Best Trampoline Mat

The Skybound 14 ft Replacement Trampoline Mat is our best trampoline mat which can be set up in less than 30 minutes so you can get your kids jumping right away in no time. The weight limit for this mat is 250 pounds so it can accommodate even bigger kids as well. The trampoline mat has been measured very specific to your trampoline.

Our step-up pick is the SkyBound 15ft Premium Trampoline Replacement Mat and made with Sunguard material, the trampoline mat also includes a spring tool so it is fairly easy to install to replace your old trampoline mat. It is also quite firm but bouncy so it is just the right mat to have for most trampolines out there.

The budget pick is the Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat and as a trampoline mat, it is a little more stretchy than other trampoline mats out there and it has a good upper bounce. It can withstand heat and rain and give you extra security overall and safety for kids. It can work as an exact replacement for an old trampoline mat that you may have.

A Little Background

A trampoline mat is a replacement part of a trampoline in which you jump off it. Trampoline mats come in various shapes and sizes, the most common being the round shaped trampoline mat. Most of them have woven fibers on the material composition which is highly important to keep the jumper from slipping from the surface.

Trampoline mats are usually built with UV protection so that if ever it gets exposed under the sun for too long, it will not become brittle and break apart too easily. Part of what makes a great trampoline mat is its durability other than its design. In measuring trampoline mats, you should measure the frame and not your old mat to make an accurate measurement and fitting that is just right.

Most mats are meant to replace round trampoline mats but some have square or rectangle configurations as well. Some mats are also ideal for fitness rebounders, so they have a lot of resistance compared to trampolines that are used just for fun bouncing for the kids.

Polypropylene is the most common trampoline mat material. UV resistant materials are important when having anything that will be exposed to the sun for a long time, such as trampolines. Situating a trampoline outside will have it sun-bathed a lot so it is advisable to have PP mats for your trampoline to make them sturdy.

This is why they are the most ideal mat material for trampoline jumping areas. The construction of PP lies not only on how it is sewn but also on how it is made as a material for fabric-based items like trampolines. Trampolines that are often left outside also need to be checked because the sun can wear out the mat, even if it does claim to be UV resistant. When you see holes and the like, don’t hesitate to buy a new trampoline mat.

Trampoline mats can be used for either home trampolines or large-scale gym and park trampolines that are for public use. Trampoline parks are considered an alternative for households that don’t have enough space in their home to install a trampoline. In fact some trampoline parks designate areas that are solely for kids, so that teens and adults who enjoy the rest of the trampoline park can safely perform flips and tricks without disturbing kids when they play around.

How We Picked

When you are choosing the best trampoline mat, you might want to consider these factors for whatever you pick:

Diameter of the mat: a trampoline mat that has a diameter of your specific trampoline frame size. Most mats that are for indoor use have a size of 3 to 8 feet and those bigger than that are ideal for outdoor use due to their size. Some are also more appropriate for gyms, such as rectangle trampolines that are meant for training gymnasts.

Ring count: consider the ring count of the trampoline mat to assure that it is tightly connected to the frame of your trampoline. A higher count of the rings means that it is more secure to the frame. It might mean more assemble time but it will be worth it in the end.

Attachment (spring or bungee cords): a trampoline mat that has a spring attachment has more strength and bounce but can be a bit of a safety threat to kids. However, most spring attached trampolines do have a safety pad cover to back it up so your kid won’t accidentally step on them. Bungee cords, on the other hand, are safer than spring systems but they can be hard to install and to tie up and are not as strong as spring systems.

Material of the mat: most trampoline mats are made with nylon or polypropylene woven together to form a strong jumping mat. Consider a trampoline mat that is strong in its material buildup and that so that it will not easily break.

Safety of the mat: the trampoline mat should be safe when it comes to its material and harness attachment. Most trampoline mats that pass ASTM standards are considered of high quality due to qualifying to world standards.

UV resistance: almost all trampoline mats today have some manner of sun protection ot UV resistance so that it will not get easily broken down during its time out in the sun. UV rays can deteriorate just about anything in the mat so make sure it is as tough and durable as can be.

Mat shape: most trampoline mats have a round mat shape which is the most common of all. However, there are also trampoline mats that are meant for rectangle frames or other shapes of trampolines.

Ease of attachment: consider a trampoline mat that is pretty easy to attach to your trampoline frame so that it will be less of a hassle to set it up.

Simple recreational trampoline mats usually take only 1 to 2 people and from 30 minutes to 1 or 2 hours to attach. However, those trampoline mats that are meant for fitness rebounders can be a little bit harder to pull off. Moreover, consider a trampoline mat that comes with a pulling tool for easy attachment, especially for spring models.

Bounciness: take note that a trampoline mat that is meant mostly for aerial stunts, gymnastics and recreational use need to have more bounce. However, kids trampolines need to have only a subtle amount of balance to prevent accidents. In the same way, fitness trampolines should have a good amount of resistance to be an effective weight loss tool and exercise trampoline to consider.

Fits which trampoline brand: some trampoline mats are designed to fit a specific brand of trampoline, such as Skywalker trampolines, Springfree trampolines and much more. It is often indicated in the description on whether it is a suitable replacement for a brand or model of trampoline.

Our Pick

Skybound 14 ft Replacement Trampoline Mat

Our best trampoline mat is the Skybound 14 ft Replacement Trampoline Mat. It’s very sturdy as a trampoline mat and the included materials to set it up makes it easy to setup. All you need to do is to count the number of springs and v-rings other than the size of your trampoline.

As a round trampoline mat, it is very portable and just the right size for most trampolines out there. For the ease of installation, the trampoline mat comes with a free spring tool so that it will be easy to pull the mat onto the springs and to the frame.

Made with heavy duty permatron construction for the entirety of the trampoline mat, it is also anti-microbial so it will be less likely to catch mold and will also be easier to clean, providing a safe and healthy environment for your kids to jump on.

Among the other benefits of this trampoline mat is that it is anti-bacterial due to the fact that it is made with material that doesn’t get easily infested with mold and mildew. Having a healthy trampoline mat is important for more bouncy and fun moments with your child.

It is important to know that the v-ring gauge is at 4.4 mm for this trampoline mat. It is quite easy to put on compared to other trampoline mats out there. What’s more, the v-rings are galvanized in this mat. In addition to that, it will fit most 14 feet diameter frames just fine.

The trampoline mat can fit on a spring trampoline with 6.5 inches of springs. It is also coupled with extra stitching so it is very durable. Moreover, it is a safe trampoline mat that can last many summers. In addition, it has been backed with reinforced stitching at 8 layers.

Thicker steel has been used for the rings of this trampoline mat. Moreover, it really stands up well under the sun and will keep kids safe generally. It has many rows of stitching and is backed by a 2 year limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Skybound 14 ft Replacement Trampoline Mat may have some few flaws but they are nothing serious, such as the fact that they may accidentally send you the wrong size, so you should definitely count the number of springs on your trampoline frame first and tell them precisely other than the size of your trampoline frame.

Step-up Pick

SkyBound 15ft Premium Trampoline Replacement Mat

Our step-up pick would be the SkyBound 15ft Premium Trampoline Replacement Mat and it can be a decent replacement for a beat-up mat. It is also safer to ride on than other mats out there. Installation will be a breeze with this trampoline mat.
Like most trampoline mat out there, it only allows for one person to jump on it at a time. Because it is also for an indoor trampoline, it will be a great activity for your kid during the winter or rainy season. It requires minimal assembly and is pretty simple in its design.
The material on this trampoline mat protects your trampoline investment all year round and it is also UV resistant so it can withstand sunny days. It also greatly pays attention to detail due to the stitching with up to 10 rows of reinforced stitching for the trampoline mat.
It is ideally set up for 7.5 inches springs on length. Made with very high grade materials, this is a round mat that is also coupled with 8 layers of stitching so it is extra durable. The trampoline mat will fit any 15 feet trampoline frame and it will be just fine even under UV rays.
With very good instructions for you to follow on how to set it up and to pick the right size, the trampoline mat is coupled with a permatron surface that is nonslip. It also packs 50% more durability in comparison to other trampoline mats that do not have a lot of UV protection.
It is made for heavy load jumping for kids and even teens. Moreover, it will get you assembling the trampoline easier due to its simple operation. Even if you live in hot places and dry deserts, this trampoline mat can withstand such weather conditions.
Made with thicker steel v-rings so it stays durable and safe for children, it will retain the right bounce of your trampoline at 5 mm for each v-ring gauge. Moreover, it is backed by a 3 year warranty for the stitching and v-rings and 5 year warranty for the mat.

Budget Pick

Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat

With our budget pick, the Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat, you can get your kids back to jumping right away if your previous trampoline mat broke down. It is made with polypropylene mesh material so it is very durable against the sun rays.
It will work just like the original if installed properly. Moreover, the trampoline mat can be used for different trampoline brands and not just one. It is currently available for frames that measure 9 feet across and it is made with 8 rows of stitching for extra stability and durability.
It is also UV resistant and is also tear resistant so it can protect your kids from injuries. The trampoline mat can be a great replacement for a good bounce. It is great for the children for its size and it might fit perfectly for your trampoline.
The trampoline mat fits trampolines with 5.5 inches of springs and a total of 54 v-rings. As a neat trampoline mat replacement and a fun investment, it can be used for many years due to its great durability and ability to withstand outdoor weather.
With 250 pounds for the weight limit, the trampoline mat is not just UV resistant but also well-stitched so kids can get to jumping with a lot of safety in mind. It is also water resistant so it is easy to clean and can survive the rain. Its stitching looks good.
This trampoline mat can also survive the winter because of its quality material. It is also a great alternative to buying a new trampoline. It seems sturdy, is nice and bouncy and can be a good exercise for your children.
You can simply use a spring pull tool with it for ease of installation. This trampoline mat is also a fade resistant mat that can survive the hot sun. It is so simple to put together that even just one person can install it to your trampoline frame. It is also significantly cheaper than other brands but does not compromise quality at all.

Best Trampoline Mat for Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump Mat 12/15ft

The Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump Mat 12/15ft is our ideal Skywalker brand trampoline mat that has a woven mat surface for slip resistance. Being nonslip is an important quality for any trampoline because it will help the jumper to stay as safe as possible when they move about the mat.
Built to a higher level of safety for all of is materials, the trampoline mat will definitely your Skywalker trampoline if it measures 12 feet or 15 feet (you make the choice). This is a good OEM trampoline mat that is also filled with UV resistant materials so it can stay in the sun for a long time.
The trampoline mat is easy to install so you can get kids to jumping in no time. The trampoline mat fits frames that have 6.5 inches springs and 96 rings for the 15 feet version and fits 5.5 inches springs and 72 rings for the 12 feet version.
You may find that the trampoline mat can have more bounce than the original. Moreover, if you have the Skywalker jump and dunk trampoline then this will be a perfect fit for it. Most customers who tried and tested this trampoline mat say that it gives the original bounce back to your Skywalker trampoline.
Currently available in 12 and 15 feet versions, the trampoline mat comes with some instructions to set it up. It is built to resist the elements due to its woven material. Moreover, your trampoline will look brand new when you consider this trampoline mat to replace an old mat.
Getting the right size is quite straightforward with this trampoline mat. And, like most trampoline mats, the enclosure net is purchased separately. Instead of getting a whole new trampoline, you may want to try this trampoline mat for your Skywalker trampoline.

Best Trampoline Mat with UV Protective Coating

Super Jumper TPA-12MAT Trampoline Mat

If you are looking for a UV protected or UV coated trampoline mat then the Super Jumper TPA-12MAT Trampoline Mat can be a great pick. It is made with high quality fabric that will not easily deteriorate with every use out in the sun and in outdoor settings.
The trampoline mat is pretty easy to attach to the trampoline so it becomes quite a simple setup overall. It is currently available in different sizes from 6 feet up to 16 feet and it is made with over 6 rows of stitching for added stability.
You can make it work as a replacement trampoline mat because of its simple installation. The trampoline mat can be decent for a replacement mat for your trampoline. It is made with UV coating so it has a lot of strength against the hot summers when you put the trampoline outside.
Take note that the 14 feet version has a total of 72 rings and the 15 feet version has 64 springs so you should know the number of springs of your trampoline other than the size of your trampoline. It comes with the specific number of rings depending on the trampoline size.
The UV protection of this trampoline mat is set out to prevent sun damage so your mat will not just stay durable for the many years to come but also become a safer option for kids to bounce on for enjoyment. As a round trampoline mat, kids will love jumping on it as soon as you install it to the frame of your trampoline.
You can also use a T-hook or spring pulling tool along with this trampoline mat so that you can easily install it onto your frame. Other sizes that are available for this trampoline mat are 16 feet, 14, 12, 10 and 6 feet. If your kids absolutely love jumping and want to remedy your worn out trampoline mat then this is a good replacement to get them going again.

Best Trampoline Mat that is Water Resistant

Upper Bounce Pure Fun Trampoline Mat

Made only with heavy duty, materials, the Upper Bounce Pure Fun Trampoline Mat is our ideal trampoline mat that has water resistant capabilities. Being water resistant for a trampoline mat is important because it will be okay to use under the rain and it will be easy to clean overall. With enough instructions on how to measure, buying the right configuration for your trampoline will be just fine.
The material on this trampoline mat prevents the mat from tearing so it can withstand the rough play of kids and can also withstand many other outside factors that can potentially damage the mat in many ways. The trampoline mat fits those frames that have 8.5 inches of springs so make sure that you measure your trampoline frame first and look at its user’s manual.
When you try to buy a trampoline mat for a replacement for your old one, it can be a fun investment for your kids who just want to jump on their trampoline once again. In addition to that, it is made with polypropylene mesh material so it is extra durable for sun and rain and outdoor purposes.
As a UV resistant trampoline mat, it will last longer than other mats due to its woven texture. Moreover, it is a fade resistant mat so the material will definitely be a great investment. This trampoline mat will fit the Pure Fun Model # 9014T trampoline, so if you have this trampoline then this is a good OEM replacement to consider.
Providing your trampoline with extra security and durability, the trampoline mat will also fit most 14 feet trampolines out there and can survive for many years if you take good care of it. The trampoline mat presents a total of 8 rows of stitching so that it can have a lot of stability through all of the jumping. It can be attached by 88 v-links through its corresponding trampoline frame. And as we mentioned, this trampoline mat is a water resistant mat for the rainy days.

Best Trampoline Mat with a Spring Tool Included

Trampoline Depot Premium Replacement Jumping Mat

The Trampoline Depot Premium Replacement Jumping Mat is our ideal trampoline mat that comes with a free spring tool. It is meant for round trampolines and the spring tool makes it so easy to install it compared to those without a spring tool.
As for the construction of the trampoline mat, it is made with polypropylene with carbon so this trampoline mat is quite durable due to that material mix. This particular mat is ideal for 14 feet trampoline frames due to its size.
Moreover, the trampoline mat can fit various brands such as JumpKing, Sundance and Bazoongi trampolines. It only takes about 15 minutes of setup so it is pretty easy to put together. It greatly fits 5.5 inches springs at 72 v-rings in its configuration.
The trampoline mat also offers UV protection for its material which is essential if you want a trampoline mat that can withstand hot summers. Moreover, if you own a trampoline from Leisure Kingdom, Sports Chalet, Sky Bouncer and Hedstrom, this trampoline mat may also fit.
If you own Wal-Mart, Supertramp, JumpSport and Costco trampolines and they need to have a trampoline mat replacement then this is a good place to start. It has good mildew resistance which is important in keeping the trampoline mat clean and free from germs that might get into your kids’ feet and make them sick and make the mat slippery.
The free spring tool of this trampoline mat is a good advantage because it can help in the ease of installation. Other brands of trampoline that this trampoline mat can fit in include Sam’s Club, AirMaster and Sports Authority. In addition, the high tensile strength makes this trampoline mat a jumping investment for your kids. It will also fit NBF, Bollinger and Regal trampolines.
In addition to that, with this trampoline mat, there are also other v-ring counts and spring sizes to choose from. It is backed by a one year warranty for the entirety of the mat.

Best Trampoline Mat for a Rectangle Trampoline

Mastercraft 7′ X 14′ Trampoline Replacement Mat

If you want an awesome trampoline mat for a rectangle trampoline, you can try the Mastercraft 7′ X 14′ Trampoline Replacement Mat for a replacement. It is quite easy to set up and its material allows for more air flow, which makes this trampoline mat not too hot on your feet.
Having a breathable trampoline mat like this one is rare to find because all other trampoline mats are bouncy and durable yet they do not provide a lot of breathability at all. This is crucial because the sun can really get hot and the trampoline mat can get affected by this heat.
It can be a great way to replace your existing mat when it is worn out. Moreover, the trampoline mat is appropriate to use in any area or place where the sun is very tough due to its durability. It is also approved for gym club use due to being a rectangle trampoline mat that is ideal for gymnastic training and the like.
Highly compatible with 9 inches of spring length, the trampoline mat stands durable and simple to put together. Unlike round mats, the mat size is determined for your trampoline for this rectangle trampoline instead of the frame size.
With a tight weave of polypropylene on its material build, you can expect the trampoline mat to last for a very long time when taken care of properly. It will fit 7 x 14 feet trampolines of any brand. It is also double stitched so you can expect a good durability from it.
The trampoline mat is rated at 350 pounds on its weight limit so it can support many people at once and is a great training ground for athletes. Made with UV resistant materials so you can use it under the sun with no problem, the construction of this trampoline mat offers a better bounce.
The trampoline mat has a total of 36 rings for the long side and 18 rings for the short side, totaling on 108 spring loops. In addition, the rings have a tough strength so it is a great gymnast trampoline mat to consider that could stand up to sun rays.

Best Trampoline Mat with Size Choices

ExacMe Weatherproof Jumping Mat for S-series

The ExacMe Weatherproof Jumping Mat for S-series is a great trampoline mat consideration with many size choices to pick from. It is a good replacement jumping mat that can last many years of use with proper care. It will give your kids the bouncing enjoyment they deserve.
It also has a good waterproof surface that makes it alright to store outdoors under bad weather. Fitting the ExacMe S-series trampolines, the mat consideration is a carbon coated polypropylene mat that fits a round trampoline mat. Its v-rings have been sewn into the mat.
Being a UV resistant mat, the mat consideration also packs good tensile strength so it can be highly durable. With galvanized v-rings for extra stability, 12, 14, and 15 feet models are available for this mat consideration. It is a good replacement if your trampoline mat has worn out and it is also fade resistant .
Made with Permatrom polypropylene, here are the specific numbers to remember: 15-feet model has 108 springs and fits 7-inch springs; the 14-feet model has 96 springs and fits 6.5-inch springs and; the 12-feet model has 72 springs and fits 6.5-inch springs as well. The mat consideration is tough yet flexible so it can last for many seasons with extra care.

Best Trampoline Mat for Round Trampolines

Upper Bounce 13′ Trampoline Jumping Mat

The Upper Bounce 13′ Trampoline Jumping Mat is a great jumping mat replacement that fits a round trampoline, has a total of 8 rows of stitching and is made with a PP mesh. As a 13-foot diameter mat, it resists fading from the sun due to its UV resistance.
It is also water resistant, making it easy to clean and safe during the rainy days. It is compatible with any round frame trampoline that use 7-inch springs and has a total of 80 v-rings in its configuration. Like for most trampoline mats out there, all you need to measure and count is the spring size, frame size and spring count.
Acting as a good replacement for an original trampoline jumping mat, the trampoline mat can fit a lot of trampoline brands and can withstand extreme climates as well. The durability can get it standing well with most weather conditions.

The Competition

Other trampoline mats are not very good in terms of weaving, construction and number of rings around it. You should have a trampoline mat that is equally durable yet simple to attach with less effort. It is important to consider a mat that will stand up to abuse, especially if you want to consider replacing an outdoor trampoline or kids trampoline.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is an accurate measurement of your trampoline frame important when purchasing a new one?
A: The exact measurement of your trampoline is important because it will help you determine a pad that fits well on your trampoline. Having a mat or pad that is too loose or too short will make it hard to install. Use a tape measure to accurately determine the diameter if it is a round mat or its area if it is a square, rectangle or oval mat.
Q: What makes polypropylene an ideal material for trampoline mats?
A: The composition of polypropylene makes it popular not just with trampoline mats but also in many other items out there. It is easy to shape due to the low density and can be recycled when possible. The low density also makes it eco-friendly compared to other plastics. In addition, most plastic products that are made of polypropylene are okay to use in the microwave. Additionally, most polypropylene materials are water resistant and are less prone to getting moist due to the oxygen barrier.
Q: Is a polypropylene jumping mat for a trampoline UV resistant?
A: Yes, most PP mats are indeed UV resistant because of their composition and material, which can withstand heat. This makes PP made containers microwavable.
Q: Other than trampoline mats, what else could PP mats be used for?
A: The PP mat or polypropylene mat can be used in a wide range of other items such as the safety enclosure of a trampoline, so that it will be UV resistant in that part as well. Safety enclosures are important for kids trampolines because it will protect them from falling down. Aquatic trampolines also have PP mats because they are water resistant and less prone to mildew and molding. If you also encounter catarman beds then they also use PP mats for making them.
Q: Is polypropylene a durable material to consider for jumping mats?
A: Yes, polypropylene or PP is very durable because it does not break easily. Fabrics such as nylon and other materials such as canvas and plastic can break easily but the construction of PP is quite strong in comparison to them.
Q: What is the structural load capacity of a trampoline and what is it used for?
A: Other than the minimum weight recommendation, the structural load capacity is determined by how much weight the trampoline needs for the mat to touch the ground. Thus, the structural load capacity can be seen as the endpoint of a trampoline’s total weight capacity. Minimum weight recommendations ensure that when you jump, you won’t touch the ground at all.
Q: When should I replace my jumping mat on my trampoline?
A: Trampoline mats can wear out and this is why you need to inspect them every now and then, especially if they have been used a lot for weeks, months or years. Inspect the mat’s surface for holes or sagging parts, especially on the sides where it connects with the spring (or bungee cord).
Q: How much time does it take to install a trampoline mat onto a trampoline frame on the average?
A: The trampoline mat can be installed somewhere between half an hour to over 4 hours or more, depending on how big the trampoline is. For smaller trampolines, it will require less time but for bigger, Olympic-sized trampolines, you will take hours of your time and might even require 2 to 3 people to install it. On the average, you might take about 1 to 2 hours for a regular trampoline at home to install it.
Q: Do you need a lot of force to attach a trampoline mat?
A: Yes, most trampoline mats are designed to be hard to stretch and pull to the sides of your trampoline frame, so be sure to have someone to help you if you can’t do it on your own. This is especially the case for bigger trampolines or for rebounders that require a lot of strength. In addition, it can also depend on how it will be attached. Spring based trampolines are the easiest while they can be a bit dangerous. Bungee cord trampolines are a bit tricky but can be generally safer than spring based ones. Unique trampoline mechanisms such as the Springfree trampolines make use of flexible fiberglass rods which require a different installation method, but still requires a lot of force to put together.
Q: Where is it advisable to install an in-ground trampoline?
A: Any in-ground trampoline requires installation by digging a big hole on the ground, which is pretty hard for some, and may require more than 2 people to work on. In-ground trampolines can have different designs, but to effectively attach an in-ground trampoline is to have a hole dug out of the ground. In-ground trampolines are the best for areas with little rain and snow so that it doesn’t get into the hole of the trampoline.
Q: Why should trampolines be placed on level ground?
A: Having an imbalanced trampoline position can be a bad thing for your child’s safety and for the safety of whoever jumps on the trampoline. Make sure that the trampoline is situated on a flat surface. If your backyard or front yard is sloped then it is not a great place to put a trampoline on. However, you may still opt for trampolines at the park or find an area in your house that has a flat surface that is not inclined.
Q: What should I check on the surroundings before I install a trampoline outdoors?
A: If you plan on an outdoor trampoline then make sure it is in a clear area where it is far away from trees, plants, shrubs, fences and other garden or backyard objects that can be a disturbance when kids (and maybe teens and adults) play around. It is important that there is a large enough clearance between the trampoline and the objects in your yard.
Q: Are trampoline parks considered a safe place for kids?
A: If the trampoline park has enough safety rules for kids and if the parents and management supervise the kids well then it is considered a safe place for kids to enjoy jumping around and maybe even socializing with other children.
Q: What could happen to your child if you don’t supervise them when playing on a trampoline?
A: Your child can have potential accidents if you don’t watch over them. Injuries to the head, neck and sprains can occur so you should always make sure you watch over your children responsibly and keep them from doing dangerous tricks if they are not capable of doing so, and especially if the trampoline is very small.
Q: Why are safety pads important for any kids trampoline?
A: The safety pads are commonly installed in almost every trampoline out there because it protects your child’s feet from the springs, especially if it is spring installed. If it is bungee cord that attaches the mat to the frame, it can also serve as a cover so that your child won’t fall through the gaps. The padding of these safety covers for the edges of your trampoline can help a lot in safety and to keep kids bouncing without the dangers of slipping and landing the wrong way.
Q: Why is it important that only one child at a time is allowed on a trampoline?
A: The trampoline’s safety can be compromised if two or more children play along, especially if it is a small to medium sized trampoline with no enclosure at all. The one child at a time policy is important for keeping a safe play environment for the kids, especially in small spaces and yards.
Q: Why should ladders on a trampoline be removed when not in use?
A: The trampoline ladder can provide kids a secret access when you are not watching them, which makes it unsafe because you don’t know if they’re jumping and horse playing around.
Q: Why are somersaults and flips not allowed for kids who aren’t trained in trampolines?
A: This is because they can potentially injure your child if they don’t have the proper trampoline and don’t have a lot of skills to balance themselves and land on the right way.
Q: Are safety nets really important for a trampoline?
A: Yes, most trampolines that are situated outdoors require a safety net so that if the child goes out of balance, the net can catch them to save them from falling down.
Q: If my trampoline has a net, should I still watch over my kids?
A: Yes, the safety net is not something you should substitute for parental guidance. This is because no trampoline is fully child-proof when it comes to extremely rough play so you should keep watching them at all times when using the trampoline.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Skybound 14 ft Replacement Trampoline Mat is our best trampoline mat made of permatron construction, with a 250-lb weight capacity and mold resistance for ease of cleanup.