Hypertrophy vs Strength Training: Understanding Your Training Goals

Hypertrophy is the term used to describe the building of muscle, while strength training refers to increasing the strength of the muscle. The difference between them lies in how you train for each goal, the amount of weight, the sets, the reps, and the frequency at which you train per week. When you train your

8 Ways You Can Be Eating More To Lose Weight

Eating more to lose weight doesn’t seem like a plausible method on the surface, because you must be in a calorie deficit for you to lose weight. It is important that you understand that less calories doesn’t necessarily mean less meals. All food and drinks contain calories, but some have more than others so they

15 Best Pull Exercises For Building Strength

Pull exercises involve the muscles that are required in doing a pulling movement with resistance. These muscles are your back, biceps and forearms. Some will work all three and some only one or two. Your forearms are always activated with these exercises. You will usually do pull exercises when your workout routine has a split