Before you ask…

study by Radicati suggests that the average person receives about 85 emails per day. 10 of those are spam. It turns out I’m completely average receiving 83 emails per day at the time of writing.

What this means is that even if I spent all day every day answering emails, I wouldn’t get through them all – not unless I just gave a cursory “I’m really sorry. I can’t answer this email” reply. That doesn’t help anyone.

What I won’t reply to
In the spirit of being completely transparent, here are some examples of what I won’t consider replying to:

  • Vague questions that need lengthy answers or further investigation to be helpful.  Recent example: “Can you help me lose weight please?“.
  • Lengthy questions that are more than a short paragraph.
  • Requests to design fitness programmes. Recent example: “Can you design me a fitness program for horse boarding?“.
  • Manufacturing companies asking if I want to sell their white label goods.
  • Internet marketing companies telling me they can improve the site’s search rankings.

What I try to reply to (no guarantees though)

  • Short, concise fitness-related questions that only require relatively short, concise answers.
  • Requests for permission to use information on the site for educational purposes.

What I (or someone) will always reply to

  • Order / payment / refund-related questions regarding one of my ebooks.

You can reach me at: