Before you ask… A┬ástudy by Radicati┬ásuggests that the average person receives about 85 emails per day. 10 of those are spam. It turns out I’m completely average receiving 83 emails per day at the time of writing. What this means is that even if I spent all day every day answering emails, I wouldn’t get

The Best Physique of Your Life… and Not a Gym or Protein Shake in Sight

I have always admired the physique of gymnasts. Aesthetically, I think they look so much better than bodybuilders – just as impressively strong and muscular, yet much more athletic and definitely more functional. I’m not alone. The overly-muscled, restrictively-bloated meathead look is no longer in vogue. In 2016, it’s all about functional ‘street’ strength and


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