Allow Me To Show You A Thoroughly Proven Way To Lose Weight And Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life(And Then Stay That Way)

>> Without silly, unsociable fad diets

>> Without any expensive pills or foul-looking green drinks

>> Without feeling hungry & deprived of foods you enjoy

>> All in the shortest, safest time possible

If you're determined to lose weight and feel great about the way you look, the chances are you've already tried all kinds of diets, exercise programs and supplements that promised the earth but delivered very little.

You certainly won't be alone if you now feel confused and frustrated when it comes to losing weight... not to mention very skeptical towards anyone that tells you they have "the answer".

So, when I say that my fat loss program will work for you,really work... when I say that it will literally transform your body and your health... I know that I'll have to back up those claims with a lot of hard, scientific proof. And I can.

What Works, What Doesn't

The Essential Guide to Fat Loss

With so many options and so much misinformation out there, you could spend a lifetime experimenting with one diet after another and never achieve that slim, attractive figure you're after.

If you've failed (until now) to achieve and maintain the body you want, it won't be for lack of effort on your part.

I'd be willing to bet all you've ever been given is fads instead of facts; hype, not hope. So let's forget the hype and rely on science instead.

Scientists have tested all kinds of diets, food groups, exercise programs and supplements... including the most popular celebrity-backed diets. They've tested when you should eat, how much you should eat, how often you should eat and then the same again for exercise and supplements...

What's exciting (and what the general public doesn't seem to realise) is that science has discovered a powerful set of "fat loss prinicples" that work amazingly well - for virtually anyone who applies them.

Of course, you probably have neither the time nor inclination to research scientific studies! It can be heavy going to say the least. So I've done it for you...

My e-book "The Essential Guide to Fat Loss" gives you THE most effective and thoroughly proven way to burn fat and create your ideal body shape. You can trust that the program inside will work for you because every recommendation is:

Whether you simply want to lose a few stubborn pounds around your waist, hips or thighs or literally transform your entire body into one that you feel proud to show off, my program can work for you.

Fits Around Your Lifestyle

If you want to change the way you look and feel then you obviously have to do something different than you are at the moment.

But just as importantly, the changes you make have to be practical.

The program inside "The Essential Guide to Fat Loss" won't leave you feeling hungry. Long-term weight loss has nothing to do with going hungry. Fighting your love of food is a shortcut to disaster.

In "The Essential Guide to Fat Loss", you'll learn how to eat sensibly and still treat yourself once in a while. You'll shed not only pounds, but guilt and frustration, too.

You won't need to buy bizzare foods or spend all day preparing meals and you Won't need to schedule your life around precise eating times. You CAN still enjoy social occasions without feeling awkward or different.

It does involve an exercise program - so if you are completely averse to any form of physical activity then this program is NOT for you. However, you don't need to spend hours at the gym... or even be a member of one, and there's no long, boring cardiovascular exercise sessions involved.


You don't need to spend a penny on supplements or fat-burning pills. In fact, I encourage you not to.

It's Worth Remembering...

The one factor that's going to seriously help you lose fat is the one that's hardest to find: the right information. Search the Net and it's just an ocean of uneducated opinions, myths and half-truths.

Remember, the information in this e-book is NOT just my personal opinion. It's the opinion of highly qualified sports and nutrition scientists around the world. These are people who have no ulterior motives, who aren't trying to sell you a magic pill and who aren't in the back pocket of a weight loss company

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