Recommended Workouts & Training Programs - 12 of The Best

In my opinion, these training programs and resources stand out from the crowd. I consider them best of breed.

I won't recommend anything without reviewing it first. I'm tough to impress these days (I reckon 9 out of 10 products are all claims and no substance) and I'd like to think my experience gives me a discerning eye.

I don't buy into hype, EVER. In fact, it puts me off. So you can trust that these resources deliver results if you follow them. I believe they live up to any bold claims they make.

I've shamelessly listed 3 of my own e-books. I'm biased but I'm confident they deserve their place on this list ;-)

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The Essential Guide to Fat Loss

The Essential Guide to Fat Loss Cover

By Phil Davies

Losing weight and having your ideal, fit, lean body (and keeping it that way long-term) does NOT have to be frustrating, confusing and painful. You DON'T have to turn your life upside down to get and maintain it.

If you've had lacklustre, short-lived results until now it's almost certainly down to the wrong approach - like following something that has never been proven (a fad, a gimmick or a recommendation from a friend for example).

Science has made some exciting breakthroughs - fully proven breakthroughs - that work for the majority of people. Discover what they are in my easy-to-follow fat loss program.

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The Essential Guide to Building Muscle

The Essential Guide to Muscle Building Cover

By Phil Davies

If you're the kind of person that wants to bulk up and get that masculine, muscular frame... you've probably been bombarded by all kinds of promises and claims on the Net.

In my fully-referenced e-book I show what science says is THE most effective way to build muscle. Recent research has made it clearer than ever.

The great news is, you don't have to eat until you feel sick. You don't need to be a slave to meal timings and food preparation. And you certainly don't need expensive and elaborate supplements.

This step-by-step program is designed for naturally slim men (also know as "hard gainers"). It will help you to build the maximum amount of muscle as quickly and as safely as possible.

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Ebook

Don't feel vein if your #1 goal is to get a 6 pack. Recent research has shown that men with washboard abs are more confident, have better relationships and are even financially more successful!

Trouble is, there's so much hype around this topic that you could spend a lifetime trying out all the nonsense that fills the pages of glossy magazines and clogs up the Internet...

Getting a six pack (and the rest of a great body to match) takes effort and determination. But you also MUST have the right approach - the right information. You'll find that in "The Truth About Six Pack Abs".

If you want a fantastic physique and you're willing to put the time in, look no where else for how it's done...

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Complete Speed Training

Complete Speed Training

An all-time favourite of mine. It's a superb product that really is worthy of the praise some big-name coaches and athletes have lavished upon it...

Does your sport involve running speed? Acceleration? Explosive power off the mark? Speed over anything between 10-100 yards?

Then get this program.

Speed is NOT just about genetics. With the right training methods using techniques that top sports scientists have discovered and confirmed, even "slow" athletes can become quick.

Modern day sports are becoming more and more about speed. Rightly or wrongly, if you're quick and powerful you can often compensate for a lower skill level. Whatever your talent, nothing will impact your game (or that of your athletes) like a noticeable gain in speed.

Not cheap. But if you're serious about your sport, worth every single penny.

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The Jump Program - Double Your Vertical Jump

The Vertical Project

If you play basketball or volleyball (or you just want to jump very high!) then take note:

There are a number of jump training programs out there. This the best...

I know from experience that a particular type of training, for some reason unknown even amongst top coaches and trainers, can easily increase your vertical leap by 3-4 inches.

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Total Soccer Fitness

Total Soccer Fitness Ebook

By Phil Davies

Soccer is my sport and my first love. I created Total Soccer Fitness a couple of years back and I'm proud of the impact it's had on soccer players' games around the world.

I don't think players or coaches realise the importance and impact that a proper soccer-specific fitness program can have. It can literally transform a player's game. It can take a nervous, inconsistent and mediocre player and turn them into a confident, game-changing leader.

It's controversial to say fitness is more important than skill but remember that a player's talent can only be expressed within the limits of their fitness. No amount of natural ability can overcome fatigue. And we all know players that lack any finesse but who's pace and strength tear the opposition apart.

Total Soccer Fitness comes in 2 versions - an adult / peak performance version and a junior version (suitable for 8-16 year olds).

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The Power Golf Training Program

Power Golf Ebook

Every one of us that plays golf wants to hit the ball further. We'd all love to consistently hit the longest drives in our fourball (and keep it straight of course). Well...

Nothing... absolutely NOTHING will increase your distance with every club in the bag like a simple golf exercise program.

No $300 driver, no amount of lessons from your pro, no amount of club fitting (or all of these combined) can compete with a few choice exercises when it comes to increasing your power with a golf club.

Mike Pederson, author of "The Power Golf Training Program" is quite simply the #1 golf fitness expert in the world. His e-book will have you hitting the ball further and straigher than ever and you won't have to become a fitness fanatic to follow it.

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Ultimate MMA Strength & Conditioning

Ultimate MMA Strength & Conditioning Ebook

Eric Wong has trained a number of professional mixed martial artists and UFC fighters...

He belives that most mainstream training advice for MMA is wrong... and let's face if there's one sport you don't want to be wrong it's this one!

Because fitness is so important to this sport, I highly recommend you take the proven advice in Eric's book.

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Avalanche Ski Training

Avalanche Ski Training

It can be murder on the legs and knee joints. It can tire you out and force you to rest and take breaks far more often than you want to...

But skiing or snow boarding doesn't have to cause these problems.

Mike Geary's e-book will help you "dominate the slopes" by developing ski-specific fitness. If you're a recreational, once a year skiier you'll get more enjoyment out of every trip. If you're one of those crazy adrenaline-types then I'd suggest this is an absolutely MUST!

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The 100 Day Marathon

The 100 Day Marathon Ebook

There are a lot of free marathon training programs on the Net and some good ones too. But I've included "The 100 Day Marathon" here for good reason...

If you're serious about your running - if you have personal bests to beat - then this will give you a real edge.

It was created by two-time Olympian Marius Bakken (also the second fastest non-african runner in the world at the time of writing). It's actually suitable for every level of runner and I'd recommend it to beginners, but I think it will appeal most to seasoned marathoners.

Some big-name coaches to big-name runners back this program. Well worth a look...

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