Best Mini Trampoline

The Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Rebounder Mini-Trampoline is our best mini trampoline. You can assemble it in about 20 minutes due to its simple instructions. Its jump mat has zero stretch so it is built to last. With a lower center of gravity, the mini trampoline gives you a fun way to exercise and includes extra bungee cords when they break.

Our step-up pick is the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 Rebounder and with strong bungees, the mini trampoline has 250 lbs on its weight limit and provides a deep bounce. It is quite relaxing to bounce on this rebounder and it has been given a sleek black finish. Made with endurolast-2 bungees that work well for resistance, it is supported with padded petal cover cords.

The budget pick is the Stamina 36 Inches Diameter Folding Trampoline and the mini trampoline boasts a lot of durability and stability for its 36 inches wide diameter. It is deemed safe and not too stiff in its flexibility. It effectively folds down into smaller components for compact storage. As part of a progressive exercise program, the 30-band tension resistance makes it durable.

A Little Background

The mini trampoline or the rebounder is one of the most popular weight loss activities out there. With every bounce on a mini trampoline, your bone density can also improve, which is a great way to counter injuries regarding bones and neck strain. Your motor skills can also improve even with this low impact workout or physical activity.
As with any regular physical activity, having a good workout period in a mini trampoline is beneficial for our health. If your immune system is strong then you are less likely to get sick and you’ll be active for more days, months and years. A 10-minute mini trampoline exercise can be sufficient to keep you in shape and have a healthy lifestyle.
Core muscles are very much active when you bounce off and on the trampoline, and is in fact much better than regular sit-ups and crunches in reducing fat. Other different pains of the body due to bad posture can be alleviated with a regular workout program involving the mini trampoline.
Because mini trampolines are so accessible, you can use them either indoors or outdoors. Rebounding on a mini trampoline can be done even during the really cold days of winter indoors and during the summer outdoors on your yard.

How We Picked

When choosing the best mini trampoline, you might want to consider the following factors in making your decision:
Weight limit: the usual weight limit of a mini trampoline is somewhere between 200 to 400 pounds. This is because mini trampolines are meant to be adult workout solutions to fitness goals and offer great resistance. The mini trampoline should have a defined weight limit so as not to overwork it when you are using it for longer periods of time and to prevent accidents on the mini trampoline altogether. Always know the weight limit of the mini trampoline that you want to buy.
Frame material: most mini trampolines have a steel or carbon steel frame. The material of the mini trampoline should be durable so that it will be able to support your weight at all times and will withstand the test of time, especially if you use it outdoors or on a regular basis. If you intend to have a mini trampoline that is used outdoors, make sure it is rust resistant.
Weather resistance: a lot of mini trampolines out there have UV-resistant materials. Like what we mentioned above, having corrosion resistant mini trampoline is great if you’re working out on the outside of your house. UV resistance is also important if you spend a lot of time in your mini trampoline while out in the sun, so that it won’t become brittle or lose its quality too quickly due to the sun’s rays.
Diameter of the bounce area: most mini trampolines have smaller and more compact diameters that range from 30 to 50 inches. Consider having a bounce area that is just right for your height and body size and that it will fit well in your intended area, especially if you want to fit in indoors.
Mat style: most mini trampolines can come in either skirt style or petal style configuration for setting it up. The mat style can affect how difficult the installation method could be for a mini trampoline.
Safety features: mini trampolines that have a padding on the edges can help add safety for whoever uses it so that it will less likely hurt you when you hit the edge. In addition to that, if a mini trampoline has a lot of safety features such as an option for a handlebar or safety net then it can also be a great mini trampoline for kids.
Setup and disassembly: consider a mini trampoline that is so simple to put together that it does not need a lot of complicated tools for assembly. If you want to travel a lot then you can also go for a mini trampoline that is foldable and packable. Apartment and condo dwellers can also pick a mini trampoline that folds in a compact way for easy storage while saving space.
Jumping mat material: do consider a mini trampoline that does not stretch at all, providing a lot of resistance for an effective workout experience. While it can be initially hard to stretch out the jumping mat of a mini trampoline, this signifies that it might be tough and has a ton of resistance.
Noise level: most mini trampolines don’t give out a lot of noise because they are usually constructed through bungee cords instead of noisy spring systems. A quiet mini trampoline is important for those who want to perform aerobics quietly or enjoy their favorite music or workout video with ease.
Warranty policy: most mini trampolines cover a 1 year warranty and some have a separate warranty policy for the frame and the parts, so make sure you read on the company’s policy.

Our Pick

Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Rebounder Mini-Trampoline

The Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Rebounder Mini-Trampoline is our top pick as the best mini trampoline. With over 70 strands of smooth latex rubber for its construction on the mat, it is backed by 32 sport bungees that are ready to be installed into place to hold the mat together for bouncing.
The components that make up this mini trampoline are silent compared to metal springs so it is very effective for a stress-free and noise-free workout period. Made with a water resistant 600D Oxford cloth for the outer shell, you have 40 inches and 48 inches for the choice of rebounder diameters.
You can be doing jumping jacks on this mini trampoline and get a fantastic bounce altogether. What’s more, at 250 pounds on its weight limit, it is very engaging, resistant yet easy on the joints.
Made with a carbon steel frame that is durable, the mini trampoline can help you to have strong bones for each workout. Also, 1/3 inch high density foam core has been used for the inside of the cover to make it tough against wear and tear. In addition, the bungees are really quiet when jumping on them.
Easy to install using the straight screw-in legs, the mini trampoline gives you a surround of 360 degrees of bungees that offer security and less noise. With a sure-foot mat design and less weight for the mini trampoline so it is easy to move around, it is a very well engineered jumping mechanism.
If you want a mini trampoline that can be built to last then this is a considerable option. It does take a bit of arm strength for bungee installation, but this is true for al mini trampolines out there. With a wider stance, it bears a thick nylon webbing for the seams.
You can maximize your bounce with the UV resistant jump mat. Moreover, you can also add a stability bar (sold separately) to this mini trampoline. With 6 colors to choose from, the mini trampoline is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not deal breakers, the Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Rebounder Mini-Trampoline does have a few hiccups to know, such as the fact that it can be hard to stretch and attach the bungees towards the frame of the mini trampoline. However, this is true for the case of nearly all mini trampolines and workout rebounders due to the resistance of the jumping mat.

Step-up Pick

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 Rebounder

Our step-up pick would be the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 Rebounder. With this mini trampoline, you can achieve a great workout experience and have many health benefits. It will keep you in the air with its great bounce resistance.
As a rebounder trampoline, it feels very sturdy and with more stability than others. With a total diameter of 39 inches, the mini trampoline can be used as a break from work for those who work in the office or at home. It is made only with high quality materials for stability.
Being easily portable for travel use and apartment use, the mini trampoline gives you 60% more exercise space than other mini trampolines out there. It is a nice in-home trampoline that can also be big enough for kids while giving off a silent bounce.
With over 30 elastic cords included, this small rebounder measures 8 mm on its cord diameter. It also features 40% reduction on impact compared to regular cords. Great for your personal training needs, it has an adjustable firmness setting and has no-tip arched legs for extra stability.
What’s more, you can add a stabilizer bar to it. Having a cushioned bounce, the mini trampoline gives you stability and safety whether you use it during the day or night. Nearly fully assembled when it arrives, the included band stays attached compared to metal springs when the cords snap.
The mini trampoline can be a bit heavy compared to others but this only signifies that it is extra stable. The bands of this mini trampoline can be adjusted with up to three settings. The average setup time for this trampoline is about 5 to 20 minutes more or less.
The bonus is that a workout DVD is Included with this mini trampoline for you to follow a routine, especially for weight loss or simply have a healthy lifestyle. You might need at least 9 feet of ceiling clearance when using this mini trampoline. It is also a great alternative to noisy spring style trampolines out there.

Budget Pick

Stamina 36 Inches Diameter Folding Trampoline

The Stamina 36 Inches Diameter Folding Trampoline is our budget pick and is appropriate if you live in a condo. It has a fairly good rebounding surface that is just right for its bounciness. It is also a folding trampoline that you can take with you during your travels.
With this mini trampoline, you can gain improved circulation and you can also have better lymphatic circulation. In addition, the steel frame of this mini trampoline makes it quite durable even for the low cost. Having regular workouts in this trampoline is beneficial for your improved coordination and it also effectively improves your posture.
When fully assembled, the mini trampoline stands 9 inches from the ground and it is also very quiet if you jump on it. Moreover, it only weighs 14 lbs so it is easy to move about. The bounce is good and is ideal for home or office use.
The weight limit is at 250 lbs for this mini trampoline and it only takes 20 minutes to assemble so you can get to your workout right away. As a great rebound training instrument, its rugged construction will last it for years of use.
Made with 2-inch wide bands that are strong, the mini trampoline can be lots of fun for the whole family as an activity. It has an all-steel frame that will stand up to obesity issues and is a great weight loss mini trampoline to consider. It will also help you circulate oxygen better.
It is also an ideal mini trampoline for those who are beginning at rebounding exercises. You can place it practically anywhere other than in your living room, such as outdoors at your patio, in the bedroom or in any place you prefer working out.
The included 6 legs are detachable and are rubber-tipped for stability. As a great exercise mini trampoline, you can perform 30 minute workouts on its safety pad. This mini trampoline has a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on frame and 90 days on parts.

Best Mini Trampoline with a Hexagon Shape

Merax Exercise Fitness Trampoline Home Workout

The Merax Exercise Fitness Trampoline Home Workout is our recommendation for a mini trampoline that has a unique hexagon shape. It is a nice low-impact trampoline for most workout programs and it is stable enough for its good weight capacity at 220 lbs.
As for the size, the mini trampoline has a diameter of 4.5 feet. It is a great cardio fitness buddy that gives you a nice workout with no additional tools needed to set it up. Rebounding exercises can be done easily with this mini trampoline that is quite easy on the joints.
In fact, even novice rebounders can feel the benefits and the elasticity of this mini trampoline and gain a great cardio workout experience from it. You can start jumping and jogging in place with this mini trampoline and feel the intensity from the PP jumping mat.
Having a well built frame with great durability, it has an adjustable handrail for helping you hang on to it. The mini trampoline also comes folded so it is easily packed. The galvanized frame is rust-resistant so you can take it outdoors as well.
Measuring 12.6 inches on the distance from the ground to the mat, the mini trampoline is an excellent cardio training tool that gives you a comfortable experience overall. What’s more, the handlebar height can be adjusted from 30.7 inches to 40.2 inches.
It also gives you a wider stance jumping due to the hexagon shape. Like most mini trampolines, it will help a lot on your heart health and oxygen intake and can reduce heart disease risks. As a decent fitness rebounder, the mini trampoline also comes with a user’s manual on how to set it up properly.

Best Mini Trampoline for Kids

Pure Fun Super Jumper 48″ Trampoline

The Pure Fun Super Jumper 48″ Trampoline is a great considerable mini trampoline if you have kids who want to bounce as well. With lots of jumping space to spare, this one also has no additional tools necessary on setting it up. Children who have lots of energy will find this mini trampoline very cool.
Your kids can be having fun with this mini trampoline as it is meant for your kids due to the safety rail and design. You can even use it outside as the spring cover seems very durable to keep your children safe. Measuring 48 inches in its diameter, it has good flexibility.
The mini trampoline is great for your child to build stamina while they attain security for an outdoor setting or for a play room. It is also impact resistant to keep your children safe from harm. It has been made with galvanized steel springs measure 3.5 inches each.
As a mini trampoline it improves your child’s coordination and balance. It has been rated up to 100 pounds of weight and ideal for children 3 years old and above. It also passed the standards of ASTM, TUV/GS and CE for safety standards.
What’s more, the included handle bar is also easily removable for your other needs. Offering a lot of stability, your kids can be burning off extra energy and improving their agility in a pretty secure environment. It also has enough precaution against spring pinching.
Being an easy to assemble mini trampoline with a cushioned handle, a total of 40 springs are included in the assembly. There are cushions cover the springs for safety and for quick assembly. Giving your kids superior bouncing experience, they can still have fun indoors during the winter and rainy days.
In addition to that, the bent safety bar has an ergonomic design so your child can really hold onto this mini trampoline with great ease. It can also be setup anywhere in your home due to its portability. With blue and pink color choices, the mini trampoline’s steel frame is of heavy duty quality so it will last for the many years to come, especially if you just use it indoors.

Best Mini Trampoline with a Handrail

Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder Trampoline

The Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder Trampoline is our best bet for a mini trampoline that has a handrail installed. Giving you a good low impact workout, this mini trampoline is quite easy to assemble and it holds up to 200 lbs of weight capacity.
The included handrail is sturdy so it will help both kids and adults alike to balance on the mini trampoline all the time. It is appropriate both for small children and adults as a good aerobic workout whether they are indoors or outdoors.
To install this mini trampoline is quite easy – simply slide the poles into the frame legs. Moreover, the handlebar height is up to 34 inches and is adjustable. The handrail is foam padded for a firmer and softer grip.
Great for the whole family, this foldable mini trampoline can be taken along with you during travels or be kept in storage in small areas such as in an apartment, a basement, a garage or a condo unit. It has over 5 positions to adjustable the height of the handrail using a knob.
You can definitely use the mini trampoline inside the house. Kids can make straddles so easily with this trampoline’s extra stability. You can get your energy out and let the children have fun as well. It offers a great jumping experience and has a good bounce.
The material build of this mini trampoline ensures durability and safety. It has 8 to 10 inches on the height of the trampoline from the floor to the mat so it is not too high for kids. Its handle sits at the edge so it is quite strategic.
With a set-wise connection for all of the springs, you can remove the handle for other purposes. Also great for a garage, the base frame has 6 legs in total. This mini trampoline is easy to put together in around 5 minutes or so while it gives you extra bounce.
You can make big jumps with this mini trampoline and have it used by 3 year old kids or older. Made with heavy duty welding for the rail and the legs, this is also a nice mini rebounder for basements and the like. It is also an effective rainy day activity and a nice fitness trampoline altogether.

Best Mini Trampoline with a Workout DVD Included

MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline

If you have some fitness goals in mind and you would like a mini trampoline that has a workout DVD included then the MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline is a great choice. It can be easily stored due to its compact design.
Moreover, this mini trampoline only takes less than five minutes of assembly. It measures about 40 inches across and can be easily transported from one room to another. In addition, your coordination and muscular strength can be improved with this mini trampoline to keep you energized.
Great for conditioning, the mini trampoline is ideal for your core strength and flexibility exercises. With jumbo coiled springs for stability, it also has non marking rubber feet so it does not make a lot of noise. It easily and conveniently folds in half and there are 6 legs to keep it stable.
As a low impact workout mini trampoline, it comes with a carry and storage bag ready for you to take it elsewhere. With an included stabilizer bar for helping you to balance, it seems very resilient as it can take up to 300 lbs of weight.
Recommended by and for most personal trainers out there, the mini trampoline is also ideal for seniors due to its safety features. With resistance bands that are built well, it will also benefit fitness instructors who want to give the best fitness advice for their students.
Made with a double cross stitched mat which gives it good durability, the mini trampoline is a motivating way for anyone to attain balance and endurance as well as body toning with all of its fitness benefits. It has spring loaded legs so it is quite simple to setup.
Working out on this mini trampoline is also mood boosting aside from taking out body fat. If you or you know someone who is a sufferer of lymphoedema then this is an effective therapy exercise to consider. It gives off a quiet bounce and the stability bar is also detachable for other workout routines.
Being built to last, the mini trampoline comes with the promised rebounding DVD with 3 workouts for different levels. You can be able to burn 400 to 600 calories with the included workouts depending on the level or intensity that you pick.

Best Mini Trampoline with a Bounce Counter

Golds Gym Exercise Trampoline For Adults

The Golds Gym Exercise Trampoline For Adults is a unique mini trampoline that has a bounce counter and fitness tracker along with it. As a nice exercise trampoline, if your living space is limited then this is a considerable option. Measuring 36 inches in its diameter, it is ideal for all fitness levels.
As an effective mini trampoline for adults, it can help you engage your muscles in a decent low-impact aerobic workout. What’s more, this mini trampoline is also okay for your kids. It can take up to 250 lbs and can also be used indoors on rainy days.
The polypropylene material that is used for the legs makes it quite durable. What’s more, the included monitor is great for tracking the calories you have burned for setting up fitness goals. The mini trampoline can be used for about 30 minutes of workout or depending on your training regimen.
Made with an all-steel construction on its frame, the mini trampoline also tracks the total workout time with its little gadget. It is not too stiff on the bouncing mat and is sufficiently good for your cardiovascular fitness. The gadget also gives an accurate count.
Providing you with plenty of bounce on its mat, the mini trampoline effectively tracks your jump count and gets you motivated. It is definitely okay for overweight people who want to lose weight. It also has bonus items such as 2 resistance cords so you can perform workouts on your upper body.
As a great part of your fitness regimen, the mini trampoline is greatly applicable for either flat or inclined position for more types of exercises. The included DVD which has 2 workouts. You might see results with the regular use of this mini trampoline and a good workout program.
Your balance can also be well-coordinated with a regular workout routine for this mini trampoline and improve your core muscle strength as well. It is also a great motivational activity for kids to have fun even when it rains outside.
Also beneficial for your lymphatic system, the mini trampoline can make room for more additional exercises due to its good size. Ideal for toning purposes, you can use this mini trampoline while listening to music. It weighs only 12 pounds so it is portable and it has six legs for added stability.

Best Mini Trampoline that is Foldable

Fit Bounce Pro II Mini Trampoline

The Fit Bounce Pro II Mini Trampoline is our ideal foldable and portable mini trampoline that is also great for weight loss. With its special bungee system for resilience, it is quite simple set up and storage and is great for people who want to boost their lymphatic drainage.
The mini trampoline takes up to 300 lbs of weight. You can gain the benefits of rebounding with this mini trampoline and also have posture improvements and cardiovascular fitness altogether. The detachable legs are sturdy as well.
What’s more, safety is guaranteed due to the metal locking bolt. The mini trampoline is great for tightening skin for a youthful experience. In addition to that, the clip in design for ease of assembly. Supported by 30 strong elastic cords, the mini trampoline measures 40 inches in its diameter.
It comes with a storage carry bag and it has no sharp metal springs to potentially cause injury. It gives you a low impact bounce which makes it ideal for those who suffer from knee problems. Supported by 6 sturdy legs and with a half folding design, it is backed by a lifetime warranty on frame and 3 year warranty and spare parts.

Best Mini Trampoline with Custom Bungee Strengths

bellicon Classic 39″ Basic Mini Trampoline

The bellicon Classic 39″ Basic Mini Trampoline is a unique mini trampoline that lets you select the strength of the bungee for various weight brackets, which makes it ideal for both kids and adults alike. A DVD comes with the trampoline set to aid you in your fitness goal and on setting up the mini trampoline.
As a great toning mini trampoline, you can also exercise your plantar muscles and healing your spine and joints. Exercising in this mini trampoline also strengthens the core. The workouts on the included DVD are very effective at strengthening muscles and may also include some deep breathing exercises.
The portability of this mini trampoline makes it easily moved to the next room. It also comes with stable floor grips so those who struggle with balance will have no problem at all. As an extremely quiet rebounder, you can use it while watching TV and working out.
Measuring 39 inches in its diameter, you can select from 80 to 440 lbs of bungee weight ratings. It has screw-in legs and can also be used by senior citizens due to its safety and resilience. A lifetime warranty on frame, 1 year warranty for the bungees and a 5 year warranty on mat is guaranteed.

The Competition

Other mini trampolines out there did not qualify our list because they lacked in safety features, were too difficult to put together and also had reports of missing parts. It is important for any mini trampoline to have sturdy and full parts when assembled and comprehensive instructions on how to put them together easily.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a mini trampoline considered a low impact workout?
A: Yes, using a mini trampoline gives you less tension on your muscles and bones but it is a great workout for your cardiovascular system. The bouncing pad absorbs the shock on your body so that you won’t feel it often to make you super tired, compared to other high intensity workouts.
Q: Can mini trampolines help improve your immune system?
A: Yes, most fitness or mini trampolines are made not just to improve your strength but also to detoxify your body from waste and bacteria, thus helping your immune system to have a great boost.
Q: How does a workout session on the mini trampoline improve your cardiovascular system?
A: Spending time on the mini trampoline at regular intervals and periods of workouts can help you increase your intake of oxygen while you bounce. This means that you train your body to breathe at better intervals so as not to easily lose your breath during workouts and other physical activities. Your cardiovascular health is important to stay alive longer and to reduce the risks of heart diseases.
Q: Can my abdominal or core muscles be strengthened with a mini trampoline?
A: Yes, if you go for a mini trampoline workout then there’s a great chance that you’re shaping your abdominal muscles and stomach, which is why many fitness experts regard the mini trampoline as an effective weight loss program or activity.
Q: How does your lymphatic system improve in workouts involving the mini trampoline?
A: The lymphatic system , which is an accomplice to our immune system, is an important part of our body which sends fluids that are rich with white blood cells to the heart to fend off infections caused by bacteria and virus, keeping our immune system and body safe and sound. Lymph fluid is moved about by bouncing, much like getting a better blood flow due to aerobic activities.
Q: Is rebounding on a mini trampoline better than running?
A: Yes, bouncing activities over a mini trampoline have been found out by studies to be much better than a 30-minute walk, if you spend at least 10 minutes on it. Trampoline workout activities are one of the best options for people who don’t have time to work out, such as those who have an office job, a commitment with kids and many other activities that keep them busy during the day, and even at night.
Q: As defined by health experts, what makes the use of trampolines better than running?
A: Putting a stress on your knees is what makes running disadvantageous over jumping and bouncing. This is because 4 pounds of our body weight needed to be endured by our knees, which is bad especially for people who are prone to arthritis and joint pains. However, by simply bouncing off a mini trampoline, you’re not carrying your own weight too much because the padded ground that bounces you off absorbs the weight instead of putting it on you, unlike in running.
Q: How much calories can be burned when using a mini trampoline?
A: It largely depends on the length of the workout and your weight. Just because you burn more calories doesn’t mean you can brag about it to your friends – everyone has a different body shape and weight, so telling it to someone who weighs less isn’t accurate, because they only need to burn a few calories to lose weight. About 320 calories can be burned if you’re a person who weighs 150 pounds more or less for each hour of jumping off a mini trampoline, provided that you get enough breaks and keep it a moderate intensity activity.
Q: What body pains can be alleviated with the use of the mini trampoline?
A: The mini trampoline is a great way to get rid of the back pains from constantly sitting in a chair and headaches from your office or field work. Q: If I want to use a mini trampoline, how much time should I spend working out on it?
A: The ideal length of time to use a mini trampoline for working out is about 10 to 15 minutes for beginners. As time goes by and you feel more challenged, you can increase this up to 25 minutes. It is best to do this on a daily basis or at least skip a day or two in a week.
Q: What workout moves can you perform on a mini trampoline?
A: Using a mini trampoline is quite easy and you can do some simple movements such as beginning with squats. However, before each workout, make sure you warm up and break a sweat first. Squatting can be done in 8 to 10 times and then can be followed by jumping jacks. Running in place is also a great workout move to consider in a mini trampoline, for roughly 1 minute.
Q: Are mini trampolines safe for kids?
A: As long as there are safety features present on the mini trampoline and as long as you have watch over your kids then it is okay to let them use the mini trampoline. In fact, many parents use it as a bonding activity with their children. However, you should consider that kids who are at least 6 years old and above are the most ideal age group to jump on a mini trampoline, considering its size and diameter. Adding some padding around the trampoline will make it less likely to injure or hurt your kid if he or she accidentally hits the edges.
Q: Is it okay for more than one kid to use the mini trampoline?
A: The mini trampoline can be used only by one kid at a time, especially because it is very small compared to regular sized trampolines out there. Having two kids at the same time might only result in a disaster or an unwanted injury so make sure to tell your kids to go only one at a time on the mini trampoline.
Q: Why should you always land on two feet while on a mini trampoline?
A: Landing on just one foot can be open to joint fractures, sprains and the like due to the loss of balance. All trampolines will have a certain bounciness and it can be hard to balance if you are in mid-air so make sure you stay on both feet in case you fall wrongly. In addition, you should also ensure that both your feet stay within the mini trampoline’s bouncing area and less likely around the edges.
Q: How is a mini trampoline or a rebounder different from a regular trampoline?
A: The mini trampoline or the rebounder is meant for workouts and not just for bouncing, such as those for kids. The goal of a mini trampoline or rebounder is for you to jump onto something with more resistance in which you’ll find it harder to bounce than on a regular trampoline. This is why mini trampolines are mostly for adults and for weight loss programs.
Q: Can mini trampolines be used indoors and outdoors?
A: Yes, since they are compact and easy to setup , most mini trampolines are meant for both indoor and outdoor use because of their usual diameter sizes and setup.
Q: What workout should I do on a mini trampoline to increase my heart rate or oxygen intake?
A: If you want a good cardiovascular workout from your mini trampoline then you can prance or run in place in your mini trampoline for about 60 times or 1 minute.
Q: Are mini trampolines better than large trampolines?
A: The big advantage of mini trampolines over large trampolines is the space and accessibility, which favors apartment and office people who have less home space and workout time. If you’re a professional gymnast or Olympic athlete then the big trampoline might be a better rebounder for you. Mini trampolines are also better when it comes to resistance compared to bigger trampolines. Nonetheless, both of these trampolines can cause injuries if you don’t use them properly or don’t inspect for possible spring and part defects.
Q: What is the ideal clothing to wear on a mini trampoline?
A: You should wear gym clothing or at least anything that doesn’t get in the way of bouncing off a trampoline. Having no socks is recommended so you won’t slip off too easily. Jewelry should be removed and long hair should be tied up. Your eyeglasses should be secured if needed.
Q: Where is it best to place a mini trampoline?
A: It’s ideal to place the mini trampoline on a leveled surface area and not on a sloped or elevated area. Make sure fences, furniture, structures and the like are out of the way as far as possible.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Leaps & Rebounds Bungee Rebounder Mini-Trampoline is our best mini trampoline because of its 600D Oxford material, choice of 40 and 48-inch diameters, support of up to 250 pounds and UV resistant jumping mat.