Basketball Agility Drills

These basketball agility drills will improve your speed around the court, quickness, co-ordination and most importantly your ability to change direction with minimal deceleration. Basketball players who excel move with lightening-like

The 12-Month Baseball Strength Training Program

An effective baseball strength training program – one designed to significantly improve your performance – is NOT about bulking up. In fact… Too much size can reduce your range of

Basal Metabolism Calculator

What exactly is basal metabolism? Our bodies need energy for everything, from carrying out basic bodily functions to exercising vigorously.  The energy we need during complete rest just to stay

Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic stretching involves active muscular effort similar to dynamic stretching. However, ballistic stretching uses a bouncing or jerking movement to increase the stretch. Ballistic stretching is effective at increasing range


Broadly speaking badminton training is similar to conditioning for the other racket sports such as tennis and squash. A simple movement analysis however, reveals a few key differences that will


This section of the site is dedicated to athletic training for the field events. Although many field events are highly technical in nature, conditioning is still vitally important. A common

How To Determine Lactate / Anaerobic Threshold

There are several methods used to determine an athletes lactate or anaerobic threshold. While the most accurate and reliable is through the direct testing of blood samples during a graded

Altitude Training

Unquestionably, acclimatization to altitude improves performance at high levels but can altitude training improve an athlete’s performance at sea-level? The research is inconclusive. In theory, some adaptations that take place during prolonged