,540 lbs on the tensile strength of the mat so it is quite strong for a lot of bouncing. You can also simply leave it outside for the whole year with no need to take it down. The trampoline stands 3.3 off the ground to the mat so it is not that high and safe for kids to jump on.
With a large square shape, the trampoline is made of galvanized steel frames that have been double powder coated for outdoor use without rusting at all. The FlexrStep ladder adds great accessibility for the trampoline for the kids to climb on.
There is also no need to take it down in the winter due to its durability. In addition to that, the mat can withstand 5,000 hours of harsh sun exposure. Both the net and mat are UV resistant due to being made of polypropylene.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Springfree 11 ft Large Square Trampoline may be our top pick but it does have a few caveats but not deal breakers, such as the fact that it is quite expensive for a trampoline. However, this is only because of the very fact that it is made of special materials such as fiberglass, which makes it unique compared to regular trampolines out there.

Step-up Pick

Springfree 13 ft Jumbo Square Trampoline

Our step-up pick would be the Springfree 13 ft Jumbo Square . For a safe outdoor play experience, with this Springfree trampoline, both children and adults can use this trampoline together. It is also significantly resistant to tearing and allows for interactive play due to the basketball hoop system.
In addition to that, the trampoline is ideal for large yards as well. What’s more, the Springfree trampoline is also made with a polypropylene jumping mat with UV protection for outdoor use. This technically means that the trampoline will last for a long time.
The trampoline includes over 10 games and apps in its system to make jumping for kids a lot more fun. The Springfree trampoline has a square jumping area of 13 feet or 155 square feet and it will be sufficient to exercise your child’s body and brain.
As an all year long trampoline that is durable, it also has a soft-touch netting so it will not hurt your child’s skin. It has a weight rating of 220 pounds and only needs about 21 x 21 feet of lateral clearance to install. It is very secure and it has a total of 1100 pounds on its structural load capacity.
Perfect for outdoor play experiences due to the included basketball hoop, you can definitely install this trampoline for your backyard space but you may need a bigger backyard for it. Moreover, this trampoline can be left outside year round so it saves you the hassle of setup and take down.
The netting stands 6 feet in height so it is fairly tall for kids. Moreover, the trampoline’s mat can handle up to 1540 lbs of static weight. It has good durability in almost any weather and its strong galvanized steel frames are powder coated to resist rusting. Moreover, the frame is situated below the jumping surface. The total height of the trampoline is at 9.3 feet and it is made with composite fiberglass rods.

Budget Pick

Springfree 8×13 ft Large Oval Trampoline

The Springfree 8×13 ft Large Oval Trampoline is our budget pick. Made for long lasting use, the soft-touch knit net also proves to be safe for kids and won’t scratch them. The mat of the trampoline is also made with geo-textile fabric so it is nonslip and safe for kids’ rough play and backyard fun.
Measuring a total of 8 x 13 feet or 92 square feet for the jumping area, the trampoline takes about 220 pounds on its weight rating. It is covered with the FlexiNet enclosure that makes it safe for kids to enjoy bouncing on. It also includes a ladder and a basketball hoop like other Springfree trampolines.
Moreover, it also has a structural load capacity of 1100 pounds so it is great for outdoor settings and tough weather disturbances. The shape of the trampoline is ideal for narrow backyards. The composite fiberglass rods which can be challenging to attach but are super durable and worth it in the end.
Giving off a responsive bounce, the trampoline can give your kids a interactive play as it is compatible with a tgoma accessory game system. Its laid down SoftEdge Mat stands 3 feet above the ground so it is at a safe distance.
Because of its durability, you can leave your trampoline outside as it can withstand rain, snow, hurricanes and tornadoes. With this trampoline, only 16 x 21 feet of lateral clearance is required so it is ideal for smaller areas. It has been given a powder coated galvanized steel for the frames to avoid corrosion and breaking down easily.
The netting of this trampoline can prevent falls and it measures 6 feet on the height of the net, which totals to 9 feet of overall trampoline height. In addition, both the netting and jumping mat are UV resistant made of polypropylene.
This Springfree trampoline can accommodate younger kids from 6 to 12 but can also accommodate adults and teenagers alike, making it a great pastime for families to bond together outdoors.

Best Springfree Trampoline with a Basketball Hoop

Springfree 10 ft Medium Round Trampoline

If you want a Springfree trampoline that has a basketball hoop system then you can try the Springfree 10 ft Medium Round Trampoline. Equipped with a FlexrStep ladder as well for easy access to the trampoline, it measures a total of 10 feet or 79 square feet on the jumping area.
It is made with galvanized steel frames with 3 layers of rust protection so it can stand up to really harsh weather and humid areas. Madre with a solid and sturdy frame, it has a weight rating of 220 pounds. The trampoline also features impact protection on all of its parts.
Great for small families, the trampoline is expected to be left outdoors due to the polypropylene net and mat being coupled with UV protection. At 1100 pounds on the structural load capacity, the trampoline also features geo-textile construction so it is less likely for kids to slip on the mat.
The trampoline stands at 6 feet for the height of FlexiNet and has a medium round profile. You can also add a tgoma accessory game system for more interactive fun with the kids while jumping. Composite fiberglass rods make up the bottom of the trampoline.
Ideal for smaller backyards for outdoor interactive play without interruption, the trampoline only needs 18 feet of installation clearance. The whole trampoline stands at 9 feet overall and you can even leave your trampoline outdoors due to its durability. Sitting 3 feet from the mat above the ground, you can ensure a safe outdoor play for the kids with this trampoline.

The Competition

Other Springfree trampolines did not live up to our expectations because they are deemed not safe due to the lack of enclosure, safety features, durability and reports of missing parts. It is also important for any Springfree trampoline or any trampoline for that matter to have clear instructions for setting it up.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Springfree different as a company that offers trampolines?
A: Springfree offers trampolines with a unique design and a spring-free form, hence the name. Since spring style trampolines can have the potential to hurt kids when they accidentally step on them, Spingfree makes an advantage by making utmost safety a priority for each trampoline. This is why bungee cord-style rods are designed instead of springs for attaching the trampoline mats onto the trampoline rim.
Q: Is jumping on a trampoline considerably better than running?
A: Yes, most experts say that bouncing is just as good as running, in fact even better, because it’s a lot of fun for the kids and it is also less stressful on our knees. This is because jumping and bouncing will get our weight absorbed by the jumping mat instead of being stressed onto our knees and whole body, making it easier to lose weight when rebounding instead of running or walking.
Q: Can trampoline exercises promote weight loss?
A: Yes, most rebounders or trampolines at home or outdoors can help both kids and adults alike lose weight on the go. Like any physical activity, weight loss is one of the benefits of jumping on a trampoline so it is a great way to fight obesity. In fact, NASA says that trampoline exercises are 15 percent better than simply running or jogging in terms of calories burned.
Q: What safety benefits can you get from Springfree trampolines?
A: Trampolines made by Springfree are known to be super flexible and very safe due to the soft materials. Because they are “spring-free”, they do not have any metal coil springs at all, and instead use composite rods that are similar to bungee cords.
Q: Is it okay for teens and adults to use a trampoline?
A: Definitely! Rebounders or trampolines can be used for weight loss, health and fitness. Most people who work at the office or at home can use a rebounder that can fit their home space, apartment, condo unit or dorm so that they can stay fit whenever and wherever, in just a few minutes of their time.
Q: What is the usual warranty policy of Springfree trampolines?
A: Most warranty policies provided by Springfree trampolines for their unit is up to 8 years for the rods and frame and up to 2 years for the mat and the net. This is only applicable if you register the product on their website. Having a good warranty policy is important for any product, especially if it is an expensive home item that you expect will be built to last, such as a trampoline.
Q: Before you work on a trampoline, should you warm up first?
A: Warming up is important in any exercise and this is why you should also do it before your trampoline workout. Stretching a bit and doing some subtle exercises beforehand will lessen the likelihood of injuries that can occur if you jump on a trampoline and perform workouts. Stretching will also get you in the mood for the next level of exercise.
Q: What is the ideal size of a rebounder trampoline for fitness?
A: The usual rebounder size is about 30 to 40 inches because it is mostly for just one person and can be situated indoors for your apartment, dorm, condo or living room. Trampolines for rebounding exercises and fitness are usually small and compact and are easy to setup.
Q: Can trampoline jumping fight depression and anxiety?
A: Yes, if you have stress in your life then jumping on a trampoline can actually shake off that stress. Studies show that trampoline jumping brings out the kid in you, just like how when you were a kid, you liked jumping over a spring bed. Jumping lifts our moods and it also relaxes us, which helps in concentration problems, mental focus and mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress. In fact, people who have trouble sleeping can also rest easy if they experience trampoline jumping.
Q: Are trampoline parks safe?
A: Most trampoline parks do have safety rules and regulations, but it depends upon the enforcing agency or the management themselves whether the rules are clearly observed or not. You should do your part to follow the rules, or if there aren’t much rules, feel free to suggest rules so that kids, teens and adults alike will be safe in such trampoline parks.
Q: What kind of injuries can my child get if they don’t behave properly on a trampoline?
A: Trampoline injuries that are common to most homeowners and kids include broken bones, sprains, injuries to the neck, back and head or worse. Some cuts and bruises may also occur. This can be prevented by keeping a close eye to your child when they jump on a trampoline and installing safety nets, pads and the like.
Q: If kids want to be gymnastic athletes, should they use a trampoline at home?
A: Yes, most bigger trampolines are available and are intended for kids who want to practice gymnastics other than just bouncing around. Trampolines that are for serious athletes are considered more challenging so if your kid wants to learn gymnastics, he or she should have a properly trained coach for safety purposes.
Q: Can more calories be burned on a trampoline compared to being on a treadmill?
A: Running on a treadmill may seem like a better workout but it is actually much more painful in comparison to simply jumping on a trampoline. The good news is that treadmill workouts and trampolines are pretty much the same except treadmills do it better when it comes down to burning more calories. Rebounding on a trampoline works on just about every muscle in your body in comparison to running on a treadmill, in which you only work with your legs and feet.
Q: Can families have a trampoline at home?
A: Yes trampolines are a great source of workout for the family and a great fun activity for the kids. Trampolines serve as a physical activity for the summer when outside and a rainy day activity when indoors.
Q: How much calories can you burn from jumping on a trampoline?
A: The calories you can burn when you jump on a trampoline can vary depending on the length of time and your weight. If you weigh 150 pounds and you workout for about 30 minutes then you can burn about 111 calories. However, if you weigh 250 pounds and jump for about 1 hour then you can burn up to 402 calories.
Q: How does jumping on a trampoline give you a lot of endurance?
A: The jumping exercises on a trampoline can help you gain endurance because of repeated moves. It will help you increase your oxygen capacity so you don’t have to grasp for air all the time. In a similar way, your heart will be strengthened so you don’t always get tired often when you exercise or perform a rigorous physical activity. Other than weight loss, having a great endurance is a good thing for your physical health and mental focus in any activity.
Q: How does jumping on a trampoline improve your muscles?
A: Muscle toning is one of the key benefits of jumping on a trampoline other than weight loss. Jumping can contract and expand muscles repeatedly, which strengthens them and gives them a lot of flexibility in the process. Along with muscle health, your blood circulation is also attuned along with the decrease of fat in your body.
Q: How does trampoline jumping help you achieve a sense of balance?
A: The trampoline jumping activity is what makes you get a sense of balance because when you jump up and down, you are trying to balance your feet and align your body so that you don’t land wrong. Jumping can help a lot in coordination and balance especially for kids, so it is no surprise that it is also very beneficial for adults. Working out on a trampoline is a great way to improve mental focus so that your motor skills and balance will see some improvements.
Q: Can people with ASD or ADD use trampolines?
A: Yes, it is okay for kids with special needs to use trampolines because it will help improve their motor skills, gain more confidence and have fun without the stress.
Q: Is trampoline jumping good for your lymphatic system?
A: Strengthening the lymphatic system is one of the important benefits as to why people get into trampoline exercises. The lymphatic system is similar to the immune system in detoxifying our body to make our skin and body healthier.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Springfree 11 ft Large Square Trampoline is our best Springfree trampoline because of its just right size of 11 feet, ladder and basketball hoop, UV resistance and ability to add an interactive game system.