Best Rectangle Trampoline

The Summit 14′ Safety Enclosure Rectangle Trampoline is our best rectangle trampoline which has a total size of 8 x 14 feet or 91 square feet so it is quite spacious for most people. It is also roughly easy to assemble even for a rectangle trampoline. With 200 pounds on its weight capacity, this tough rectangle trampoline can survive tons of snow.

Our step-up pick is the Magic Circle 14-Foot Rectagon Enclosure Trampoline and the rectangle trampoline is also covered with UV-protected foam so that it will protect your kids from the metal parts of the trampoline. It is a fairly easy to assemble family friendly rectangle trampoline that can be a great workout or physical activity that is fun.

The budget pick is the Upper Bounce 13-Feet Trampoline Jumping Mat and it has an interlocking square shaped socket that makes it easy to put together. The total size of this rectangle trampoline is at 13 x 13 feet so it is more like a square rather than a rectangle. As for the durability, it may last a long time with proper care due to its materials.

A Little Background

A rectangle trampoline is a kind of trampoline with corners and is usually seen on most gyms and Olympic practices for gymnasts, divers, acrobats and the like. Unlike the round trampoline, the rectangle trampoline is a bit more expensive and has more bounce than the fitness rebounder, which makes it more ideal for tricks, stunts and flips.
Aerial acrobats as well as divers will find a rectangle trampoline beneficial for their training regimen. Moreover, experts argue that trampolines are safer on the knees versus jogging or running. People who have lymphatic problems may also find rebound exercises more beneficial than treadmill runs. Exercising on a trampoline is a low impact activity so it is great for almost all ages and not just a weight loss program for adults and teens.
Safety pads are usually included in most trampolines but some companies don’t include them, in which case you need to provide them by yourself by ordering them separately. Most manufacturers offer a trampoline mat separately but in the worst case scenario, you can look for other places such as a local sports store for a trampoline mat.

How We Picked

When choosing the best rectangle trampoline, you might want to consider the following factors:
Mat area or jumping surface: the total length of a rectangular trampoline usually goes somewhere between 10 to 17 feet. Any rectangular trampoline should have a decent area to jump on, especially if you want the whole family to bounce altogether in just one go. It should also be taken into consideration if you have a small space in the yard or at home.
Spring strength and safety: in addition, the safety of the rectangle trampoline also lies on the foam padding or cover to keep the springs away from your feet. Most rectangular trampolines aren’t operated by bungees and are usually spring installed ones so it is important to keep the feet away from the springs using a pad cover. If your manufacturer doesn’t provide it then you should buy one separately or if you can, make one.
Weather resistance: the rectangular trampoline should have decent weather resistance, especially if it is going to be outdoors a lot. The mat should have some UV resistance so that it will not become brittle and break apart too easily. A mat that is also water resistant is also a great consideration.
Weight capacity: the rectangle trampoline will usually have a bigger weight capacity from 200 to 400 pounds. Knowing the weight capacity is important so that you know when a rectangular trampoline is overloaded in terms of how many people are on it.
Age bracket: know if the rectangle trampoline is designed for kids, for adults or for both. Most rectangular trampolines can accompany the whole family or at least an adult and a kid or two adults or two to three kids at the same time depending on its size and dimensions.
Frame construction: most rectangular trampolines have tough and durable frames that are meant for the outdoor setting, such as aluminum or stainless steel. This ensures that the rectangular trampoline will be rust proof and can withstand the elements.
Number of people allowed: most rectangle trampolines can allow more than one person to jump on it. Bigger trampolines that may be used for the Olympics can also allow people to perform stunts.
Safety standards: governing bodies such as the ASTM and CE can certify if a rectangle trampoline is deemed safe due to its features. This is important to know since trampolines can be a health hazard if not properly constructed or installed.
Ease of setup and taking down: consider a rectangular trampoline that is easy to setup and disassemble, even if it does take 2 to 3 people, especially for bigger trampolines out there. Most rectangular trampolines aren’t really portable but when they are setup, the whole family can join in the fun.
Height from the ground: consider a rectangular trampoline that is not too high from the ground, especially if it is for the kids, so that it won’t pose a threat to their safety in case they bounce off and land wrong.
Mat material: the mat material of the rectangular trampoline should be durable such as polyethylene or nylon that has some resistance to UV rays and the weather yet provides just the right amount of bounce that is not too stiff.
Mesh netting option: most rectangular trampolines can have a mesh netting option, especially if it is going to be a playpen for the kids. This is to protect them from accidentally bouncing off the trampoline and landing elsewhere.

Our Pick

Summit 14′ Safety Enclosure Rectangle Trampoline

Our best rectangle trampoline would be the Summit 14′ Safety Enclosure Rectangle Trampoline. With a thickly padded cover to protect it from constant wear and tear, the rectangle trampoline is also quite easy to assemble so you can get to your workout right away instead of fumbling over the instructions.
The rectangle shape offers you more room to jump and it also has a zipper door for easy entry for the kids and others who want to jump in. providing you with an even bounce, the rectangle trampoline also meets the ASTM safety standards and it is AZO Free so it is clearly safe.
Ideal for gymnasts, the rectangle trampoline stands 9.5 feet high or 37.4 inches and it is backed by 4 legs at the bottom. As for the material, it is made with 12-gauge galvanized steel for the frame so it is rust-resistant. Most kids and young adults can benefit from this reliable rectangle trampoline.
Moreover, it has an upright T-bracket setup so it is simple to put together. The jumping surface measures 1.5 inches. It is made for the winning gymnast and it is also fade resistant so it is okay to use outdoors. What’s more, the rectangle trampoline is puncture resistant so it will survive rough play.
Supported by over 80 rust-resistant springs, measuring 7 inches each, added by 4 rust-resistant springs at 5.5 inches each, the rectangle trampoline is ideal for ages 6 years old and above as well as some teenagers who want to go for competitive jumping.
Made with UV-protected polypropylene for the matting, the rectangle trampoline is also mildew resistant so it is easier to clean. It comes with a hook for easy installation and it can also be used without the enclosure as well.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Summit 14′ Safety Enclosure Rectangle Trampoline may be our top pick but it does have a few hiccups that are not really threatening, such as the fact that it may have rare occasions of missing parts, but it can be easily remedied as most of the parts can be bought over a regular hardware store.

Step-up Pick

Magic Circle 14-Foot Rectagon Enclosure Trampoline

Our step-up pick for the best rectangle trampoline would be the Magic Circle 14-Foot Rectagon Enclosure Trampoline. It is good for the family due to the handrail which can be held onto by kids for safety and balance. Its adjustable hand rail can cater to a lot of user types and builds.
It is a nice home workout rectangle trampoline to consider for its size and durability. This really large but reliable trampoline is surprisingly easy to assemble within 40 minutes for the whole family. The total size of the rectangle trampoline is at 9 x 14 feet.
The included jumping mat and cage are made of the same materials so they are both tough and durable. There is a magic cage included that will protect your children at all times. Both of the jumping mat and the cage have a tensile strength of 350 pounds per square inch.
With a weight limit of 450 lbs so it can take a lot of children at once, the rectangle trampoline is built for a stronger hold and for the outdoor setting. It is an all in one trampoline system that gives you and your kids the health benefits of rebound exercises.
It also greatly provides safety for your children due to the netting build as well as the heavy duty materials. What’s more, the cage is sewn into the mat so you do not have to worry about possible holes in the rectangle trampoline that can compromise the safety of your kids.
In addition to that, the rectangle trampoline can provide hours of jumping fun for you and your kids and can be setup with 2 people like most rectangle trampolines out there. As a one piece construction that has sufficient instructions, there are no openings between the cage and the mat. It is also important to know that the cage height is 6 feet.

Budget Pick

Upper Bounce 13-Feet Trampoline Jumping Mat

The Upper Bounce 13-Feet Trampoline Jumping Mat is our budget pick. It gives off a superior bounce and you can also add a trampoline ladder and some other accessories. The rectangle trampoline can withstand strong winds and snow.
What’s more, the rectangle trampoline’s mat is held together using 84 v-rings so it is extra sturdy for the record. Moreover, the water resistant quality of the rectangle trampoline’s mat is a very awesome thing to consider if you want to use the rectangle trampoline outdoors and in bad weather.
As a nice trampoline, the unit also has a fade resistant mat so it is okay to use even in extremely sunny conditions. This kind of feature is important so that the mat’s printing will not fade and the quality of the fabrics on the rectangle trampoline will not become brittle or snap when the time comes.
For the durability of the mat, the rectangle trampoline uses polypropylene mesh material for the jumping platform so it is quite durable. Moreover, it has a measurement of 7.5 inches in its springs so it is extra long with a lot of bounce and stability to spare.
Furthermore, the rectangle trampoline also features 8-row stitching on its mat so it is extra tightly knit yet it is not too tight for most people, especially kids, to bounce on. It can be a great replacement for an older trampoline due to its neat pricing.
Moreover, you can expect the mat of this trampoline as a heavy duty mat with extra security. It generally fits 2 to 3 kids so it is great for siblings to share a jumping space with. The fact that the rectangle trampoline is also UV resistant means that you can store it outdoors without the worry of getting brittle at all for the fabrics.
The rectangle trampoline also prevents tearing so it is great for those kids who love to jump a lot or end up in rough play. In addition to that, the mat of this trampoline will also fit most Skywalker trampolines out there.

Best Rectangle Trampoline with an In-Ground Design

Jump Power 10×7.5-ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline

If you want a unique in-ground trampoline that will have a lot of stability compared to on-ground trampolines then you can try the Jump Power 10×7.5-ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline. This rectangle trampoline is made with a solid 16 gauge frame strength so it is built for the elements.
The unique thing about this rectangle trampoline is unlike the competitors, it has been tested to 4 million bounce cycles so it makes a difference if you and your family will often bounce on this rectangle trampoline a lot for a long time.
Being an easy to assemble rectangle trampoline, it measures 1.75 inches on its galvanized steel frame thickness so it is pretty thick compared to other trampoline frames out there. The total size of this rectangle trampoline is at 10 x 7.5 ft.
Moreover, kids will love this trampoline due to its decent size as well as the safety netting. In this rectangle trampoline, there is a spring count of 58 at 6.5 inches each so they will definitely keep the platform balanced and sturdy.
In addition to that, the size and design of this rectangle trampoline will fit nearly any size of yard due to being not too big nor too small. There is also a quick release for the enclosure using the top ring cable wire mechanism so your kids can get out easily.
The rectangle trampoline has up to 220 lbs on its weight limit so it is okay for two kids or a kid and a parent. It is a great rectangle trampoline that can withstand its position during high winds. It has a safety net enclosure to keep the children from falling down away from the trampoline when they jump.
Another unique thing about the rectangle trampoline is that it has a European design and is approved by the ASTM, EN 71 & GS. Being a low impact workout on your bones and joints, the rectangle trampoline can be used by gymnasts to obtain a higher jump. It also uses EPE Foam for the tubes for safety.
A total of 1 to 2 kids could jump on it and most homeowners associations codes will approve of this trampoline. It has a PVC bottom mat and it only needs a 3 1/2 to 4 foot deep hole or about 36 inches deep. The rectangle trampoline also absorbs more landing force compared to others.

Best Rectangle Trampoline made with a Galvanized Steel Frame

Amponite GC-7185TX Rectangle 10×17 feet Trampoline

If you want an outdoor rectangle trampoline that has been made with a galvanized steel frame then you can try the Amponite GC-7185TX Rectangle 10×17 feet Trampoline. It also has an overhead safety net which keeps the children as safe as possible when jumping.
This is a good rectangle trampoline to buy if you have a lot of kids because of its safety features. What’s more, there’s also a safety foam for the frame to retain elasticity. In addition to that, the size of this rectangle trampoline is roughly 10 x 17 feet so it is pretty large and also ideal for gymnasts.
When it comes to the frame design, the rectangle trampoline is a great pick due to its durability against bad weather. Like most trampolines out there, there are triangular rings attached to the springs which can be installed onto the frame of the rectangle trampoline.
As a gymnastic sized trampoline for either indoor or outdoor use, the 4 leg supports have a diagonal design that help keep the rectangle trampoline in shape and standing sturdy. There are a total of 3 cross legs in this rectangle trampoline that help in stability.
You will find that the rectangle trampoline has a big bounce and it is made with a puncture resistant fabric so it is resistant to rough play by the kids. Being TUV-GS certified for safety, it also keeps the frame from collapsing due to its added mechanisms.
Made with vertical and horizontal poles, the rectangle trampoline comes with the safety net and pads which can shield the trampoline in extreme weather conditions. Made with a polypropylene mesh for the met, you’ll find this rectangle trampoline a strong and durable one.
It can stand up to sun, rain and cold weather and it is made with a 9-gauge galvanized steel frame so it is pretty thick. In addition to that, any person who jumps in the rectangle trampoline won’t contact the springs due to the pads that give enough safety.
With plenty of room to jump on, the rectangle trampoline is a safe place to play for kids. Moreover, the calendared surface mat is non-abrasive so it is great for keeping a stable bounce. The rectangle trampoline is backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty on pads and other parts.

Best Rectangle Trampoline for Toddlers

Jump Power 72×50″ Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

The Jump Power 72×50″ Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline is our best bet if you have toddlers or young kids who want to jump padded poles. As for the stability, its legs are made of 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing and are covered by blow-molded plastic legs for added durability and form.
As a great indoor and outdoor rectangle trampoline, it is perfect for most home spaces due to the decent size yet it gives that extra bounce that your kids will want to have. It measures 72 x 50 inches in total and is also TUV, EN 71 & GS safety approved for safety.
The jumping mat of this rectangle trampoline is made with tightly woven fibers that will not easily break apart for the safety of your kids. It is important to know that the weight recommendation is up to 110 lbs so it is for toddlers. It is a great kids trampoline to have because it has a swing for added fun.
Its dinosaur print design makes it attractive for kids to play around it. Your child can have hours of exercise on this rectangle trampoline alone while keeping them safe and sound. It measures 11 feet at the tallest point so you may need to have more ceiling room.
Nonetheless, for fun and enjoyment, this is a great kid’s rectangle trampoline to have for most homes. It only contains 10% PVC material, 40% polyethylene and 50% polypropylene in its construction and is ideal for children from 3 to 10 years old.
What’s more, the PE netting is UV-resistant so you can also take it outdoors for your kids to enjoy. It is also rust resistant due to its framing material so you can move it from indoors to outdoors just fine, also because of its decent weight.
It also has a spring safety pad for added protection so your kids won’t get injured by the spring system. There are a total of 42 springs which are zinc coated and are made of galvanized steel, measuring 3 1/2 inches each. What’s more, the rectangle trampoline’s frame tested to withstand up to 500 lbs of weight.
As for durability, Grade A black trampoline fabric makes up the jumping mat. The rectangle trampoline comes with the needed assembly manual and is backed by a warranty of 3 years on the frame and 180 days on other parts.

Best Rectangle Trampoline that is UV Resistant

BouncePro 15′ Square Trampoline SteelFlex Enclosure

The BouncePro 15′ Square Trampoline SteelFlex Enclosure is our ideal UV resistant rectangle trampoline that kids and teens alike can use. As a matter of fact, children can stay safely inside the trampoline due to the safety enclosure.
With a big 15 feet of jump area, the rectangle trampoline can give your kids a lot of room to jump around on and practice their tumbling skills and the like without a lot of dangerous hazards around. It is a great addition to any backyard during the summer for activities with the kids.
The rectangle trampoline has a weight limit of 220 lbs so it is ideal for 1 to 2 kids or an adult and a kid. Its galvanized steel tubes are rust resistant with a thickness of 2.4 inches so it makes the frame super tough and durable against weather disturbances and a lot of bouncing.
In terms of its setup, the netting has a SteelFlex rod at the top for a clean finish and safety of all the parts. What’s more, in this rectangle trampoline, the 8 steel poles are foam-padded and strong so they can protect your child from off-bouncing and will retain the rectangle trampoline’s form all the time.
Providing a lot of strength to hold together, you get a great assurance that you and your child will stay safe while bouncing in this rectangle trampoline. What’s more, it won’t give your kids the enclosure net sag experience due to the SteelFlex design.
Giving you up to 360 degrees of visibility due to the slightly clearer netting, the rectangle trampoline is ideal for kids 6 years old and above. Its safety enclosure keeps this trampoline a great way to watch the kids play by themselves without sacrificing durability.
The rectangle trampoline can improve agility and balance for you and your children as anyone can bounce for hours on the UV-resistant jump mat, which will less likely deteriorate easily when under the sun. the rectangle trampoline can be your child’s new workout buddy due to being fun and exciting.
To protect your child’s feet, the rectangle trampoline has a spring pad protector. Also perfect for gymnastics training, the bouncing motion of this rectangle trampoline is such as deep and soft bounce. Kids can be strengthening their muscles with this trampoline. Moreover, the PE netting has been tightly woven and the safety netting is constructed well.

Best Rectangle Trampoline with a Net Enclosure

MegaDeal 14′ Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure Combo

The MegaDeal 14′ Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure Combo is a great rectangle trampoline to have if you want one that has an enclosure for kids safety. Its 4 U-shaped legs are wide so this really helps when it comes down to safety, security and stability while you are bouncing.
In addition to that, the polyethylene material for the netting makes the rectangle trampoline very durable against quick wear and tear unlike other trampolines out there. What’s more, the enclosure net is kept apart using the arched poles so that the rectangle trampoline will not cause faulty netting.
With a lot of added stability, the v-rings don’t give gaps on the trampoline at all so the rectangle trampoline is safe throughout its entire build for your kids to enjoy bouncing on without the worry of falling over.
Moreover, the rectangle trampoline also passed ASTM safety standards so it is clearly safe for your kids. With a steel enclosure frame to make it durable, the trampoline joints have T-brackets on each enclosure so it stands sturdy and won’t make room for injury for your children.
The rectangle trampoline measures 14 feet across so it has a fair size for a rectangle trampoline. It has also been padded with soft foam so it is gentle on your kids during their rough play. In addition to that the 82 large coil springs are of heavy gauge and are rust resistant for outdoor use.
With an interlocking square shaped socket for ease of setup, the structural stability of this rectangle trampoline is quite good. It is also equipped with UV protection so you can take it outside for the kids to play. Moreover, there is also the woven jumping mat to prevent slipping. As a rectangle trampoline, there is a button hole feature to keep the mat away from the springs.

Best Rectangle Trampoline for Family Activities

Skywalker 8×14-Feet Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure

The Skywalker 8×14-Feet Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure is a great family activity rectangle trampoline during the summer. Its interlocking frame is made out of galvanized steel so it is a perfect workout companion or family fun trampoline outdoors.
With a 12-gauge steel quality for the frame for durability, up to 2 people in the jumping pad can be supported depending on their weight. The included green spring pad which is made with a UV-resistant PVC material is just right to keep the kids safe while they are bouncing.
The netting of this rectangle trampoline also features a dual closure system so it is easier to enter and exit the rectangle trampoline altogether. Moreover, the netting system stands at 6 feet high so it is just right for most kids.
The padded enclosure system is a great safety mechanism and the jumping pad provides an even bounce. The rectangle trampoline stands about 3 1/2 feet on its height from the ground to the mat. With a gap free enclosure design for safety, the rectangle trampoline has a weight capacity of 200 lbs.
This rectangle trampoline will suffice most outdoor family activities and its springs have a gold coating for rust-resistance so it is great for the elements. It is also very easy to put together and is excellent for gymnasts for practice and the like.
Meeting and adhering to ASTM safety Standards, the rectangle trampoline has total dimensions of 8 x 14 feet or 81.3 square feet. In fact, assembly and disassembly is pretty easy for it. With a total of 84 steel springs, 80 of which are at 7 inches and 4 are at 5.5 inches, it also has 8 upright foam padded poles.

Best Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

GTS Extreme 11′ x 17′ Trampoline

The GTS Extreme 11′ x 17′ Trampoline is our ideal gymnastics rectangle trampoline. Most cheerleaders will find the grade A black fabric for the jumping mat a great training mat as well as divers. Even aerialists can find more jumping space for this rectangle trampoline.
This rectangle trampoline uses closed cell foam with a width of 20 inches so that the springs will not be stepped on. The galvanized steel tubes of the frame are at 9-gauge so they are pretty thick. It pays a lot when it comes down to frame durability.
Measuring a total of 112 square feet or 11 x 17 feet, its steel frame has been tested to 1,500 pounds of structural capacity. The weight supported is up to 440 pounds so it’s a high-end trampoline, which is also covered by a lifetime warranty.

The Competition

Other rectangular trampolines were simply not safe for use, were too expensive and also had reports of defective parts that can’t be replaced through the manufacturer or over a local hardware store. It is important that a rectangular trampoline has a set of good materials and clear instructions to put it together and quickly so you can get bouncing right away.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use a rectangle trampoline?
A: The rectangle trampoline is perhaps best used by athletes, gymnasts and other people who are into a trampoline mainly because of tricks rather than for home use. Most gyms and workout studios and places have a rectangle trampoline for additional bounce for performing tricks.
Q: What are the typical sizes of a rectangle trampoline?
A: The typical dimensions of a rectangular trampoline can be around 11 x 17 feet for bigger ones and 10 x 14 feet for medium sized ones. A slightly square shaped trampoline can be around 10 x 12 inches. Trampolines with corners are mostly ideal for multiple people bouncing at the same time without compromising safety and security. The smaller rectangle trampolines are great for home use while the bigger 17-foot one may be a trainer for the Olympics.
Q: Why are safety pads important in any trampoline?
A: If your trampoline has springs in its system instead of bungee cords then make sure you buy safety pads for it. Having safety pads is important, especially if kids will use the trampoline, so they will not accidentally step on the springs as well as on the steel frame of the trampoline.
Q: Are rectangle trampolines expensive?
A: Yes, most trampolines with a rectangle shape can be pricey because they are usually the most high end of all trampolines due to its ability to withstand high intensity flips and tricks from gymnasts, divers, acrobats and the like. However, it is also a great choice for families who want to bounce together in a large trampoline rather than on a small round trampoline.
Q: Which parts of the body are toned and exercised with the use of a trampoline?
A: Using a trampoline on a regular basis can be a great exercise for your core / abdominal muscles, arm muscles, calf, gluteus, quadriceps, legs and hamstrings. Most people even tumble and perform somersaults on a trampoline that has the capability to do so, such as a rectangle trampoline. Take note that trampoline tricks aren’t ideal for those who have joint injuries and back pain.
Q: Where should you install a trampoline if it will be used outside?
A: Make sure that the trampoline area will have sufficient overhead clearance and away from fences and other objects that can cause injuries if you accidentally bounce off the trampoline. In addition to that, you should never install or setup a trampoline if the ground is not level or if it is inclined or uneven.
Q: Why is it important to cover your trampoline when it’s outdoors?
A: The sun’s UV rays can take its toll on your trampoline and make its parts brittle or dry up. This can be a potential safety threat to your trampoline, especially if you haven’t been using it for a long time. If you don’t intend to use your trampoline for a long time, you can just keep it indoors in the garage, attic or basement. If you still want to use it later, just put a covers, both on sunny and rainy days.
Q: How long does it usually take for you to setup a trampoline?
A: Most average trampolines can take somewhere from a few minutes to nearly 3 hours depending on the size and style of the trampoline. Most round ones can be setup in minutes or less than an hour, especially if it is for kids and measure less than 5 feet in length. Trampolines bigger than that can take hours if you’re alone, so it’s best to have someone help you out in that case.
Q: What makes rectangle trampolines unpopular compared to round trampolines?
A: Some safety concerns are raised when talking about rectangle trampolines because of their limited amount of jumping area. Moreover, the sharp edges of a rectangle trampoline may not be that safe compared to the curved shape of round trampolines. In addition to that, some homeowner insurance policies don’t count rectangle trampolines as part of the coverage because of the above mentioned cause.
Q: Regardless, what makes rectangle trampolines still beneficial for some people?
A: Most people argue that rectangle trampolines are much more gentle on the bones and knees, making them effective for deep bouncing. This, in turn, allows people to actually perform flips and stunts. The Olympics uses mostly square and rectangle trampolines for this reason. A lot of round trampolines nowadays are also less sturdier than rectangle trampolines.
Q: What are the usual types of materials used for the trampoline tube?
A: The trampoline tube can be made out of aluminum or steel, depending on the type of trampoline you have. Most round ones have aluminum tubes while stainless steel tubes could be part of your square or rectangle trampoline. The durability of these materials tell if it is okay to take your trampoline outside, as plastic parts can deteriorate and some metal parts can rust often during humid weather. Always follow the instructions on how to put the trampoline tubes together.
Q: What appropriate clothing should be worn when using a trampoline?
A: The attire to wear when on a trampoline can vary depending on your application. If you just want to bounce on the trampoline for a fitness program or just for fun then anything casual that is light will do. Elastic shirts or attire can be worn. There are special shoes for athletes who want to bounce on a trampoline yet it is much more advisable to just jump barefooted. Socks can have a potential to cause accidents.
Q: Why should you attach the mesh already to the connection before you attach the spring to the frame?
A: The mesh of the trampoline should already be pre-setup so that it will be easier for you to connect the springs to the frame. Each spring must be tightly attached to the mesh so that it will hold on to the frame and will not cause accidents. Having two people is much more advisable, especially for bigger trampolines and most especially rebounders, because they can be really tight and tough to pull from the sides due to the resilience of the material.
Q: What are the common materials used for the jumping mat of a trampoline?
A: The trampoline’s jumping mat is usually made of some fabric such as nylon or polyethylene. This is because trampolines need an extra bounce that can’t be provided by most woven fibers. In addition to that, trampolines also need to be super durable and weather resistant, especially if you have to place them outdoors in the sun and in the rain. In fact, some trampoline mats do have water resistance so they have less likelihood of you slipping off.
Q: When should I replace my trampoline mat?
A: Replacing the trampoline mat will be advisable if your mat has some holes, loose fibers and the like. Always inspect the trampoline mat at all times, especially on the high traffic areas (at the center) and on the edges where the springs (or bungee cords if you’re using a rebounder) are placed.
Q: Why is rebound exercise better than running on a treadmill?
A: Treadmills can be expensive while trampolines are less pricey and more compact. Treadmills usually require you a lot of space indoors and needs to have a power source. Rebounding exercise using a rebounder or a trampoline is so simple that you just set it up, jump on it and lose weight or have a total body workout.
Q: Is jumping on a trampoline a great stress relief?
A: Yes, jumping on a trampoline may actually help insomniacs to sleep better because it helps you to relax due to the release of endorphins which take out stress, anxiety and depression altogether. The blood and oxygen flow through your body helps you stay focused even more so you get stressed less.
Q: Can trampolines help lower blood pressure?
A: Yes, this is why most adults find a trampoline a great workout to combat high blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. In fact, even most seniors are still active through the gentle use of a trampoline to help keep them fit even at a ripe age.
Q: How does a trampoline improve your mental focus?
A: The oxygen intake of a person becomes more toned when they perform a physical activity such as jumping on a trampoline. In addition to its mental focus benefits, it will also help athletes stay true to their goal.
Q: Why do people consider trampoline exercises a low impact activity?
A: The impact of bouncing is absorbed by the rebounder or the trampoline and not rested upon you, in comparison to running where your knees can take the weight a lot. This can result to knee injuries, sprains and the like. This is why most people and experts believe a trampoline exercise is a low impact activity.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Summit 14′ Safety Enclosure Rectangle Trampoline is our best rectangle trampoline that has a T-bracket setup, 8 x 14 feet of jumping area and 200-lb weight capacity.